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The thing that ultimately killed fiefs for me was its abstractness. I wanted to come up with a fun, relatable metaphor, but I think very, very hard about the true nature of things and an incomplete facade wasn't going to cut it. But when it comes down to it, I built fiefs around the idea of people connecting to the web and that didn't feel like a setting I was (at the time, or right now) interested in pursuing.

That is, I didn't want to make it a game like Uplink where the theme is hacking, or something computer-y, despite making a game that is by necessity computer-y. I should probably embrace it but I'm feeling not-too-computer-y these days. Maybe eventually.


I am absolutely still working on games in this design-space, on MMOs where players explore mechanically strange places. And, hopefully, affect one another in interesting ways. In fiefs you could see the footprints of other players' passage, recognize in part where they'd been. That's fascinating to me, and something I want to focus more on in the days to come. In the games to come.

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Sorry, this is... a browser thing I can't really help with generally :X

Newer browsers have spurned Flash, you'll need to figure out how your particular browser allows you to reenabled it.

Some browsers require you to jump through a lot of hoops.

What's your browser?

fiefs community · Created a new topic fiefs is coming back

and better than ever:

I've learned how to make net-enabled Unity, I have a server, now I just need a game...

If anyone's still got an eye out here, let me know! I'll be posting betas or alphas or something here soon, I guess.

(please feel free to delete this comment if you think it's spoiler-y, all i wanted is for you to see it anyway!!!)

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MV2 was... extremely funny

i was laughing the whole time and am still laughing now

there are a lot of games (i think, especially in our post-dark souls era) that purport to "not care about you" and i was worried it would be something like that done cheaply. but it surprised me and very pleasantly.

I would love that! Thank you :)

navdi community · Created a new topic documentation

i have not documented ANYTHING.


navdi community · Created a new topic 0. Editor Basics
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1. drop navdi.unitypackage into an empty unity project.

2. open the Template scene at lib/navdi/- template project -/Template.unity

3. press Play in unity. it should dump you into a premade level in edit mode in level {0, 0}

-- in any mode --

TAB: toggle between play/edit mode

-- in play mode --

ARROWS: move your player. (there are 3 types of example players available and they all move very differently.)

-- in edit mode --

LEFT CLICK: 'magic wand' a contiguous group of the same tile.

RIGHT CLICK: lets you edit a specific tile's code. the editor can save strings of arbitrary length for any tile (it won't let you do edge tiles though). you can access these strings when spawning tiles. right click again to exit code edit mode.

Q 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9: draw tiles. Q draws 'tile 0', which is 'empty'.

SPACE: hold space to open up the palette. it's mostly empty to start out with. if you press any key on your keyboard while hovering it in the palette, you assign that tile to that key. so, Q 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 above are just the 'default' settings! you can reassign any of those keys, and more. please note that currently palette settings are not saved anywhere, so the palette will forget everything you've set up between plays. it's not meant to be a permanent key assignment.

ARROWS: move around the world-grid.

please do! i'll fix it asap, but i kinda broke the codebase a LITTLE bit, soo asap might be a while

repaired (i hope)

an unfortunate bug. thx for catch.

whaat? that's not right. i'll check it out


I just wanted to say, I played all of these, tho some I may have skimmed... a little bit... and I never found Holly. Not even close >_<

I enjoyed your variety of variety of genres a lot -- probably the one easiest for me to appreciate personally was Nine Big Moods. The short descriptions felt really haphazardly evocative, and that was great. I don't know if this was intentional, but I thought they were procedurally generated. They felt like extremely good procedural generation and the disconnectedness of the statements pushed at that angle for me.

Congrats on making it to 7!

Also, thanks you 4 for joining! Curious to see if there will be any submissions this yr...

wait, why was this one called "2018"? does it think it's a car?

I'm gonna do this again with more warning and more time next year, I swear!

When should I do it though?

I don't know how to release the game.

It feels like such a weird little thing to charge money for.

But the idea of putting a game out for free that I've worked on for a long time feels weird now

and I'm stuck in the limbo of wanting the game to be worth money so I can charge money for it, but not wanting to delay release until I have time & mind to work on it. After all, the game is sort of already 'out there', in its own way. People have played it.

sealed with a kiss community · Created a new topic 2018
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I want to see if I can get this started by next year. Look forward to it: open signups as early as Holiday 2017, first mailing out by Jan 1...

that's the dream. we'll see.

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I was thinking about this again today. Some things I'd like to focus on are the joys of physical objects, the joy of receiving things in the mail, and the joy of... anticipation. I, personally, like typing more than I like writing but I do like writing -- the feel of pen or pencil or whatever scratching (or sliding) on paper. I've been thinking about mail-in forms as the primary mode of interaction. I don't know if others get as much enjoyment out of those as I do.

... uh, now, before you call me weird, I need to be clear. Mail-in forms suck because they're always for sucky and boring things. But for interacting with a game, I think that filling out a form with your intentions, with your guesses, would actually be really fun! Consider filling out character sheets, or ticking off boxes in Clue if you ever did that.

And everything that you receive in the mail should be a wonderful physical artifact so that if you're at all inclined to treasure flat paper or card objects, you will be able to treasure it. I can slack a bit on the mail-in form because otherwise you'll be sad to send it right back to me, but every other monthly thing you receive should be a small piece of art, something that feels tangible and solid and keepable.

edit :: It's not something I mentioned at first but, naturally, I want to bury depth in the game. I do it out of habit and responsibility and personal need. Keeping the reports, even a copy of your mail-in form... these things should and will allow you a glimpse at some deeper systems. But I think being able to enjoy the game month-to-month without needing to worry about how many of these deeper systems you understand is actually ideal.

I will make it available here at some point! I’m not sure the best way to do that, as the game is somewhat built for showing at events... But I certainly want it to be accessible to those who want to access it.

I think it has become less deep, but that's for the better... for the environment this game is going to be played at the sessions have to be short! I'll make another deep game eventually >.>

I'm using Unity. I've gone through a lot to get myself into a comfortable place, though, where I mostly deal in 2d pixel stuff and don't need to worry about all the 3d crap and colliders and events I never want to think about :)

It's $$$. Which is, you know, a sort of RL score system.

I'm actually reworking how exactly to display that UI... I think I'd like an icon that represents money but nothing as literal as a $ sign. Currently testing out a solid circle (like a coin)...

I've never been hungry for an extended period of time, and I don't know how that affects a person. Does the pain stop? Does the weakness stop? Or do you just learn to ignore it, live with it?

I said this on twitter too, but... If you're willing to share your experience of being hungry, very hungry, or extremely hungry, I'd love to hear it.

For me: hunger comes in waves, sometimes I don't notice how weak it's making me, and sometimes I can ignore it for quite a long time before I really feel like I have to solve it. I once forgot to eat or drink anything before biking to a restaurant in the morning, and I sort of fainted when I got there. It was fine. It could have been a lot more unpleasant if I hadn't been with my family.

I'll answer 'em.

I might be cryptic and weird because I'm trying to keep things secret, or I might do it because I have no idea what I'm doing yet.

Thank you :) I loved filegame.

I don't think the bundle works the way I thought it did... I bought the bundle a month or so but I didn't get access to this game when it came out & was added to the bundle.

(The description of your bundle makes me think this was not your intent and you thought


I'd be really interested in a sandboxy mode that lets me play around with weird city compositions a bit more

Which, now that I think about it, may run parallel to a desire to design levels for it...

What's it made in?

You don't need to donate to play the game omg

If it doesn't load it's an itch/browser problem. I can't load any of my itch games when I'm in Chrome Incognito mode, but other people have other problems. Check blocked stuff, try other browsers and settings!


It's hard for me to tell quite what's going on but it looks/sounds like it could be really cool. Gonna upload more anywhere?

I think the rules are that each colour has a reaction to each other colour:

Red likes green, dislikes red

Blue likes green, likes blue

Green likes green, dislikes red

I think that's all the rules, but I'm not totally sure. Anyway, enjoy!

I don't think I would personally play this game if it was much longer. Although I enjoyed them, levels 5-6 were pushing it a bit -- they didn't offer much different from level 4.

The game is very cute and solid! I liked how trees ended up being a very useful and necessary tool. My gut said they were just gonna be obstacles and I was glad to be wrong.

neat idea! are you planning to revisit/expand this at all? it's pretty hard to read what's going on right now and there are some little ui changes i'd love to see (for clarifying what's going on, but also -- it'd be really nice to have a tiny queue that at least shows what's coming up next so I don't have to think about my next move from scratch every time. i find it pretty mentally taxing!)

yikes, okay! mac build should function properly. working on a solution.

hello this is a comment on asphyx


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