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Hey there, thank you for showing interest in the game.

We just checked the rar file and all is working as intended and there are no password protected files nor were there at any point. I suggest checking the browser settings or the application you are using to open rar files. I suggest using 7zip - that usually works for most people.

Thank you for your feedback and yes making this was quite fun :)

Good graphics  and nice level design - i enjoyed this quite a bit.

Interesting concept with the 2D and 3D combination.

The camera can be a bit troublesome at some points but i'm sure it's something that you guys will work on.

Overall i like the visuals very much.

Great art design and audio as well and a pretty neat way of using the theme.

Very impressive from a mechanic standpoint and pleasant color usage.

Good job mate.

I really liked the graphics and the way the robots can help each other in order to progress.

Good approach to the theme.

I really like the way you used the magnet concept and it's satisfying when you complete a level.

Very cool concept and the way the terrain changes is very well done.

Difficult but very satisfying when you succeed - good job.

Well done - skill based and using different mechanics in interesting ways.

Neat concept - glad you could save some of the work :) 

I'm not very good at math but i can say this was rather enjoyable.

The different heroes and the way they were colored added a nice touch.

Good concept and i really liked the music - cheers.

Great retro visuals and sound - as a fan of Doom and Wolfenstein i approve this game :D 

Unfortunatelly the game seems to be bugged on my end at least - still i gotta say great visuals and a very familiar sound when you try to shoot and you have no ammo ;)

Awesome music and character design.

Didn't really see the use of the stone character but it's an interesting idea nontheles. 

Interesting concept - i wish you luck in finishing the project at some point in the future :) 

Great dragon models and good visuals. Very appealing. 

Great dragon models and good visuals. Very appealing. 

Theme usage was a bit confusing but a pleasant game with very interesting puzzle mechanics.

Well done on the audio side and good character design.

Good use of the theme but lack of tutorial really hinders the experience but i see that it was a technical issue so not necessarily an oversight. Well done either way.

A rather unique approach to the theme and i appreciate the focus on being playable for people with impediments.

Not sure how it fits the theme but the visuals are really nice.

Good concept and rather unique visuals.

Colorful and simplistic - very cool.

Not sure about the theme here but i like that there are multiple animations and big scope of the city - technically very impressive especially since it runs in a browser.

Love the art style and very neat ideea in using the theme. 

I really like the use of the platypus as metaphor for the theme - nicely done :)

"Freedom" seems like an interesting theme and a lot of interpretation could be drawn from it  

Hey - Thank you for the comment :)
Unfortunately  we did not manage to get the half of the voiced lines in the game and thus the objective is a bit confusing as the goal is mainly communicated via audio to the player. We will be finishing the game by adding the complete audio and mechanics to the game shortly.

The clippings are stock photos of old newspapers from the 40s/50s that we edited so that they fit our theme for the game. There is an easter egg in them that kind of indicates who the game was inspired by ;).

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Hey - Thank you for the feedback - unfortunately the light bugged out and the visual isn't what was aimed at though i plan on fixing that and the half of the sounds and mechanics weren't implemented fully since we reached the time limit in order to submit the project. We do plan on fully implementing them fully and hopefully get to the vision we aimed at initially.