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It's $$$. Which is, you know, a sort of RL score system.

I'm actually reworking how exactly to display that UI... I think I'd like an icon that represents money but nothing as literal as a $ sign. Currently testing out a solid circle (like a coin)...

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I've never been hungry for an extended period of time, and I don't know how that affects a person. Does the pain stop? Does the weakness stop? Or do you just learn to ignore it, live with it?

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I said this on twitter too, but... If you're willing to share your experience of being hungry, very hungry, or extremely hungry, I'd love to hear it.

For me: hunger comes in waves, sometimes I don't notice how weak it's making me, and sometimes I can ignore it for quite a long time before I really feel like I have to solve it. I once forgot to eat or drink anything before biking to a restaurant in the morning, and I sort of fainted when I got there. It was fine. It could have been a lot more unpleasant if I hadn't been with my family.

Created a new topic Got any questions?

I'll answer 'em.

I might be cryptic and weird because I'm trying to keep things secret, or I might do it because I have no idea what I'm doing yet.

Thank you :) I loved filegame.

I don't think the bundle works the way I thought it did... I bought the bundle a month or so but I didn't get access to this game when it came out & was added to the bundle.

(The description of your bundle makes me think this was not your intent and you thought

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Replied to noio in HOUSES comments

I'd be really interested in a sandboxy mode that lets me play around with weird city compositions a bit more

Which, now that I think about it, may run parallel to a desire to design levels for it...

What's it made in?

You don't need to donate to play the game omg

If it doesn't load it's an itch/browser problem. I can't load any of my itch games when I'm in Chrome Incognito mode, but other people have other problems. Check blocked stuff, try other browsers and settings!


It's hard for me to tell quite what's going on but it looks/sounds like it could be really cool. Gonna upload more anywhere?

I think the rules are that each colour has a reaction to each other colour:

Red likes green, dislikes red

Blue likes green, likes blue

Green likes green, dislikes red

I think that's all the rules, but I'm not totally sure. Anyway, enjoy!

Created a new topic Tom7's Map (HUGE SPOILERS.)

I don't think I would personally play this game if it was much longer. Although I enjoyed them, levels 5-6 were pushing it a bit -- they didn't offer much different from level 4.

The game is very cute and solid! I liked how trees ended up being a very useful and necessary tool. My gut said they were just gonna be obstacles and I was glad to be wrong.

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neat idea! are you planning to revisit/expand this at all? it's pretty hard to read what's going on right now and there are some little ui changes i'd love to see (for clarifying what's going on, but also -- it'd be really nice to have a tiny queue that at least shows what's coming up next so I don't have to think about my next move from scratch every time. i find it pretty mentally taxing!)

yikes, okay! mac build should function properly. working on a solution.

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hello this is a comment on asphyx

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droqen // burial young apex agile

Oops, I messed a bunch of stuff up. I set up a system for keeping an in-development & unstable version of fiefs separate from the public-facing one but, silly me, i completely forgot to actually take advantage of it, ha ha ha

This version of fiefs is grossly incomplete, but I have implemented jump code peeking (unlike the passwords of olden times, jump codes are not reset when you look at them... yet. it might be worth making those separate actions.)

One of the largest design changes is that scouty is no longer a separate action & actions don't have their own range score. This may turn out not to be fun? But it makes interacting with the game a lot easier. Hex/node names can take a backseat now.

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2016 June 9th -- fiefs has been reset for new hex-based system. currently wondering: should stored lore (information discovered -- in old fiefs lingo, stuff like passwords) be bound to a home node or to some kind of external player account?

2016 June 13th -- droqen # bliss space smoky expand

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> fiefs ? do=login & un=ungouk nebra & pw=trim rotten differ gender

alright. i'll be implementing & experimenting with node relationships - each node keeps track of how much it "likes" or trusts each adjacent node.

when you jump into a node, it gives you a trust rating based on the node you came from.

naturally, there will be progs that affect these trust ratings! i'm thinking of calling the basic one CHARM, letting you improve your trust rating from afar?

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hexagon report:

oh wait i understand what you're saying now!! That sounds neat. Maybe there is some kind of pass codes and knowing more unlocks more capabilities

Maybe little 2x2 groups of nodes? hmm but right now there's no real notion of who controls something or not. I guess it could be a power-channeling thing?

it probably wouldn't be! i just tried and it got on my nerves not being able to make the grid... perfect...

i'll give it a go.

Created a new topic How should i measure DISTANCE?
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I pretty much have three options here:

  • Keep using taxicab geometry (every node has 4 neighbours, and a 'circle' is a sort of weird diamond shape. easy to program and neighbour overlap is easy to understand!)
  • Switch to a hex grid (every node has 6 neighbours, and visually it's quite pretty -- if difficult to program in css)
  • Stay on a square grid, but include diagonal neighbours (every node has 8 neighbours, and a 'circle' is basically a square. neighbours overlap a lot and this makes it very hard to make 'walls'.)

Nodes could potentially have "jump ranges" as well that allow you to jump a longer distance -- rather than only letting you jump to adjacent nodes. Most jump ranges would probably be 1-2, and almost always >0. A node with a jump range of 0 could be interesting, though...

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RANGE How far away can your target be?

"0" only hits own node; "1" hits adjacent nodes.

AREA What area does this prog cover? (Originally only used for Scouty)

"0" only hits target node; "1" hits target & adjacent nodes.

POWER Effect varies by prog

ACCURACY % chance of success! Calculated separately for each target. I'm thinking low accuracy is most common on progs with AREA > 0, but I could see it appearing on a very weird / powerful single-target prog

COST How much node energy (how many 'moons') it costs to run the prog

Progs (non-final name, stolen from 868-HACK)

SCOUTY Updates the node's internal map with the current state of whatever nodes it hits.

Not sure what information scouty should learn, but there should definitely be timestamps on the map so you know what's out of date!

BREAKR Reduces target's shield by POWER

MINWAL Increases target's shield to POWER if it's less

GETJMP Learn target's jump code // replaces the old prog whose name i forgot, the one that let you reset a password

New Progs

SETJMP Set target's jump code

Created a new topic Intranode Conflicts

I want nodes to feel like bigger places! To encourage that, I'd like for multiple players to claim ownership over a node and to be able to fight over its control. I'm not totally sure how to do that.

Created a new topic Logging In vs. "Jumping"

Having to log into every node using a password is extremely clunky and awful! Instead, I'm going to define certain nodes as entry nodes, and these ones have master passwords. You can log into an entry node from anywhere.

The only way to log into non-entry nodes is to jump to them from an adjacent node. So I'll call them jump nodes, even though you are allowed to jump into an entry node.

A master password will continue to be something like 'dog erroneous waterfall end'.

A jump code will be one word, or a short number. Something like 'din' or '419'.

Because I've generally been against tracking player accounts, I was having trouble -- I wanted shorter passwords, but I didn't know how to prevent brute force attacks!

Now, it's simple: a brute force attempt will be punished by temporarily blocking the jump path. If you're attempting to guess a node's jump code from an adjacent node, you only get a few guesses -- somewhere between 3 and 10 -- and if you hit that maximum, the destination jump node will block jump access from the source jump node for a period of time.

Alternatively, the punishment can involve your entry node (which are now rarer and more valuable! you really don't want someone getting into your entry node), or some sort of energy cost for attempting a jump (and failing?).

Created a new topic There's a wiki!
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I made a barebones P0 wiki years ago and it's been totally filled in with gifs and descriptions and all the good stuff by Mystery User Psr12. I'd love for it & all their hard work to get more views!!

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See first post for details, but I calculated a Bare Minimum Estimate cost to me: $5/month, $60/year. (per player)

Or looking at it a different way: $2.50/letter, twice a month.

Would you pay that much to try a play-by-mail game? ;p

(... also I basically have not been thinking about $ stuff until now, but all the design stuff is kinda ephemeral and I don't know really how to put it all down!)