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Thank you.  Your advice is aligning with what most people have been saying to me (minus the aforementioned minority, and even then one of them backtracked today and basically said what you said), and since everyone's heads are clearer than mine right now I am grateful for the wisdom.  :-)

Would visual novels count as games?  If so, I would like to nominate Clash: Robot Detective - Complete Edition as an entry:

It is a sci-fi/mystery VN that has been well-received by those who have played it.  It tells the story of a robot detective trying to solve a mystery on a high-tech cruise ship.  The player takes on the role of the human assistant he hires to help him out.  The player can control the flow of the story through their decisions, which can affect who the culprit is and how aggressive Clash's tactics are.  It utilizes a visual style inspired by collages and comic books, which helps it stand out visually from many other VNs.  There is a bonus story that takes place after the main game involving robot murder, some behind-the-scenes trivia wherein Clash breaks the fourth wall, and multiple achievements to unlock.

Thank you for giving everyone (including me) the opportunity to join this bundle.  Have a great day!

Just to warn anyone interested in downloading this project: the Too Early Demo is, as the name implies, a very early look.  I did not get as far with the project as I thought it would due to my day job, so I decided to go ahead and release what I had as an early access sort of thing.  There's no music or sound, some of the UI and backgrounds need editing, and the game ends abruptly.  Still, it was fun to make and it will be fun to look back on this much later when the game is finished to see how far it has come.  I hope to get the true, full demo for this game finished in either April or May.

Also, this is the game I worked on for #intrenaimo if anyone is interested:

No, there's only two paths and they both end similarly.  I was going through a rough time when I wrote it.  Also I ran out of jam time.

Fair enough.  And that's why I didn't delete them outright, I didn't want them to be permanently gone.  They could possibly come back one day.  I don't know what the future holds.

Its really for the best, in the long run.  A lot of those games weren't very good anyway.  xD

Hey just went back and played it, ran like a dream!  ^^  This was very lovely, there was a great sense of mystery and curiosity with some dread mixed in.  Not only did you get the fear of deep water in there nicely but you got the fear of cave diving mixed in too, as well as a sense of wonder at whatever the heck in in the deep ocean.  I'd love to see this stretched out into a full game, its a very interesting world you've got going here!

Kept crashing on me whenever I would look around.  :-(

Reminds me a lot of Nauticrawl.  I like it, its neat!

Could use a little bit more time on the puzzle.  :-(

Well-organized TTRPG, will have to dive really deep into this one when I have the chance.  Pun possibly intended.

Nice action game, could use a bit more polish

Love the light management mechanic

Ah see, I forgot all of that.  xD

I definitely will come back to it soon, I very much want to play it.  ^^  We need more mermaid games in the world!!

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Maybe the most polished game in the jam, it struggled to run smoothly on my computer though and I don't know why

As much as I wanted to play this as it reminds me of a really old mermaid game called Water that I loved, the game chugged along on my laptop at 10fps and I'm not sure why.  :-(

Neat visuals, tank controls were a little tricky but neat to see in 2D

Lovely art, but the text is way too slow.

Pretty nice sailor's tale of guilt.  Probably fished way more than was intended.

I love fishing horror, it combines the calmness of the sport with the eerieness of not knowing what's out there.

Nice atmosphere

It's been so long since I was following FNAF releases, he would just release it and say "lol" right?  I'm trying my very best NOT to do that for once.  xD

Oh no!  Get well soon!

Thanks!  I do feel much better, and I'm cleared to go back to work tomorrow.  So i think I'll live.  xD

You have no idea how wonderful it was to read this!  I'm so glad Clash has made such an impact on you, and thank you so much for your kind words!  

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The Complete Edition is the same between versions.  Now, the Steam version may get trading cards (and associated goodies like badges, backgrounds, etc) down the line.  But the main content of the game is the same.

Well done timeloop tale with nice art and intriguing story

I got with a big nerdy spider, its a dream come true.

Nice to look at, but hard to read.

That was a cute little Halloween tale!  The art and writing was very cute and goofy.  I like the slice-of-life approach to the story, too.

Very solid beginning, lots of fun critter characters (you directly attacked me by including an axolotl and a blobfish in the same game xD), great writing style, and just a fun Fall-time feeling all throughout.  Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Fantastic presentation and great haunting storyline, its exactly the sort of gothic faerie tale romance I loved as a teen (and still do, honestly).  I really do hope you go back to this concept and flesh it out with choices and maybe even different endings because you have created something beautiful and I would love to see more!

I have looked into Kickstarter and its way too much for me.  I also wouldn't be able to provide any backer prizes or anything.  :-(  The cat game is gone, yes, but at least the journaling game is still here!  :-)  Mostly I want to focus on the two Clash projects, that's where my heart really is.  Also I am genuinely exhausted.  Thats not a bad thing necessarily as I do love my day job and degree, but yeah it is very time and energy intensive.  I've been churning out games for two years, I think I've earned a longer break.  xD  Thanks for your kind comment!

Thanks!  I've gotten pretty emotionally invested in this robot, too.  Hence why I keep making games with him in them.  xD

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The original edition of Clash: Robot Detective can still be downloaded, its on the page for that game under the Download Demo section.  If you haven't downloaded that one already, I'd highly recommend it!

There's also Kalzrak & Clash, which was kind of a teaser I wrote for Clash: Robot Detective when that one was still in development.  But Kalzrak & Clash is not very good.  And no longer canon.  But still, its something.

*EDIT* Oh I almost forgot, if we are bringing non-canon games into the mix, the two Legends of Tzonac games have Clash in them and are free for the rest of this weekend (after which they'll be priced).  They have, like, several characters' worth of lore behind them which might make them a little confusing to follow, but Clash is in them and that's the important part.

Aww, thanks for your kind words!  (I read both this comment and the one you left on the Refined Coffee jam page but I'm too lazy this morning to respond to both so this reply is towards both.  xD)

Very cute memory game!  Of course, I'm terrible at memory games, so some of it was a challenge to me, but still...