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Yes, unfortunately, it my first time making a 2D platformer and I need to significantly improve my character controllers.

Glad you liked the music and pacing! :) 

It was supposed to be a sort of a "ghost memory" of the first body whose sword our character picks up, but it was pretty hard to reference that. The dead body is supposed to be our companion on this quest, but our character kills them because our companion is dead-weight. The narrator itself is the demon, who we had set out to defeat.

You are absolutely correct about the bad platforming, and I need to significantly improve my character controllers and my writing.

Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Thanks so much for playing and streaming my game!

I wanted to see if I can write a self-contained story without referencing anything else, but I guess I should improve my writing skills more.

Glad you enjoyed it :)

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My goodness, the moment I started the game, and the music reached my ears, I was swept under a wave of nostalgia! The music and the setting was very "evergreen"!

Your music and art is FANTASTIC! It easily sets the tone of the game and I absolutely love Shelley and Leaf's characters. (I wanted to play more 😞  )

Some feedback:

  • I found a mushroom! But the ending wasn't different than if I had used Barko; was that by design, or?
  • Unfortunately, the white text with no background whenever I interacted with an item, made it difficult for me sometimes to read the description
  • I would have loved to hear some nice sound effects (like wind rustling and birds chirping and maybe the crunch of leaves etc), but that's just me

I love games that give me a sense of nostalgia and with your artwork, music, story, writing and characters, it provided just that!

Fantastic work!

Thanks for the feedback! :)

It was definitely a new and learning experience for me and I hope to improve more!

You make points I completely agree with: I wanted to do more with the shadows thingy, but the scope would have been too much and too big for this jam. So, unfortunately, I decided to focus on completing my entry rather than exploring the shadow features.

For the story itself, that's really helpful feedback. I'll keep brevity in my game writing next time.

Thank you so much for the helpful feedback :)

I think that was a good decision! :)

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Unfortunately, the character controller needs improvements, so I imagine it is kinda frustrating :(
but at the same time, it was intentional at certain points :)

Thank you so much for the feedback! Appreciate it :)

Ah no! Just when the story was getting interesting! :(

Some feedback:

  • I think there was a bug when I go left into the music room and when the lady exits, and I exit and return back, the same dialogue plays out. Maybe that was intentional or a bug (I couldn't figure that out :(   )
  • At times there was a bit too much text; but that's just me
  • You used sound effects and music effectively; well done

I was getting into it, and then you took it away! :P Jokes aside, very well done :)

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Oh that would be e-p-i-c!

I haven't played Blasphemous, but LOVED the artwork. And you're absolutely right: I was going for a very similar pixel-art-gothic aesthetic! 

I would like to first improve my gameplay coding more, but if something new comes up, I am definitely up for a collab! 👍

Thank you for the kind words!

As for the falling down, unfortunately, there are still some bugs regarding collision detection :(

But it's quite a short play, so you can easily get to your last point in a mere seconds. :)

Your artwork is gorgeous! I would have love to see (hear) audio effects. 

Some feedback:

  • The professor was jumping too high :D 
  • When we sailed, when I went out, I saw that we were still in the harbour

Very nice! I like the time-loop concept.

Haha! Felt like I was reading a children's book written by Deadpool (weird, right?) :D

Some feedback:

  • I believed you used Twine, correct? I don't really know if Twine has that feature, but at times, when I clicked, I didn't notice that text had expanded below the current on-screen text. But that's a minor thing.
  • The sound effects were fine at some places, but not at other ones :( It took me out of the experience, as I would rather read visual-novels and text-based adventures than listen :)

You went for a story on a (literal) epic scale! Good job! :)

Heavy subject, not gonna lie.

I like your art and your writing; it's quite mysterious and I like the "live repeat" thing you were going for. Very intense!

Some feedback:

  • Not particularly fond of the voice acting: at times it was good, at times it felt not really needed; but that's just me, since I would rather read visual-novels and text-based adventures rather than listen :)

You dealt with a heavy subject very meticulously with carefully crafted words and an interactive experience. 

Well done! :)

Lovely short game!

I like the smooth controls and the cute pixel art!

Some feedback:

  • The controls were at times a bit too smooth (Like it felt like I was slipping :P )
  • Though I thoroughly enjoyed the story and humour, I would have wanted to have the dialogue being played out while I'm playing the character; but that's just me

You have a knack for writing humour in a compelling way! And I particularly like the smooth controls!

Well done! :)

Very nicely done! Your narrative was quite entrancing! And I particularly like the Bioshock references ;)

Some feedback

  • I didn't particularly like the walking and backtracking sections, but I guess mainly it was because of the slow speed of the character. If I had some sort of "run" option, then it would have been fine.
  • I would have loved to see (or read) more lore of the area, as it was very interesting and had gotten me hooked.
  • I'm not too sure of the colour scheme; I would have wanted to have each room a different colour scheme, but that's just me.

Overall, I wanted to explore more and keep on playing! :D
Great job!

You guys are doing some fantastic work! Keep it up and good luck!

Amazing level design, and I love the writing!

Cool game!

This is a clean, simple yet effective game!

Great job!

This is a very polished game! With cool sound effects, explosion and particle effects and music, everything just fits!
And you did a fantastic job with the controls: they feel fluid!
Amazing job!

This was a quite detailed and interesting article. I had no idea what actually went into building a multiplayer game, and you gave quite a comprehensive overview. Also, your game looks fun to play! I look forward to seeing how it turns out!
Good luck :)

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This was made in Twine?! This looks super polished and fantastic!

I love everything about this: the art, the visuals, the music, sound, atmosphere everything!

I used Twine for the first time as well, so I'm amazed to see the extent one can go with Twine.

Outstanding work!

This is a very versatile strategy and resource management game.
Amazing work!

The environment and the atmosphere of this game is amazing. With great level design, art and cool animations, accompanied by unique gameplay mechanics, this is an amazing game. Well done!

I really like the concept and, more than that, the increasing difficulty of the game.
Great job!

I love the art and the animations! Haha, I got confused over the login screen :P
Super cool level design and gameplay mechanics and the music just adds to the experience!
Excellent work!


Amazing sound design, visuals and catchy retro music! I love the fast-paced action gameplay.
And it's even better that you provided the live version.

I do not know if it was a bug or not, but my spaceship was not being damaged. Adding damage might add some challenge to the player.

I love me a good fast-paced action shooter! Fantastic work!


+ Addictive gameplay mechanic
+ Expansive level design

- Music did not seem to fit the theme
- Confused over which platforms to bounce and which to skip

This game has lots of potential. As you mentioned, there are bugs (and I believe I encountered some unused assets as well), but if you polish it, it will be a good game!

Keep up the good work!

I like the nice minimalistic design and the cool particle effects. This has excellent physics gameplay mechanics. Well done!

The theme is interpreted here perfectly :D
Cool visuals and sound effects. Loved seeing the internet on the internet!


+ Shooting mechanics has lots of potential
+ Cool looking sprites
+ Impressive that this was made in under 4 hours

- A bit buggy :(
For some reason, when I moved the character past my cursor, the gun flipped and I was shooting backwards.
I do not know if this was a bug or not, but I think you can utilize this by making this a physics-based gameplay mechanic, where you could shoot those Eye Monsters using bullets that bounce of tiles and platforms.

This game has potential; just requires some polish and you'll have a great game! :)


  • Nice atmosphere with music, sound effects and visuals
  • Great animation (especially those portals)
  • Interesting and unique mechanics


  • Confusing controls :(

This is a nice game, with good atmosphere and mechanics, though unfortunately the controls were a bit difficult for me to grasp :(

Cool atmosphere! Reminds me of flOw

No problem at all!
Good luck :)

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Some examples of windows/desktops using opacity (all taken by a quick google search):

KDE + i3wm, Polybar (top) + Latte Dock (bottom): Any way to keep both bars  but save space? : i3wm

How To Add Blur to GNOME Shell - OMG! Ubuntu!

Ubuntu – How to change App Drawer background to be less transparent –  iTecTec

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For the screen

  • It was bit of both: I would like to see more of the instruction graph, but I would then have to expand it.
  • But expanding it would mean that I can not see the planet and the Terrabots properly, because a quarter of my monitor is hidden by the instruction graph.
  • Sure I can zoom out the graph but for some reason (maybe it's my monitor), the text on the nodes of the graph start disappearing (check the image: this is taken on a Dell 1920x1080 monitor). And if I decide to add more instructions to the graph, I would have to expand it more, thereby not seeing more of the planet and the bots.
  • Perhaps you can use some sort of opacity on the instruction graph? That would make the graph almost transparent, and I can also see the planet. (I'm not sure if that would be visually appealing, though.)

For the sound and music, I understand completely. :)

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This is a fantastic game!

It's been a while since a good, well-designed, atmospheric cinematic-platformer came out. And you got every good thing about the genre down to a 'T'!


+ Fantastic environment
+ Great character design
+ Amazing music and sound design
+ Cool stealth-based gameplay
+ Gameplay mechanics are revealed organically instead of in a tutorial-styled design


- Controls are a little slow (and confusing) at times. But then again, Flashback on Sega was even more confusing :P :D
- I would love to see the movement of the characters in classic style as well, instead of them "sliding".

I look forward to more from you and would love to see a full game based on this!

P.S. I found a small bug when I was trying to leave the cat-eyed robot/alien near the bars and, at the same time, trying to get through the bars. As you can see from the gif, the character just stays there, "compressed".
I was playing the game in the browser on Firefox.

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  • A detailed complex simulation game (extremely impressive for a game jam!)
  • Usage of logical/conditional gates adds to the experience
  • Extremely easy-to-use UI and intuitive controls
  • Brilliant usage of a node editor in a game environment
  • Ever think about working for a robotics or a space company ;)


  • Casual players might feel overwhelmed
  • Even on a 1920x1080 monitor, the screen felt cramped
  • Textures could have been a bit more detailed, especially of the stars and space
  • No audio (was there audio, because I could not hear anything?)

Like I said, this feels like a piece of simulation software designed and disguised as a computer video game.

Outstanding work!

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Thank you so much for the detailed review! I am super glad you enjoyed it!

For the typos: there might be more, since I was focusing on the text for such a long time that I would overlook those

For the puzzle: Haha, I would say not a lot of people were able to figure out the puzzle (even though I made it in such a way that you can either brute-force it or try to actually solve it). But still, I would say 40-45% solved it while 55-60% could not solve it.
But I will definitely check out resources for good puzzle design.

Again, thank you so much for the review! :)

Check out my post-mortem devlogs for some things that I might change for the future: