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The bittersweet tale of Calor and Frigus.
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How have you used the theme "Strength Lies in Differences" in your game?
Our main character is comprised of two elements which are opposite in nature; fire and ice, and they are used in equal measure in-game, supporting the strengths in their differences.

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Not sure what I can say that hasn't already been said - stunning production quality all round, it's so clear all the time and energy that went into this and I'm glad I finally got round to giving it a try.

My only criticism is I didn't have to actually fight much to complete the game. Definitely the best lighting effects I've seen in the jam overall, it's so atmospheric. :)


Only thing I see missing is item drops! I didn't feel like I wanted to kill the monsters due to no rewards. Amazing game




I love how your cover art reminds me of Hollow Knight! =)


Interesting concept with the 2D and 3D combination.

The camera can be a bit troublesome at some points but i'm sure it's something that you guys will work on.

Overall i like the visuals very much.


Great jam, presentation is excellent across the board and really helped create an atmospheric world to explore.

Regarding the gameplay, I struggled to find a reason to switch between fire and ice often. After the first encounter with the stretch of water where you need to freeze it I was hoping for more puzzle elements like that to solve but it was mainly fighting. Don't get me wrong, the combat was great! After I died a couple of times I did find myself running past all the enemies to the end of the level because there wasn't really a need to fight them though. Perhaps if there were a couple of gauntlets where you have to defeat all the enemies in a room to progress then this could test the players ability to fight and switch. Also I think the ice only worked on the big knights? I could be wrong.

One part I really liked was when I had to jump over some planks but I couldn't see them clearly in the darkness. I shot some magic across the room and it lit up the other planks for me to be able to get to the other side which was very satisfying so that kind of gameplay could be a great fit in this if you plan to work on it in future.

Overall a fantastic entry to the jam, loved the look, the sound, the feel and the story. Great job all of you!

(1 edit) (+1)

So impressive guys well done, probably the best game jam game I've played to date, including tomatomare - the big winner from the last GJL :P

Some random criticisms and thought:

The camera gets a bit too close sometimes, making it hard to enjoy/see combat.

The big hammer dude is so much fun when you're trying to kill him with a sword and dodge his attacks, but tough cuz the sword does so little, you've setup this dude so perfectly for a melee/dodge combat - but then you've made melee so tough and given infinite(essentially) resource to your ice which takes him down from a distance without challenge and no need to worry about his attack at all. This makes me a bit sad!

Would've loved a bit more oomph in the ice and fire spells.

Think that collectible mana for ice + fire would suit the game a lot better than recharging the alternate selected - this is just too easy. And if I don't have any ice mana then maybe I'm forced to do some badass sword melee dodging on the hammer guys ;)

Loved the voice acting in-game - created a great mood

loved the music

loved the 2d/3d mix, though I think the 3d spacing (away+toward camera) should've been less.

Loved the balance between combat, exploration and 'parkouring'

Eventually got stuck/lost and gave up without finishing, but enjoyed my experience a lot regardless

I never found a need to use defend

The dodge/dash feels great and works great!

Enemys in general are not threatening enough, although the impact of taking enemy hits is great!

Thanks for the experience :]


Loved the game, Would love to see a final boss in the furute and in the options menu a mixer, wanted more music :heart:


This game is without a doubt one of the most amazing game jam game I've ever played. The way you mix the high quality 2d and 3d assets, the soul-lite combat, the two mana bars and excellent execution of the theme. Wow. You deserve to win, is all that I can say.


Wow tank you so much! It took a lot of hard work from every single member of the team. Really appreciate the kind words


What a fantastic game overall put together in a short time even for a team. Very well polished visually, good level design, and great audio.

My only issue was that I couldn't open this sweet chest ;).


really glad you enjoyed it! If we had one more day we could have possibly made openable cheasts:D


Please do a mac build, it looks a-m-azing!


Incredible amount of work put in in just 7 days. Really impressive. Only real critique is that its hard to line things up on the Z axis like when you have to shoot fire at a barrel on a rope


5/5 had great fun with this one. The camera was a bit off for me but probably just me.  I enjoyed the gameplay and the enemies didn't finish it but had a lot of fun with it. Tons of details added on. Maybe animations a bit tight at times not as fluid but then again it is just a week so you achieved amazing things. Great job!


Amazing. Good work.


Plus Ultra!!!!


So good! Gorgeous to the eyes and ears. I managed to blip into the jail and couldn't get out :D


That is hilarious! Internally we did this a few times to make funny screenshots with aswell. Jumping on the beds and over the bars can free you 😅


Beautiful art work and music. Nice introduction to the story and good atmosphere.


Overall great job guys! Its really astounding to me that you could make something so amazing in a game jam! 


The game looks stunning! But somehow I have some difficulties burning the mushrooms hahaha.


Really good game! I might have fallen out of the map though xD

how it happened was I managed to accidently fall into water, and then froze it, this booted me below it and outside the map

but that aside was a great game and the art work and voice over was amazing! ♥

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