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Character-Swapping Platformer Fun!
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How have you used the theme "Strength Lies in Differences" in your game?
Our design was to hotswap the main character model between a female strong character, and a nimble male character with unique abilities. They have to combine their efforts and use their differences to achieve their goal.

Things to know:
The shoulder bash and dash are seperate abilities (each one tied to a different character), that interact with different obstacles (shoulderbash deals with boxes & dash will fly through the blue barriers).

Unfortunately we weren't able to implement the character swapping effects, so if you're getting stuck on an obstacle, trying "swapping out" the character and hitting that dash again!

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I wasn't able to complete the first level, to my shame haha, but I did find myself hitting retry so that's a good sign! :)

I like what you were going for and I would have liked to see how the different characters played out in the platforming aspect of things, so I may give it another go after a few other games.

In general though this was a nice submission with a cool soundtrack and really good for a week!


Thanks for playing! Would you believe we have 2 whole other tracks me never got in? :P
We'll get it fixed up though! :D


I've just given the 2.0 version a go, and it's a really good update. The tutorial was a helpful addition and I like how the second character added to the gameplay, making you switch between them to complete platforming puzzles.

There are a few issues with player experience though - the main thing that really held me back from completing it was that the 3 lives limit just made levels really frustrating to complete. Instead of feeling challenging, it just felt troublesome. I think it would really benefit the player to just have unlimited lives and to keep getting respawned to the last checkpoint until you complete the level.

A couple of things like getting impeded by walls mid-jump and just a lack of depth-perception to work out if you're on the right plane to land a jump could greatly improve gameplay too.

Nevertheless this was a great update and it was a pleasure to give it another go. :)


Thanks for your feedback!
Yep! Still lots to do, I think our focus needs to be on player experience now, adjusting the levels to fit the abilities a little better and adding some flexibility to things like wall collisions and lives would definitely help.

Thanks for playing it again :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Thansk for playin' o/


Good graphics  and nice level design - i enjoyed this quite a bit.


Thanks for playing!


Great idea had a lot of fun with the game though gotta say when I jump on a platform it throws me up again so I am not sure if all platforms are meant to do that? But anyhow it's a great little game and it's nice to see what you achieved in 7 days.


Thanks for playing! Yeah, we had to bodge some of the movement/jump code last minute, which is likely what was causing it :) Thank you for your kind words!


really cool concept. had a little bit of problem with the wooden boxes, couldn't get through sometimes. loved the music by the way


Thanks for playing! Yeah, really we needed somewhat of a tutorial for our wall/character swap mechanics! Alas! and yeah! Our music was great, we actually had two more tracks to add in for the other levels but couldn't fit it in. We're hoping to put them into a future more polished release though :)


It's a fun platformer game and I liked the mechanics, kind of weird collisions though. I loved that there is a menu and with a control scheme. Really nice job overall!


Thanks for playing! Yep! Collisions needed a little bit more TLC than they got - oh well! We'll have to fix it up for the next release :D


Really nice platformer with some potential. I wasnt sure what to with the crates or blue walls but I was able to easily cheese everything but jumping up walls which was fun. I think some textures didnt work on some of the platforms but overall really nice the levels well well designed.


Thanks for playing! Haha! yeah, we had all the movement and collision stuff all good to go, then we put the model in last minute and /everything/ broke, so I had to "patch" (read: utterly decimate) the movement code. The boxes and walls were dash-able but we weren't able to communicate it in time sadly. Still! Thanks for checking it out! I loved Calamity :)


Lots of potential in this one and I can see the work you put in. I am old enough to have played plenty of platformers now and so I am aware that I have become hard to please. I found the collision detection really upsetting, missing boxes that my shadow was on etc. Its the feedback of the visuals and the event not syncing that twisted my melon. I would normally just sack it off at that point. I had 5 game over screens before I stopped and did not get as far through as I would have liked but I am trying to play as many games as I can in a short time. I liked lots of the visual choices made and their was lots that I liked. Menus and colour pallet are of particularly good taste. Well done


Thank you for playing and for your honest feedback! There was lots more we wanted to do to tweak the experience but I think we overreached a little :)


OH I know that feeling. If you have a look at mine you will see I am king of overreach. 70% massive success, 30% total fail. Oh what I could have done with an extra day and a fresh brain.


It was fun to play someone elses platformer. Well done.


Thaks for playing!


Great game and great graphics...hope u get that spotlight!


Thanks for checking it out :)



I'm just going to highlight a few problems in the current build that might help your playthroughs!

1. If you can't dash through certain obstacles you suspect you should be able to dash through, switch character by pressing TAB, and try your dash again (this is for the blue force field & the crates).

2. Although you can pickup crates to throw on the third level, they serve no purpose in the current build but feel free to carry them around!

3. The level completion audio trigger is bugged, which causes all audio to mute, you can reboot and choose the next level to keep the great music made by our Audio Designer :)