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Thanks for you feedback ! For sure we'll balance and polish the game more :D Glad you liked the cube. The beam is the third item you receive (after the bombs and mines).

Hi. I know you already tested it but if somebody else is interested our game is here: Lunar Defender is a platformer/tower defense experiment. It's Godot coded in C#

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Just watched the stream. Thanks for the review and for your feedback. Actually watching how someone plays your game helps A LOT! We'll sure use your comments for improving the gameplay. I'm glad you liked the game.

Thanks for the feedback ! We surely will work on simplifying the controls.

Glad you liked it :D Yes, sadly we didn't have much time for balancing. As you suggested, the idea for the mines is to have a cool down after you use 5 (without energy cost). And the same for the laser beam.

Ok I see. What browser/OS do you have? Just tried your game and it works pretty well in Firefox/Win10, cool game btw :D

Cool game ! The art is on point and it has nice music too !

Glad you liked it ! What kind of gamepad do you have?

Interesting and polished game. Is there an issue with the browser version? Tried in Firefox and didn't work. Good job anyways !

Yes ! That was the idea. Glad you like it !

Interesting idea to make the player the attacker. The control mechanism is simple to get, and there's room for strategy ! I like it.

Very cool turn of events :D

Wow, that was random ! Funny AF

Cool game! Literally Shoot the moon :D

You can try ours:

Blop, over here:

Feedback is always welcome:

Cool ! Here's our game:

Feedback is always appreciated:

Our game is here:

It's always good to have some feedback:

Over here !

Our game here ! 

A bit of gameplay of our entry:

Oh, maybe it was not very explicit (or just didn't work) but [Enter] or [Space bar] should do the same as clicking the button. Also if you use a controller the "jump" button does the same. Thanks for the comment !

Adding full support for the joystick is on the plan. Maybe even interpolation for the D-pad direction change. Thanks for the feedback !

Thanks for the feedback ! We'll for sure work in the balance of the abilities. Glad you like it !

Hey, nice game ! You put a lot of work to it. Enjoyed the art style.

It was a bit confusing at first but managed to get it :P

It was a bit confusing at first but managed to get it :P

I took those poor cows to meet their maker with my driving skills.  Flying 3 and then 2 worked for me.

I liked the graphics and style! Hitting the enemies was challenging. Very cool result you got with Threejs and Blender.

Nice game. The controls are easy to get and it can be ported to mobile with ease. I can confirm it also works in Firefox.

Check your game's publication, it's still giving 404

Yeah, we tried to get the animations as smooth as possible !

Thanks for the feedback ! Glad you like it.

Cool game, a bit difficult a the beginning. We also named our game "Lunar Defender" xD !

Se aprecia el feedback

Si te queda tiempo !