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Nice! Good job!

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Sorry for the late reply. I hope you found how to fix the issue already.

I haven’t done any optimization to play full-screen in my game. My guess is that the windowed version is just less demanding than the full-screen one. There might be some settings that you could tune but I would encourage you to meet the 60 fps in the minimum specs and then move further.

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Nice experience! I like the flying around and the upgrades shop concepts, they play nicely together.

Just as a comment, when you reach the end of the visible area, you start a bit abruptly in a new one, I would suggest that the player could move 360 degrees, so you could avoid reaching an end letting the possibility of exploring and planning the crystals hunt.

Cool submission!

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Thank you very much for your feedback and playing!

Good catch! you are right, if you are defeated you can still control the player a bit, I missed that detail, that’s something I will definitely fix once the jam is over.

No, the game it is not endless. There are 6 fixed levels, the last one is a boss fight!

Thanks again for your kind words!

Great work! the game looks great! the wolf animations are really cool and smooth, as well as the Moonshot which is really awesome!

For the future, I think it would be useful to have a bar to show how far you are to be able to use the powers.

Good job!

Wow! I wasn’t expecting the little astronaut jumping around after my first score, since it was covered by the ship, very cute! :)

Good physics and aesthetics, the levels feel very similar though, you probably ran out of time to create more variety of mechanics, I totally understand.

Well done overall!

Really cool concept! Minimalist and yet quite challenging gameplay!

Well done!

Beautiful art and relaxing atmosphere! The UI is really nice as well!

Good job!

Minimalist mechanic but still works very well!

I like that even being a fast pace game where you have to be very precise with the controls, the calm music soothes everything and it just created a relaxed experience.

Good job!

Really cool concept! I love the cute pixel art and the simple mechanics.

The drawing action is very satisfying!

I enjoyed the game, the difficulty progression is very well done even when you are reaching the end of the game, when things start to get quite challenging.

Good job!

Superb unique art and very immersive experience!

I love how you can play around with the camera to boost your stealth accuracy. In my view, it would be nice to be able to speed the character’s movement up a bit.

Great submission! Well done!

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Really cool! I had a lot fun going through the whole game.

I truly enjoyed the different mechanics, the level design and the three different characters swapping concept. The music and sound effects create a very enjoyable atmosphere.

Just a minor thing that I wanted to mention, it wasn’t very clear to me how the characters unlock each other to continue their path, maybe a small animation would help.

Well done!

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I’ve had a lot of fun going through the whole game, I made it through the end! :)

I got hooked on the story, I really liked the narrative and relationship between the player and Astro.

Very immersive experience and innovative, it has a escape room vibe.

I would suggest to let the player to move between screens (panels <-> terminal <-> documentation) using the arrow keys (or A-D keys), in my view it would allow the player move faster and unlock more challenging puzzles to solve.

Great job!

Headquarter is typing…

Lovely pixel art and very interesting theme interpretation!

I really like the concept of mixing noir atmosphere, stealth, exploration and mini-game mechanics. Cool music and nice effects, I specially like the one when you are busted.

Mini funny anecdote, I cracked the safe’s code in my first run without the need of going to the bottom floor to pick the note, I just guessed and got lucky :P.

I truly enjoyed it! Great job!

Really cool game! I love the art and the characters created, the final boss is awesome!

Music and landscape kind of reminds me to the good old Shadow of the Beast. The controls feel fine, though I wish our character could shoot on the air.

I enjoyed it! Good job!

Such a beautiful art and narrative!

I truly enjoyed the experience. The superb minimalist pixel art together with the classical music set a nice kind of dreamy atmosphere.

Just a minor thingy that I found, every time I talk with the farmer I get stuck and I need to restart.

Outstanding job!

Outstanding art and very enjoyable experience!

A beautiful tribute to Le Voyage dans la Lune. I was amazed about the blend between the music and the player’s movement, really well done!

The only comment that I have is about the blurry typography in the menu buttons, the letters in other parts of the game look great.

Amazing work!

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Wow! Such an engaging game!

I had lots of fun playing the game. I love the art, the easy to grasp but hard to master controls, the music and the orbiting and shoot mechanic, very innovative and good match with the theme.

Just as a minor comment, in my view it would be great to have a custom mouse pointer, something easier to spot rather than the default one. When there are many things in the screen I lost track a bit.

I get quite easily to Neptune, I could’n beat it yet though, it’s a tough cookie!

Great submission! Really well done!

Really cool explorer experience! The worlds created look neat!

It would be great if could add some music and sounds effects, it will enhance the space trip!

Well done! :)

Really cool concept!

I struggled a bit figuring out how to play properly, it would be great to have a small tutorial showing the mechanics.

I enjoyed it though! Well done!

Really nice concept and mix of mechanics! I love the art and funny movement of the player, specially when he does the 360 rolling :)

I was fun! Well done!

Really cool hardcore platformer! The pixel art graphics are beautiful and controls very smooth and precise. I truly enjoyed it, nice gameplay and festive music :)

I wish you could be respawned in the same level after dying, instead of going to the beginning.

Good job!

Such an amazing experience! I love the easy to grasp and simple mechanics but still challenging game, the beautiful aesthetics, the color palette, how everything goes dimmer when we are reaching deeper and the immersive atmosphere.

The game feels very polished and well done!

Great submission! Outstanding job!

PS: I did 748 meters, yay!

Wow! really cool and engaging game! it would be great to be able to shoot standing still easily, at the moment it’s quite challenging, maybe though it’s part of its charm.

I managed to make an score of 38 (proof attached).

I had a lot fun! Well done!

I had a blast! Very engaging game. I love the main aspects of the game, planning carefully the layout of your ship on a budget and then launching it using other kind of skills to deliver the packages.

Graphics are great and very relaxing atmosphere created.

Awesome job!

Wow! it’s the first pinball game I’ve seen in the jam.

Well done! the physics feel great as well as the layout. It would be great that you could keep playing after losing a ball, instead of the need of restarting the app.

Good pinball foundation!

Beautiful game! The blend of pixel and 3D art worked very well.

I love the amazing chiptune music, the smooth controls and hilarious humorist tone. I truly enjoyed going through the whole game, the level design and the difficulty progression is very well done.

Just a small comment, I would say that I struggled a bit sometimes to figure out where to land in the exact position I wanted, but I guess it’s also part of the challenge here.

Congrats! Outstanding job!

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Really cool concept! Very authentic old-school terminal aesthetics. I love that the mechanics are self-explanatory while being inside the chaotic NA-DOS system world unexpectedly quitting all the time :).

Just as a suggestion, it would be great that when the level finish and an input command is required, the cursor be already set in the terminal prompt, instead of the need of clicking with the mouse.

Great experience! Well done!

Quite innovative theme interpretation! Indeed, the game is veeeery challenging! I ended up going through Harold instead of escaping! X)

Really awesome game! It has it all, beautiful minimalist pixel art, cool music, good level design, great feedback from our actions, smooth controls, upgrades, store…and lots of action.

It kind of gives me vibes of Cave Story and Flashback games both mixed together.

I had a lot of fun playing! Well done!

Thanks a lot for playing and the kind words! :)

Found them all! :)

Uuuoo nice! I will take a look at the map and try to figure it out! Thanks!

Thank you very much! Glad to hear that you liked it!

Thanks so much for playing and your feedback!

Really cool match-3 puzzle game! I love the graphics and the different effects depending of the color match, the special power it is also a nice touch.

Well done!