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thanks! nice work

Cool! Nice to meet you and thanks :)!

By all means! I made this using bitsy. It's pretty nice, has its own logic. 

intriguing and well executed, congrats!

Thanks for your feedback which  coincides with the previous one. I understand that the text layer(s) can become irritating after a while. I'll see what solutions I can come up with for the next versions of the game! I will use a different engine, lots of changes will be added to this first sketch. Actually, I would like to make this game into a framework of its own, inviting players to build dreams and define ways for the player to interact within them. That's  above my current skills though, so it might take a while!

Thank you for your feedback. Point taken! But maybe there is a bug I haven't noticed. When testing the game, I can move away just after the message prompt pops up ; the voice will tell you the message anyway, so I assume it's really up to the player to read it or hear it. 

Yes, I often work as a film soundtrack composer and recently turned to games. This is the first really consistent outcome.

smart and deep (to say the least)

coolest dad ever, i met the hash after 10 seconds unlike this .... amazing youtube walk through