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Wow. Wasn't expecting this. Awesome art! mysterious story. Cool music. After blasting so many aliens this jam, this was a chill alternative.

Great job!

Nice!  It's been years since I played metroid, but this started to bring back memories. Great art, cool mechanics.

Great job!

I made a quick surreal little game, if you'd like to try... fun on a phone too.

I made a quick surreal little game, if you'd like to try... good on a phone too.

Cute. Simple and fun. Is there moon somewhere in here?

Love the retro feel. Didn't get too far, but it indeed reminded me of Zelda.  I liked the change between overhead/sideways views. (Did zelda have that? I can no longer remember!)

Good job

Awesome graphics. Nice puzzles. Really solid all around.

Great job!

Cool. I felt like a kid again playing legend of zelda.  I liked the occult story. Cool music, some Black Metal could fit in nicely! Split screen was a nice touch.

Great job!

I know it's amazing how fast the month went by, I'm kicking myself for goofing off the first week. 

Awesome. I felt like a kid again playing Atari 1943. Cool backgrounds, liked the bosses.

Great job. 

5 out of 5. Great art. Great music. Great job!

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Love the sound ! Great little puzzles. One day you should re-skin it like Indiana Jones: use mirrors to illuminate chambers through a pyramid.  :)

Great Job!

Cool. It's atmospheric, which, could be enhanced with some music. You might also add a few random details scattered around (apart from the equipment). +1 for linux. It worked well on my machine. Keep developing it, it will only get better. 

Great job! 

Cool. Nice turn based strategy game. Once I started playing it sucked me in. 

I like the simple graphics. But you could improve the gray message boxes to be a little more attractive. Keep at it, I'm sure you could add lots more strategy variations.

Great job! 

Playing on my phone

Obviously, I'm no Jack Nicklaus.  :O  

This is fun. The controls are very easy to use. The gravity makes it interesting. I wish I could see more of the scene at one time. If you develop it further, maybe you could provide a scroll option to see more of the "lay of the land."  I totally get the 8-bit aesthetic, I'm not saying you should change it, but if you grabbed a few photos from NASA, you could also have a more realistic style too. 

Great job. 

NO don't lock the rotation! I agree with Rusty Bailey, it makes the game so much better.  Good music. Simple fun. Great job.

ha! I love the blood and oil splatter. Didn't have a mouse, but it works well with a trackpad too. +1 Linux version. Great job.

amazing. really great homage to Méliès.

Great concept. I couldn't help but think about the old arcade game "Paperboy" but in space! 

I really liked building my ship. Great job.

Cool game. I was able to complete all levels but 4.  I assumed I could slingshot from the small planet to the large one, but couldn't quite get it. Good job. Fun. 

Cool Game! Like the colors and the design. I "only" died 148 times in 2km! With a little practice, I should get better.