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Haha, thank you for playing our game I am so happy you liked it. S.A.D stands for Space Assault Defenders which again is different but strengths is in difference right?  :D Thank you 1 million for the feedback and for playing our game.

Hey there, thank you so much for playing our game. We have intentions of continuing to update it and maybe in the future do a bit more of a difficulty level setup. I appreciate all the feedback though many thanks.

Nice puzzle game good job had a lot of fun playing it though I didn't manage to get the key :D 

Great idea had a lot of fun with the game though gotta say when I jump on a platform it throws me up again so I am not sure if all platforms are meant to do that? But anyhow it's a great little game and it's nice to see what you achieved in 7 days.

Hey there good idea, although again I dont see how it matches with the theme it was a nice fun little game. I had problems with the controls though my character wouldn't turn. Anyhow it looked impressive to do in 7 days so good job.

Had fun nice idea!

Great game idea had a lot of fun with it makes you think. I liked that it was not overly easy but not too difficult either.

Good idea. Really enjoyed the music and graphics were not to bad either didn't get to far though but it looked really nice good job.

Not sure how it came with the theme "strengths lie in difference" but maybe I didn't get far enough into the game to understand it. The graphics were nice. The controls were a bit difficult for me but that may just me. 

Thank you so much for playing our little game. WE had a lot of fun making it as a team, and we put a lot of work into it, so I am very glad that you liked it. We intend to add more to it for sure and maybe make it on more platforms in the future.  Thank you again for the awesome comments and I intend to check out your game as well at some point today I will be playing more games.

5/5 had great fun with this one. The camera was a bit off for me but probably just me.  I enjoyed the gameplay and the enemies didn't finish it but had a lot of fun with it. Tons of details added on. Maybe animations a bit tight at times not as fluid but then again it is just a week so you achieved amazing things. Great job!

Had a lot of fun playing the game and wished I could have made it further in but that being said was a lot of fun and very well done. Best of luck.



First of all, thank you so much for playing our game. I agree in future builds will make sure to make the game a bit more fluid in terms of introducing more animations with movement up and down left-right. I am really glad you enjoyed the concept. We spend a lot of time on the making of this and it was a great team effort. Thank you once more. 

Hi there,

Please leave any feedback here I would really appreciate it :D

Many thanks,

Creator of Shores of the Styx.

Hey everyone!

For anyone who is interested in keeping up more with my development of the Shores of the Styx I try and create little devlogs so feel free to check out my YT channel. In this one, I started to play around with animations. Hope you like it !

Good game really enjoyed the background changes hope you continue your work with the development of this game!

Thank you very much for playing our little game! We appreciate all the feedback, which will help us continue to develop our game!

If your referring to the FPS dropping in certain parts, we think we figured what the issue was. There were a lot of polygon colliders affecting the overall performance of the CPUs and some of the art as well was not baked properly but we should hopefully fix that in the next patch as its relatively easy fix. Thank you for playing our game.

Hey there fellow dev thank you for playing our little game! I do understand that the game was a bit easy but will work on it more in the future to make it more complicated :D 

Thank you for the comments on art and texture. Will look to improve on all aspects in the future.

Hey there! Thank you for playing our game! Yeah I have to agree with you our game was a bit easy. But will work on it and continue to update it. Its our first project as a group together and we only had a couple of months experience. We struggled with a lot of things due to our lack of experience not going to lie but as we grow as developers so shall our game. Thank you for the comments on art and music!

Many thanks for playing our game!

Hey there thank you so much for playing our little game! Thank you for the comments on the art and the music! The other controls were A. Our script was pretty basic and cut back on it a bit as I run into a lot of issues trying to find ways to control the buggy. Thank you for playing again! 

Hey everyone this is our game Moon Racer! The game is a simple racing on the moon. This is my first impression of it I hope you check out the game and give us some feedback! Much appreciated!

Hey everyone! If you need a little visualisation of our game here is my first impression of it :) check it out and give us some feedback much appreciated!