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Post your Godot games here, and we'll rate them and give feedback **only Godot** :-)

A topic by GamersRec created Dec 09, 2020 Views: 176 Replies: 12
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Hello all,

We really enjoyed creating our game using Godot game engine. We'd like to see all the games that were created using Godot in this game jam. We'll review every Godot game placed here, and give honest feedback. It would also be nice if you would review our game and give your feedback.

Here's the link to our game:


RED ROVER is a top-down shooter made in Godot!  It's only the second time I ever made anything with the engine, and one of my most complicated projects as well (I'm usually a visual novelist).


Hi. I know you already tested it but if somebody else is interested our game is here: Lunar Defender is a platformer/tower defense experiment. It's Godot coded in C#



here is our game :)

The amount of Godot games is still very low :(


From the Core is a metroidvania with no upgrades, but it still has the metroidvania progression. I did it all by myself with Godot, and it has Linux and OSX builds. I'm gonna play yours as soon as I'm able!


Submitted here is mine.MoonMan Made in Godot

Fan from Godot


Great idea. Really cool to see other games made using Godot. I'll be sure to play and rate every game here.

Here is our Godot project, Moondrop:

This was my first time doing a full project using the engine. Absolutely love it!

Submitted Have fun!

Submitted here is mine first game:)  and although it is even more concept then game it was possible to make  only because of Godot simplicity)


It was our first game built in Godot and a first project for some of the contributors.

We even dynamically generate the overworld map every run! I’d love to get some feedback/comments from you on it.



Hey, I'd love any feedback on my game. Thanks!


Good to see others also used Godot! Here's my game:

It's my first game and it's fairly basic but any feedback at all is welcome!