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Very cool!

Interesting feedback, I'll keep the special conditions in mind (highlighting shoot, first appearance of ennemies). The relation to the theme is quite simple: if you get to the end of the level, you literally shoot the moon! lol

Thanks for setting this up! Here is the link to my contribution to this awesome jam:

Original soundtrack, takes a few minutes to play through once you get the hang of it. Anyone who manages going META gets a special mention on the game's page!

By theme I mean mixing magic and firearms, not moon duh :D

I love the theme! Could you upload a mac version too pls?

Loved it! Theme wise it's really cool to see a game which takes up a more feminist approach ;)

On my crappy machine the game crashed pretty rapidly... Sad for me. Congrats!

I liked it a lot, way to go for a first game! Physics, neat art, simple and efficient.  Also, compared to many/most space shooters, the non-violence of pushing asteroids around is quite cute.  I have to admit I got a bit stuck and it felt kind of cruel being without fuel on the floor in front of the pyramid!

This is awesome! I love the sheer simplicity of it, it seems to be absolutely fail proof.  Utmost simplicity with a fun logical maze-puzzle feel to it, I say perfect.

I get a black screen :/

(purple background to be specific…)

I managed manipulating the moon after a while and even shot it around quite brutally! Fun warp.

Thanks for playing! It's meant to be as confusing as surfing the web, you know, with all the nasty ads ;)

Great piece of art! Thrilling artwork and funny concepts, quite hellish at times. Overjoyed to see other comments too, keep going !!

wow! visions of mathematical psychedelia are getting printed under my eyelids already.  looking fwd

Great work… when's the next iteration coming?

excellent stuff! kind of a shame to leave it at that, i'd be glad to see more!

thanks! nice work

Cool! Nice to meet you and thanks :)!

By all means! I made this using bitsy. It's pretty nice, has its own logic. 

intriguing and well executed, congrats!

Thanks for your feedback which  coincides with the previous one. I understand that the text layer(s) can become irritating after a while. I'll see what solutions I can come up with for the next versions of the game! I will use a different engine, lots of changes will be added to this first sketch. Actually, I would like to make this game into a framework of its own, inviting players to build dreams and define ways for the player to interact within them. That's  above my current skills though, so it might take a while!

Thank you for your feedback. Point taken! But maybe there is a bug I haven't noticed. When testing the game, I can move away just after the message prompt pops up ; the voice will tell you the message anyway, so I assume it's really up to the player to read it or hear it. 

Yes, I often work as a film soundtrack composer and recently turned to games. This is the first really consistent outcome.

smart and deep (to say the least)

coolest dad ever, i met the hash after 10 seconds unlike this .... amazing youtube walk through