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Cruel World (RIP)

blame everybody else - a mingleplayer masocore platformer · By droqen, NewtonsNinja, Mer Grazzini, sylvie

Linux support

A topic by TMM2k created Apr 03, 2021 Views: 1,198 Replies: 8
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Hey! I'm a developer of the Godot engine (I'm on the Project Leadership Committee) and since you're using a completely unmodified version of the engine (3.2.3-stable.official) and this is a 2D game doing a normal Linux/X11 export should just work. In fact this is how I'm playing it now! (A user can also manually replace the .exe with the Linux version locally without needing the sources to the game)

It still might be nice to offer on itch for people who bought it and don't know this is easily possible?


Yeah, I can do that! Honestly I just have no way to test it.

I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're saying, but if I make a Linux build out of the box, do you think it will just work?

Yes! I'm running the equivalent of doing that right now. If you want to send it to me first for testing I'd be happy to give it a spin as an extra test though!


If you (or anyone who's around) could give the new version a test I'd appreciate it :) It's already live, but I will try to fix it ASAP if there are any errors reported!


I can confirm that the Linux build is working :)


Thank you for confirming like a week ago, hehe. I hope it's still working fine.

Can confirm also, works great! Thanks!


Yay! Thank you for pointing out that I could just make a linux build and it would work :)

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If you stick to GDScript you have to actually *try* to make it not just work on all platforms :) You could probably do an HTML5 export and it would just work too! :D