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Memory Jam community · Created a new topic Ghost Hunter

I made a nostalgia trip to the early days of Game Maker:

oops, sure! this one shouldn't expire :)

It's been 10 days on the right art, and CTR = 0.40%. So who knows! It's magic!

It's been 6 days, and we're at CTR 0.45%!!! So the messy janky cover art seemed to be performing better. This is a great experiment. I'm switching back one more time, let's see...

Day whatever: CTR is at a solid 1%.

I'm going to switch back to the first cover art now, and check back in whenever and see how it affected sales/views/clicks!

It's spring and the robins are arriving in Toronto (where I live) and I would also love a robin... hmmmm...

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Hi, umm, as far as I'm aware the memory jam was born in my paradise/playtest discord, which you can join if you like:

I just pushed yet another update (1.2.3, v14/v7) that makes the damn client check a php file instead of a txt file when confirming the version number!

Turns out Godot will cache a txt file and then not update the thing whose only purpose is to let you know when it has been updated! Whoops.

Please update and restart your game at your earliest convenience, just so your game will let you know when there's a new version.

I just pushed an update (1.2.2, v13/v6) that fixes a bug where new players could not MINE.

If you are affected, please update and restart your game.

Thank you for confirming like a week ago, hehe. I hope it's still working fine.

Yay! Thank you for pointing out that I could just make a linux build and it would work :)

I just pushed an update (v12, v6 on Linux - officially version "1.2.1") that wraps up the end of the game.

Also I made it complain if you have the wrong version, but that really won't do anything for a while since this check wasn't in older versions :p

Please update your game.

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Serverside update: All OWNERS have been restored to their hard-earned positions.

  • The most affected nodes were @FIRSTPOST and @FIRSTCAVE.


"After you make your move, you should also turn one blank green cell into a blank blue, cyan, or other blue-ish coloured cell. If there aren't any blank green cells left, then delete this rule"

Bonne chance! I'll see you on the battlefield.

Serverside update: HEAL has been debuffed.

  • HEAL no longer causes collateral healing.
  • You may have been removed from certain OWNERS lists in the meantime. The cat god apologizes for this.

First of all, you do not have to worry about this error if you update to the newest version of Cruel World before running the game.

If you haven't encountered the error, simply update the game and continue worry-free.

If you have encountered the invalid savedata error I may be able to help: I need to know your username and I need to know how to contact you.

Send me your in-game username (the one MINEd on terminals) and a way to privately contact you (i.e. twitter DM or email address) via any of these methods:

I just pushed an update (v11, v5 on Linux) that prevents your save file from being invalidated and deleted by a new Windows update  (oops, this one's my bad). please update before running.

I just pushed an update (v10, v4 on Linux) that fixes a minor client-server connection error.

I just pushed an update (v9, v3 on Linux) that eliminates the overabundance of BERVS. All players may now resume normal activity.

You just get to boast "my high score is 47 in this endless inverse tower of not much relaxing!"

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If you're wondering: "Who's BERV?"

We're all BERV.

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Ha ha, it's not really an event, I'm just being hacked  😂

MINE and HEAL will not work until this is resolved, after which I will need to roll back the servers. If you successfully HEALED any terminals that end up getting rolled back, you can DM me on twitter.

The event is now over and CRUEL WORLD has returned.

Too many BERVS!!!

A rampant hacker! I'll see what I can do about this, but the cat god is not pleased. It might stop granting people the ability to HEAL.

KISS is something you do with your lips that might remind you of a past SAVE, but it does nothing on its own

SAVE is something you do with your heart that changes which checkpoint you will respawn at when you die

I just pushed an update (v8, v2 on Linux) that fixes the HEAL cmd. please update your copy of Cruel World.

If you (or anyone who's around) could give the new version a test I'd appreciate it :) It's already live, but I will try to fix it ASAP if there are any errors reported!

I just pushed an update (v7, but v1 on Linux):

a door has been added somewhere.

you can now HEAL your moral failings.

but at what cost?

the game will be re-released for sale at NOON EST today. get your cruel world. tell your friends.

Yeah, I can do that! Honestly I just have no way to test it.

I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're saying, but if I make a Linux build out of the box, do you think it will just work?

Update v6 remedies the diacritical issue

I just pushed an update (v6) adding diacritics to the font, and adding admin commands (no access) for the upcoming level design stream.

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I love this!! Let me see where I'm at in my copy and I'll try to post some you don't have up yet :)

edit: I forgot I reset my save hahaha T_T; others please come share your shots!

I just pushed an update (v5) fixing a single door that was broken.

You can try--if you're allowed to pirate the game you're certainly allowed to pay for it if I've screwed up the system in some way ;)--but I think it is just an error that the button is displayed. Try clicking on it, see the skeleton

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Only 2 hours remain!!!

In the meantime, try some of my other oubliettes:

<3 thanks Matt! Makes me so happy to hear that :)

I hope it's alright I've submitted while the game is still unavailable, I just wanted it to go live at a time when I figure a reasonable number of people would be able to play and not miss it! Noon! During a workday! Great call, droqen!

Anyway it's got a big shared server and one big world that is just going to get worse and worse and worse until the game becomes nigh-unplayable. Look forward to it!

If you've submitted a game to this jam and want a copy just email me, I'll send you a key :)