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I really enjoyed playing this game. The pixel art is amazing. The beginning story screens moved a bit too quickly, but I managed to quickly skim over what was written. I like the relatively simple exploratory design where I have to figure out where I should go on my own ;D. I defeated the first three bosses. The cat boss was a bit simple because I got too close and kept shooting her; she wasn't able to attack me back. After I defeated the third boss, this white blocky thingy showed up and I didn't know what I should do so I kept bumping into it before deciding that I should just run away and head for the door. The final boss gave me a hard time! I died about 7 times before choosing a strategy to stay close to it to avoid as many shots as possible (since the shots will mostly hit the ground). But those arrow shots are annoying (but really nicely created!! ) :P. Overall, the game is amazing and I enjoyed playing it. Moving mechanics was a bit unfamiliar for me at first before things starting falling in place. Really nice job! 

Thanks for playing the game and for your detailed review. We had to rush things in towards the end, so the gameplay mechanics definitely need some tuning. Looking forward to playing your game as well! 

Congrats on publishing your game! 

I really enjoyed the idea of day/night cycle system where I had to finish the game before it becomes night. That was brilliant. 

The graphics were also nice, good job. 

Possible improvements would be the ability to skip the intro or perhaps make it shorter as it felt like forever to start the actual game. 

Another improvement is to have maybe obstacles along the way to make it harder to reach the balloon. 

Overall, short but fun game. Good job! 

Great game mechanics! 

I especially loved the idea of having the O2 depletes overtime as you go deeper as well as the need to repair the submarine. Brilliant idea to have the darkness crawls on you as you go deeper where lights were important to see where exactly you're going. 

Some possible improvements is maybe having sea monsters or sea quakes where you coukd have the background shaking while going deeper. 

I really enjoyed playing your game. 

My top score was 923m in around 5 minutes. 

Was there a specific distance to win or infinite depth? 

Good job on your first game jam! 

I like the simplicity of the game and the innovative random clicking after destroying an enemy. 

Possible improvements could be to add more enemy variations e.g. some shooting back or maybe boss like enemies, or larger ones. 

The particle system used could've been improved but overall, great first game and looking forward to your future updates and games. 

Amazing gameplay, good job!

It was brilliant to start with simple game mechanics to develop into a more intriguing mechanics as you unlock stuff. I also liked the charge shot, but the fixed 8 directions is slightly hard to aim atthe enemies (I was using a mouse & keyboard). I dunno if it's easier to play with a controller but yeah that's just my humble opinion in regards to playing with a mouse and keyboard.

Overall, I really liked the progression of game mechanics were you unlock stuff as you go on. I had fun playing your game, looking forward to future updates!

Good job for your effort and submission. I like the simplicity of the game and the challenging part of the game. Some parts that could perhaps be improved:

-The addition of holding E for example to fix the angle of bullets. 

-The spawning of the enemies randomly from the screen sides could be better than in the middle out of no where

-A boss addition could be fun and maybe like shooting back at you?

Overall, sadly a short game but still challengingly fun! My max score was 19 which I feel such an accomplishment :)

Amazing game! I love the amount of work you put into this game in such a short time. The minigames were very interesting and fun. I especially liked the stealth approach in this game, AI detection could be improved but it is still very enjoyable! Looking forward to see the launch on Steam. Brilliant work, good job!

I'm testing on a Mac with a trackpad. And the issue was that when I click on a turret and move the red marker across the moon area, it would be stuck an a location and I'm not able to move it. I've tried the game again now, and it seems to be OK with no issues. It could be that the game was detecting clicks as I moved my fingers across the trackpad and the turret got place correctly, but I thought that it was stuck.  Maybe adding support for keyboard movements as well would make placements easier for me, or maybe I should've just used a mouse :P

The details in the pixel art is just amazing. I loved the graphics. Great job there. I played for about 6-7 minutes and thought that it was too easy. But then things starting to collapse :P. Nice collection of defence weapons. First I thought the health kit was a weapon and kept wasting my money on it LOL before figuring things out.  I had some issues when choosing the placement location of the turrets, but I guess this was an issue with the built-in browser game only. Overall, this is a nice little tower defence with great graphics.

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Hello all,

We really enjoyed creating our game using Godot game engine. We'd like to see all the games that were created using Godot in this game jam. We'll review every Godot game placed here, and give honest feedback. It would also be nice if you would review our game and give your feedback.

Here's the link to our game:

The game is really fun I died 100 times and kept playing. That's a good sign. The sound effects are nice. The death sound effect could have been done better though. The idea is original. You could add more gravity effects on the planets and have bigger ones that have more gravity effects (General Relativity). Overall, it was really fun to play.

I really liked the dialogue. However, the sound effect for it was a bit annoying. The gameplay is awesome. It's very challenging. Joystick controls could work better for me. I loved the effects, sounds and lighting in the game.  The idea that you regain health is nice. Also the idea of destroying tiles is nice as well. I really enjoyed the game.

Thanks for playing the game. It's made purposefully hard. But I agree, the slopes could've been done in a better way. As for the sound track, I agree. We only had literally few hours to compile everything on the last day. Could've done much better sound tracks had we had he time. Appreciate the feedback.

Thanks a lot for playing the game and the detailed feedback. Will definitely take it into consideration for the updated release .

Nicely made! I loved the idea of orbiting the enemy bullets around Pluto like the planet's gravity. Well thought! The boss on Level 11 was tough, but so much fun especially with the ability to latch several bullets before launching. The only downside that I faced is that we have to go through all the levels again if we die.  Overall, it's a brilliant game! good job!

Really nice game, I loved it! Couldn't get past Vegeta's score though :D. Becomes a bit too difficult for me with time. Would be nice to have some sort of items that you collect which would slow time to more easily navigate around all the coming bullets. Also, I like the ability to turn off sound, but it seems that doing so turns off sound sfx as well. Overall, really enjoyed it. Great job. 

Amazing. Glad you finished the game. Actually, our best record is killing 32 Zombliens and dying 6 times. You're not that far off :). Thanks for playing the game.

I liked the graphics when I saw your screenshots in the submissions. However, when I downloaded the game on a Mac, it crashed shortly after displaying the first text of the story (Based on a siberian legend). It also crashed when I clicked to skip the intro. I tried several time but didn't work.

Hi there, good job on your game! Firstly, I gotta say I loved the boss fights. The chimera one was very nicely designed. Which program did you use for your graphics? As for the Slime boss, there was actually a glitch were I was pinned down by the boss and was not getting hit by anything. Overall, fun game and I would've loved to see more levels and how the story would've progressed after the chimera.

A smart game. I like the smooth light effects. Funny dialogue. I struggled a bit with using the clone to jump. keeps disappearing before I make my jump. It would be better I think to increase the clone timer. Also, It would be helpful to add a map of the level to keep track of the cats you need to save. I really enjoyed playing it.

I really enjoyed the game and the graphics used (Gave off Hollow Knight vibes). It was slightly frustrating that I had to listen to the rat stand guy everytime I had to replenish my moon powers in the temple.  But overall, great game and attack mechanism. Good job and looking forward to updates and/or new games in the future. 

I really like the graphics. For some reason, I'm not able to enter the first level. It keeps repeating the dialogue over and over. Also, the player faces the wrong direction while moving. 

I like how shooting works. It would be nice if the direction of movement of the gun is continuous rather than discrete. The graphics, effects and combination of enemies is really good. I really enjoyed playing as it becomes challenging and not very easy. 

Great game, loved the mechanics, the suspense and the rhymes haha.  It was slightly difficult to figure out what could be jumped on or hide behind. But, really fun game I enjoyed playing it.

I really liked the ground control stats. Well done. I also love what you did with the equipments inventory.  The combat system seemed a little unpolished. could use some improvements in effects.

Amazing graphics. I like the pace of the game. Effects and light are perfect. It would be nice if it had more levels and variations. Overall, really enjoyed it.

Hi there. Great artistic touches in the game design. My only constructive criticism is maybe the possibility of having more interactions with the game. Maybe the choices made could change the flow of the story? Either way, good job.

Nice game, I like the pixel art and the death effect when darkness catches the player. I think if you add more elements in the level, it will be better. 

Sometimes the player moves at a faster pace, I don't know if this is intended but I lost track of the pace while running on the platform.

Nice game. Nice Graphics. I like the randomness in the level every time I play. Could add a bit more elements in the level to make it more interactive. 

Thanks for playing. Yes we've made the slopes slippery to add some level of difficulty while moving. It could be a bit annoying I agree. We'll add more friction the next time. Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for playing our game! Glad you liked it. I agree with you. The game is a bit hard especially in the level where you have to search and collect stuff while being attacked by a horde of Zombliens. Thanks for your honest opinion and suggestion. 

As for Godot. It's a very powerful engine with an excellent learning curve. I would highly recommend investing the time and effort in Godot.

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Moon War Z

Here's a short gameplay video:

Your comments/ratings are welcome here:


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Thanks for playing the game! Yes, we totally agree. Searching for the items is a bit too difficult with too many Zombliens. Maybe we should simplify the searching process by having the player only search inside specific boxes instead of random items, or we could just tune down the number of Zombliens. Thanks for your comments!


More improvements coming soon. Stay tuned :)