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you can, by using your gun in a different way :)

Oh no, sorry to hear that. I haven't got a mac anymore to check, but I know this is something I had many issues with.

You may want to google solutions for this specific error. There are a variety of strategies for getting around this issue with the platform, but I am fairly certain it is a security issue that can be resolved locally.

Thanks :) It has been fixed.

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Is it too on the nose to include Cruel World?

(p.s. if there's some other specific game of mine you think would benefit or suit the bundle more, please let me know. I'm more than happy to submit a different game, or multiple. Thanks for doing this.)

i think this might be a sort of "videogame techniques study"! i would like to do more of these in the new year, with stronger analytical intent. i'd like to write up some design patterns about these screens, but they might be too disjoint for that :)

thank you, i hope you enjoy the sequence, user imjohnblue...

in the new year my universes will become more powerful. they will be unstoppable. to a happy new year for us all!

p.s. ive never got the cake back home! almost, once! these birds are vicious. and full of delicious cake

;u; <3

I think I'm going to try and do some studies of "level up" and "character customization" systems. I did this once before for inventory systems and I learned a lot! Wish me luck...

i loved browsing these silly book titles... a lot

omg a continuation of the space library game... this is exciting