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Thank you very much for playing. Really happy that you like the controls. almost spent half of the Jam time in perfecting controls.

Thanks lot  for the in dept feedback. Glad that you liked it

Nice game. Played very few terminal based games so far . But this was the best among them. Though i had to struggle a bit to get the correct command. Wanted to launch rocket badly that After reading the he comments i went through your code and got some of them.  

Some clues here and there would have done the trick . Very nice try

First of all Nice Environment and Setup. At first i though it was some kind of rain that is falling over and i overlooked it. I realised it was Lava when i died first time. my Bad. Some how i was unable to pick some peoples in the level. Not sue if it was intended. And I also think that character somehow did not match with the platforms design.

But Its a Game Jam , You dont have to be perfect. I loved playing it.

Very good game with nice aesthetics and sounds.Monochrome theme was good and enemies are great. At some places it was too difficult to handle enemies. But thats made me play that stage multiple times. Nice tutorials too for a Game Jam submission it clear and right to point.  

Lol, One of the entertaining game i would say. Music was great and theme was funny. Enjoyed playing it. It would have been better if pace was a little bit fast. And when i click jump multiple times i gues he goes on to next Universe. Nice one

Beautiful, This tells me how simple a game can be. Art work was as minimalistic as possible and  Sounds were good. A little attack or some kind of effect would have been better rather than aliens getting disappeared directly. Good work and well executed

Game environment is too good. Lighting and the crisp sounds are perfect for the cockpit. You nailed the look and feel of the game. A little tutorial before starting would have helped a lot.

I guess you spent lot of time in testing the game for different environments too. I was using MacOs BigSur. Tried it in Firefox and it worked as described in your game page. Sometimes it was throwing errors on screen when i try to slide the button on left bottom. But it did not stop me from enjoying it

Really a good and Innovative game i would say for the GameJam. I never tried text based games. The responses sometimes were funny. AI was written well and Map and Easy mode were the key i would say or else i would never know what to do. Great game !!!

Nice Game, I really like the variation you showed for two different sides of moon. Music was good and a big plus to the game itself. Though I could go only past few months .

I really loved watching you playing the game. It was fun. Thanks a lot for those feedbacks and appreciate you spending lot of time in playing our games.

Thanks you for the response

We spent most of the time perfecting the controls of the player.  Looks like need to spend more time on that part.

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for the in dept feedback about the game. Good to see some one spending time and completing it actually. 

Great game. I found it little difficult to handle the space ship as it was bouncing over the Moons. I struggled first to understand that i can also place more than one Moon. Nice Music controls and Good to see Game save system too.

Art work was excellent. I really loved how those fire hangers turned towards you in what ever direction you go. How did you manage to achieve that? I enjoyed plating this game. Good work

Really fun game to play. Died multiple times to get used to controls. I guess the trust was too fast for the ship. Could not control it easily. Smooth gameplay with minimum graphics.

Really Nice, Backgrounds and Enemies are good. A little bit of variation in attacks and Explosions could have made the trick. Nice try.

Never mind, Got it. Rated

Really Nice, Backgrounds and Enemies are good. A little bit of variation in attacks and Explosions could have made the trick. Nice try.

Can you also post your Game Page here

I would  love to see your game walkthroughs. Please post your gameplays here. 

Here is my game walkthrough

I would love to see honest feedback about our game 

Thanks alot for the play and feedback.

mine is here:

Thank you for playing

Done Provided Feedback on your rating page

Thanks alot for playing. That highlighting is intended for future use, It keeps track of where player has visited. So that he can decide where to land or find alternative route accordingly as the levels increse. 

I would love to hear feedback about our game.

Here is my first submission to Game Jam, please let me know your feedback

Hey Have you already played our game. Would love to see you playing. Sorry for the late post

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Nice Game, Boss level was good . Detailed review given in rating page.

Please do rate ours too

Game and concept of Moon Dust was good. Boss fight was good and well thought. Sounds were also good and right to the point. 

It would be better if you could change the animation state right on fly. Not to wait until animation is totally done. When I jump and hit Space , I expect that arrow  will trigger, But it wasn't the case. And one more thing enemies were coming right on to my face even if i tried to hit them from far, May be the arrow frequency has to increase.

Good work  ;-)

please try ours too, love to see someone playing it

This is cool idea to do. Please try our too and let us know how far you can get

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Hey , I tried to download Mac version of game, It did not open. I saw your post in other thread. Will give it a shot with other version and Rate it. Thank you for the feedback

Thanks alot for the feedback. We experimented alot with those values and finalized it. But looks like it needs some more tuning. 

Great that you have completed all the levels. I heard it from fewer people. Thanks alot for the feedback.

Thank you

Provided feedback on game page.

it will be great if you can review our game too