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A member registered Jul 08, 2015

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OMG I love this game :D

The concept is very clever, and the realisation is awesome. Impressive for a first Godot project! Using live data was a very good idea, and it works flawlessly (had a very good a priori right away when asked to choose for my temperature unit :D).

The visuals are very nice, I'm impressed you managed to do so much art and animations for the game. Sound effects work fine too. 5 stars from me :)

Given the time constraints you mentioned it's a good prototype already, and a good game idea. If you decide to continue working on it it could become an interesting Gish-like puzzle platformer.

I really enjoyed that one, the visuals and sound effects are great, and the music well fitting. The gameplay is clever and well implemented, it's overall a well polished little game. Impressive for a 3 day jam!

That's a very impressive take on the temperature theme, congrats! As an energy engineer it definitely talks to me, I miss fluid mechanics so much... :D

The look and feel is pretty nice, with simple but good looking visuals and a nice ambient music. Like most I had a hard time understanding the mechanics initially, so didn't enjoy my first run so much - then I read comments and saw explanations for the heat transfer mechanics, and it became more strategic and fun (and easier to survive a bit longer :)). So an instructions screen would definitely go a long way to make things clearer.

BTW, answering "Yes" to "Is this your first Godot project" is a bit cheating when you're written a whole tutorial series about Godot :P

Nice work for a first Godot project, congrats!

The graphics are fine though could use some more consistency. The music is slick, and good job on the GUI :)

I found the game a bit easy, but balancing is always hard for jam games - the gameplay itself is well implemented.

The theme interpretation is ok, not very original nor particularly relevant to the gameplay, but It Works™.

Nice idea and good job on the overall implementation and graphics, as well as the music and gurgling sound effects :D

The gameplay is a bit complex at first, and there's indeed a lot of information to take, while not being really clear at the same time. I read the instructions first, did not understand the part about temperature limits to put in ingredients, and then wondered for a while why putting ingredients on the container would make them disappear without visual feedback. Even when I understood it, and managed to cook some recipes, I quickly grew annoyed because when trying to drag the cooked product out of the container, it would sometimes disappear (because interpreted as dropping it on the container, which is outside the "put ingredients in" temperature range when you cook).

With some more polish on the feedback it could definitely become a pretty fun game though, and for a 3 day jam it's already quite decent.

The art is pretty nice, and the concept is interesting! In its current state the gameplay is a bit limited as it seems to amount mostly to click Repair each time it pops up, eventually running out of money and losing tenants :P

After a couple months the temperature stopped changing as was stuck at 51 degrees (Fahrenheit I guess, otherwise man it's hot - please add a Celsius option for the SI-using rest of the world in a future update :D), so it became an idle game and I went to $10k easily ;)

It definitely works for the theme :o)

The gameplay is very minimal but I guess you did not have time to implement everything that you had planned - kudos for the sound effects though, they're quite good :)

Great job and this entry, and it's very impressive as your first Godot project! The procedurally generated levels are very nicely done, and while the gameplay is a bit tough to master, after some practice it works fine (I struggled especially with having to hold right on a right wall to jump left, otherwise you fall).

The graphics and sound are very nice - could use a bit more cohesion in the visuals as John mentioned, but overall it's pretty good already for a 3 day jam.

The theme interpretation "works", although not very original ;)

Great work! For a first project it's definitely impressive, with smooth 3D, nice lighting effects and procgen. The music is also pretty rad :o)

Great work for your first Godot project and first 3D game :)

It's quite simple but it works well, the controls feel good. The fire blocks seem to all spawn in the same area though, so it doesn't encourage to do a lot of running around.

18 Georges found and BURNING temperature! :D

Great job, the concept is simple but well done and it's pretty addictive :)

One could imagine a variant where you'd get a small colored round instead of a text, going from ice blue to dark red burning or something. It could make a pretty nice painting at the end of the 60 s ;)

Great work on your first Godot game! I especially liked the sound effects, which reminded me of fetch ice creams in Commander Keen :)

That's an interesting take on the Tetris gameplay, though without rotations it's indeed pretty hard to do anything :D But I guess there's only so much you can do in 24 hours ;)

A note on distributing binaries: you should distribute the executable (.exe on Windows, .x86_64 on Linux) together with the .pck data pack, not as separate downloads.

As is the game can't be played via the itch.io installer as it will propose to download either the .x86_64 or the .pck on Linux. The same situation likely happens on Windows. You should zip them together and upload the zip instead.

Nice work! I've played it on Linux 64-bit and it works fine, including sounds. It took me a while to understand how to start new fires (namely that I'd need 10 logs to start one), I actually found that info in the game screenshot on itch.io.

I found some nice easter eggs, though I was puzzled that the game stopped when I tried talking to that nice holy gorilla...

Well it's an engine bug but it happens because you're trying to load a ridiculously large PNG as icon. Change it to a normal 64x64 or maybe even 512x512 PNG and it should work fine.

I could confirm the bug when running from source with a Godot build from the master branch, so I've opened https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/19716

I see the same problem on Linux with an Nvidia GTX 670MX card. It's the first time I get this with a Godot game, but thankfully we have the source code so I'll investigate, it must be an engine bug.

I really love this game, it's definitely one of my favourite entries in all categories. The graphics, animation and sounds are awesome and work well together. Very good take on the theme too!

The gameplay works fine, I really like the idea that you need to move the heat/cold stones around. As many mentioned it's quite hard, but improving the controls responsiveness (it often took me two or three attempts to grab a salt) and visual feedback would go a long way to improve it (and maybe make customers more forgiving, at least at the start). I managed to serve 17 customers before game over, not too bad :)

Some in-game explanations of the gameplay would be nice too, could be basically a RichTextLabel on a nice background with the same text as the itch.io page.

Congrats on your first Godot project, it plays well and the gameplay is simple but efficient. An intro scene describing the story and the reason why you need to collect bottles could be nice - at first I wondered what this skateboard was supposed to do to the car and why I could gather up to 3 bottles :P

Great work, I really enjoyed the gameplay! It feels realistic enough while being relatively simple to control.

The art style with placeholder squares turned out quite nice IMO, especially the trees and clouds. It might have been nice to also keep a blocky style somehow for the passengers/landing areas and copters.

At any rate, great job :)

Congrats on your first Godot project, it's a nice achievement :)

The overheating/cooling/melting mechanism is quite interesting, and can lead to interesting puzzles - in the jam entry as is there isn't much, but it shows potential. I liked the crazy intro cinematic :P

Excellent work on the art, it really looks good. I would have liked an option to scale the window up/double resolution, as it's a bit tiny on 1080p 15" monitor, but I could nevertheless enjoy the attention to detail in all those recipes, ingredients and scenery.

The gameplay is a bit simple as is, but it works :) It took me some time to understand what to do and how, and by then the hungry magician was requesting basically all possible recipes at the same time :D

The problem is here: https://github.com/MennoMax/the-hungry-magician-game-jam/blob/master/settings.gd...

You are creating a *folder* named `preferences.cfg`, not a file. Then ConfigFile can't load this path as it's a folder.

Removing those two lines might be enough to fix it (you don't need to create the `user://` directory, Godot does it for you).

Awesome entry, the look and feel is incredible for 2 days of work, with nice pixel art, animations and even character comments :) It's a lot of fun!

I also really enjoy the gameplay, and could well see this turned into a full fledged game. I like the WASD + Arrow keys controls, with four modules that you can use while taking care not to overheat.

(Edited 1 time)

Brilliantly executed on the artistic and programming side, as expected of Noshyaar and 01lifeleft :) The art is very nice, with nice animations and the music sounds great. Big kudos for that.

On the gameplay part, the idea is simple and it's well executed, but as others mentioned, those fast falling meteorites (the small ones) are very random and unforgiving... you can do as well as you want, they're bound to just pop you up at any time by almost insta-spawning on you :P

It makes the melting mechanic more anecdotical, as you basically always die from a meteorite before you have time to melt due to the heat. An alternative could be that big meteorites kill you, but small meteorites only increase your temperature/melt you down more - so you'd be able to withstand a few hits, but you'd melt down much faster.

(Edited 2 times)

Sure, we'd use games made over 3 days, in great part by beginner indie devs for whom it's their first project, to showcase what the engine can do? :) "Best game engine to make prototypes with placeholder art, yay!"

This is a nice demo reel, and I can assure you that none of those games were made in 3 days (and none are open source either, which doesn't prevent us from making a show reel, as their authors are happy to give us recordings to put together in a reel).

The requirement for open sourcing the code is more to create some learning resources for new Godot developers, to see how the more experienced devs develop their projects. And for the less experienced dev, it's an opportunity to get feedback on their code and learn from their peers.

Impressive first Godot project, congrats! I really enjoyed the graphics, and the gameplay is clever and challenging. The slow movement forces you to plan ahead and decide what to aim for, it's a very good concept for such a 3 day jam.

I'll be looking forward for a post-jam version with some more tweaks and sound effects! :)

Congrats on making your first Godot game!

Great idea and interpretation of the theme, but man how unforgiving this job is! After 12 minutes of hard work I managed to get 5 decent drinks in a row ;)

(Edited 1 time)

That happens when running the game via the itch.io client (at least on Linux), which uses Electron/Chromium.

I'd encourage you to upload native builds of the game, as the HTML5 export is somewhat of a gamble currently (it works fine on Firefox, but other browsers are more troublesome).

Edit: Ah I see you did for Windows and Mac, just lacking Linux builds. Source code it will be then :)

Congrats on making your first Godot game! The UI and mechanics you had time to implement are already well polished, and you made it a very funny narrative experience. I'm quite looking forward to follow ups, I'd love to see what you had in mind for this game were you to have time enough to finish it.

The Linux version doesn't work, because you only included the Godot binary (`.x86_64` file) and not the archive with your game data (`.pck` file). You should put both together in a zip and upload that on itch, it should then work.

I'll use the source code version to play and rate it though :)

Congrats on finishing your first Godot project!

The gameplay and graphics are simple, but with the nice sound effects it already gives a good exploration/blizzard vibe. Maybe some animated sprites with alpha modulation or particle effects could be overlaid to give a strong wind/snow storm impression.

Congrats on your first Godot project, it's pretty well done! The graphics are quite nice, and the concept is also fun :)

The temperature/coal mechanics could be pushed further though, I found it relatively simple to throw some coal without overheating and then just go along. Even overheating doesn't really bring negative effects, you can't use coal anymore but you don't really need it as you're going full speed ahead. Clicking the bad guys is quite easy so they never got any of my ice cubes :)

Maybe the bad guys could come from more directions, with variable speed, and maybe have a way to cool down your engine (or the engine temperature could drop down faster by itself) so that you're forced to switch between pushing them away and reloading coal.

At any rate, for a jam it's a pretty good entry :)

(Edited 1 time)

I really like the two-seasons gameplay and the narrative of a penguin longing for Summer :D

The changing music based on the scenery is also quite nice, and graphics are well fitting :)

The gameplay is really nice, and with some more polish it could become a pretty fun game. It took me a while to understand the "build momentum while swimming before you jump", so I got stuck for a while before the first checkpoint. Then I passed it by chance without really knowing how, and got stuck at the second one - I finally got it when reading comments here, so I guess it needs to be made clearer in game :)

Nice work, I like the atmosphere and the simple yet confusing map layout :)

I got up to 45°C or something before running out of oil inches away from a barrel... but it was likely empty already :D

Great work on your first Godot project! I really like your theme interpretation, it's a fun twist to the otherwise simple gameplay, and makes it challenging.

It would have been nice to have a custom sprite for the player, maybe even animated/modulated to red/blue for temperature, but as a first time user you're excused for use our favourite placeholder, the Godot logo :) The temperature slider could also be styled to use a gradient from blue to red, or a thermometer sprite, and make its meaning more obvious.

Great job on the UI and music, they're big highlights of this entry! The gameplay is nice, it's surprising initially that you shoot only in the direction you're facing, but as others mentioned it forces you to move more, which is fine.

I didn't really see a big impact of the temperature mechanics, it's too easy to avoid those tiles altogether and never be bothered by their effect (at least in non extreme mode, and when dying relatively fast :P).