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Promote your game here if you have a trailer or a video! Sticky

A topic by Noel Studios created Dec 01, 2020 Views: 1,155 Replies: 45
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Hey everyone this is our game Moon Racer! The game is a simple racing on the moon. This is my first impression of it I hope you check out the game and give us some feedback! Much appreciated!


Hi there! 

Our game is Lunar Defender. It's a tower defense/strategy game about defending your core against waves of enemies.

Don't hesitate to post a comment to our game to give us feedback as we want to continue the game after the Jam.

We hope you will like it! (you must make a tutorial as it is not easy to understand everything at the first try)

You can find a trailer here!


My game’s not much, and the concept is kind of out there. In my game, you are the moon, and you roll around collecting stars while avoiding meteors.



Winston is Stuck on the Moon is my furst game in Unity, simple platformer, you're a cat somehow stuck on the moon, gotta get home without getting killed.


horror game in dead space style , tells a future where ruins are found on the moon, and the protagonist receives a call for help from the excavations.


the download link has been changed as some users were unable to download the game, now the link will give access to the game's rar file, sorry for the inconvenience.


RED ROVER is a top-down wave-based shooter about a rover fighting for her life on a distant moon.  I usually make visual novels with RenPy, so making an action game in Godot was really out of my comfort zone.  But the game turned out fun, I think.


Here's my game Glass Tombs (link). I have a full soundtrack and its a 10-15 min story if you want to check it out.


enjoy the game and don't forget to rate and sending me your feedback


Made a quick video to post here. My game's a cute 2D shooting game about ghost busting on the Moon.

And here's the link to my entry:

It's a short game, but I hope you have fun playing it :)


Thanks for setting this up! Here is the link to my contribution to this awesome jam:

Original soundtrack, takes a few minutes to play through once you get the hang of it. Anyone who manages going META gets a special mention on the game's page!


A quick trailer for comrade koko, any feedback is appreciated!
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Hello! Feel like an adventurer on the moon. Have people come to you? What will happen next?

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Want a fast and cool game?

I'm excited to play many fun games through Game Off!

I hope  my team's game makes you happy.

jam :

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This is our first submission to Game Jam. Please play and let us know feedback. 

Lunar Rescue is a simple 2d platformer with and fast pace and gravity element attached to it


This is our third game but our first trailer :D

The game is all about cats in love in space so if you like any of those things we think you'll have fun!

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Fire Falcom's Moonlander : Collect the stars and land on the moon!

Not a trailer but here is a gameplay video

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Moon War Z

Here's a short gameplay video:

Your comments/ratings are welcome here:



Here's a quick and dirty trailer I made for Lunar Demolition Force: 

I can't wait to hear what you think about the game!

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Play my game and rate it

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I hope you guys enjoy our small game :)


Hope you guys can make it to the end! Already heard that it is a bit too hard!

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The trailer puts into words our game better than I can. Hope you all get a chance to check it out, It may be the best work we have done!


enjoy the game and don't forget to rate and send me your feedback


This is our game 'Beyond The Crater'. It's about surviving until you can be rescued and you can do this by building machines, crafting and managing rations.
Thanks :)
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Didn't have time to make a trailer but here's a gameplay video showing a full run (though I can do a better run normally but I didn't want the video to be too long ;)).

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Hey guys, here is our game “Moon Heist”! It is a strategy game when facility management and random events.


Hi everyone! Here is the trailer of my game: MoonHop

I hope you all enjoy it!


Doom-inspired fantasy action game. Warning: this video is a full playthrough, so it spoils the ending.

Sadly Windows only (mouse capture didn't work in browser), but I hope those of you who play it enjoy it!



I made a game + game engine from scratch using OpenGL and Go. It has a fully destructible pixel environment. The idea is to land on the moon with your little rocket, without getting shot down by the aliens or hit by the debris circulating the different moons. 10 levels that suppose to get harder and harder with each level. 

Full source code can be found on my github page:


Hey all, we did a complete overhaul of the game in the last 3 days so some collisions are a bit off and the difficulty is brutal but here's a little gameplay of it:

We'd love your feedback! 


Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying the game jam so far :)

Here is the trailer for Light Again, our entry for this year!

You can rate it here :D


As our game is probably a bit difficult to finish in a short amount of time (and I guess, with the number of games submitted to the jam, not many testers will spend a long time on a game), we provided a full playthrough video.

Notice that, if you like the game, we recommand to download it rather than play the web version, as this later has no sounds/music (we provided it for convenience as we understand not everybody wants to download a game to try it).


Hello all :)

This is my first submission in any game jam and my first Unity-2d game. I will really appreciate if you check out my tiny adventure game. You have to launch a rocket and steer it all the way to moon fighting gravity, bouncing off the asteroids and avoiding/destroying projectiles. Here is the gameplay video.

Hope you will enjoy this :)


A bit of gameplay of our entry:

Hi all!

Our game is inspired by the classic Lunar Lander game, where player have to fly in the field of gravity of the moon around mountains, destroy meteorites, and rescue astronauts who will join to crew. This is an experimental game in which we decided to try to implement space with a wide range of subsystems that include:

  1. Flight computer
  2. RCS
  3. Main engine
  4. Fuel tank
  5. Life support system
  6. Damage control
  7. Fire control computer
  8. Weapon

Each spacecraft subsystem can fail for a short time in the event of damage to the spacecraft, and has its own unique effect on the control of the spacecraft. Unfortunately, the game is only partially implemented with a minimal set of game mechanics (some special effects, enemy spaceships, homing missiles, and the mission system were not implemented) therefore, only the game prototype is available.

Game pages:


I have a submission on this game jam, but also try and promote indie games I picked one that came at random that needed some ratings unfortunately couldn't rate it on this account can only rate it if you participated in the game jam but anyhow hope it helps the devs somehow and they continue their dev journey!


Check out my solo game entry Lunar Bastion.  An RTS tower defense game. This postmortem is more of a trailer haha.

Playing on my phone

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Gotta defeat the blobs!


please play and rate my game >>>>>

no one played it yet :(

Oof! I've seen this entry a lot of times and thought it'd be popular enough, cause it seems you worked hard on the game page and trailer, and the game itself looks really polished from the video and screenshots.
I'll play it later today and leave a comment. Try writing something on the discord server too.


Hey there! I made a game where you have to shoot a rocket from your moon to another moon. All the levels are. randomly generated :)


I hope you check out the game and give us some feedback! Much appreciated!Here's the trailer/guide of the level editor of our game  Core Assault.

I hope you check out the game and give us some feedback! Much appreciated!

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This is a little late - but we managed to make teasers showcasing some mechanics in our game!