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Thank you for the kind feedback bro!

thank you for playing bro!

awesome feedback bro! Happy that you gave the game some time to master the controls! Thank you 🙏 

that sounds good! 👌 

Cheers bro!

Kids these days bro! They know!

Great game for mobile fellow youtuber! Video Review: 50:30 Blobcano

Error bro: 49:20 Infinite Collapse

Fun Entry! Video Review: 46:30 Trapped in Chaos

It was so chaotic that my PC almost died! Video Review: 43:30 Survival Chaos

This was working really well and smooth! Nice job! Video Review: 32:00 Craft Off

That meteor ad tornado man! But I finished it! 25:30 Islander

Nice! Video Review: 20:00 Reverse Bullet Hell

That was chaotic alright! 18:40 Bullet Chaos 

That was more annoying than Chaotic hahaha

no but nice entry! Video review: 15:00 Chaos Controls

This was good man! I had to get used to the controls but awesome! Video Review: 09:30 Dogfight 

This was really nice! Impressive! Video review: 06:40 Hack'a'ware

Cool game man! Video review here: 00:30 Rocket Game

Thanks for all suggestions, here is the video: Also from u guys!

00:00 Introduction 
00:30 Rocket Game (
06:40 Hack'a'ware (
09:30 Dogfight (
15:00 Chaos Controls (
18:40 Bullet Chaos (
20:00 Reverse Bullet Hell (
25:30 Islander (
32:00 Craft Off (
43:30 Survival Chaos (
46:30 Trapped in Chaos (
49:20 Infinite Collapse (
50:30 Blobcano (

Thanks for the feedback! And that is a strange bug!

Thanks guys! Will check em out!

haha no worries! I have enough bugs in my game as well! Gamejam games it is more than acceptable 

Will Check it out later for sure! Thanks for the feedback!

I didnt know about Yume Nikki but indeed haha

Thanks bro!

Yeah I tried something new in the sunny area! Didnt work haha

Thanks for the feedback! ^^

What's up all, perhaps you have seen some of my posts here with review videos.
I am just wondering as there are so many submissions, what has been the best game for you so far besides your own game? haha
Let me know here and of course also let me know your game so I can make some more review videos! ^^



P.s. My game is:

sure bro

Cool Stuff Man! I didt figure out all features but nice submission! Video: 1:15:00 Poreger

Good submission, however some improvement points could be made! Video review: 1:10:00 Lost in Chaos 

Love your humor bro: 1:03:40 Finding your keys

That was refreshing! Video Review: 1:00:00 Butterfly Effec

Cool submission bro! Keep up the great work! 55:00 Let there be cough

I couldnt figure it fully out bro! But for what its worth: 52:30 Bizarre Taxi

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Tense shooting but really fun! Enjoyed this one! Video review: 43:40 Second Son

That was chaotic but fun! Video Review: 37:20 Potion Panic

That was funny, also nice menu! Just what I needed, video review: 33:45 Pinatanip

Really great submission! Very impressed and some nice twists during the game! Very nice, video review: 21:45 Invaded

Tough to manage the AI's and they would warp. But nice submission: 17:45 Keep em home