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Submitted by MelodicPace (@MelodicPace) — 4 minutes, 25 seconds before the deadline
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How have you used the theme "Strength Lies in Differences" in your game?
Monsters have "Adaptive armour" that will block your attacks if they are of the same type.
There are 3 types of attacks, slash, blunt, and magic.
To defeat monsters successfully, you must combine these different types of attacks to break down the armour of enemies then deal the finishing blows.

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It's a really great idea and beautifully polished - the audio and visuals are so nice and in-keeping with the style of the game, which is impressive for a week! I couldn't work out how to switch between magic, blunt and slashing damage though - was that a missing feature?

Overall though, super for just a 2 man team!


Thanks for trying out the game!

Unfortunately, I did fail to put in a tutorial to explain that well. In the game's current state: 

  • Light blue damage is slash damage which only the swordsman is able to inflict. 
  • Purple damage is magic damage which the only the mage inflicts. 
  • Yellow damage is blunt damage which only the paladin, who is inaccessible due to a bug, inflicts. 

If you inflict the same damage type consecutively on an enemy with armour, it will be blocked (does 1 damage). This way you need to mix up damage types on the same enemy to do full damage.

The more I write this explanation, the more I realize that a quick tutorial and/or better feedback would have been very beneficial.

Thank you once again for the kind words, and for reading that wall of text if you have. I tried to design the story and general atmosphere around the artist's characters and monsters art to achieve maximum synergy.


WOW. Making an RPG is one of the tougher genres to tackle in a short time span. Good job!


Thank you for trying out the game, and for the kind words! It was challenging but achievable to some extent :).


Solid entry. Nothing I haven't seen before, but everything done well. I really enjoyed the art style and the story building was spot on. Good job


Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the story elements.


I really like the atmosphere set up and combat system. Nice use of colour and theme.


Thanks for playing, glad you liked the setting!


Love the combat and the art! I really appreciate the dark mood that you establish. Somehow I got spooked when the first enemy jumped at me lol

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for playing! The battle system is inspired by the Suikoden series. 

I'm glad you liked the dark mood which is key to the story and the core experience. I was planning to add some SFX to make things even more dark and creepy. 


I really liked the visuals and audio of the game ^^ the shadowy location effect was really well done ♥


Thanks for trying out the game! Glad you liked the visuals as they were given great care indeed :)


Nice game and cool concept, audio and visual are really beautiful!!! Amazing Job! ;)


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!


Really nice music choices, and great art and atmosphere! Well done on implementing the combat system on time, too.

I think I hit an invisible wall after a few fights? Not sure if I missed something though.

Good work!


Thanks for playing! 

And yes, I have a collider somehow not set to "trigger", which is a blood stain on a wall I believe. Found out too late.

Thanks for the feedback though, combat system with its UI took a great chunk of time.


You're welcome!

Oh heck, that's unfortunate. :( Ah well, these things happen.

Yeah, it's really impressive that you managed to get such a combat system set up and working so well!


It is unfortunate because I spent a lot of time building 7 rooms with interactable items and some pickups to unlock the final door :( .

For combat, I've done classic turn based combat for the first time 2 weeks ago so the memory was fresh. 

This time however, I wanted to do command-based combat like the one in Suikoden series mixed with the armor break mechanic for the theme. RPGs are my favourite type of game so the motivation was there :). 

Thanks you however for the kind words.

Also, I see that you have had some misfortune with your game as well. Hope you have better luck next time.


Ah, I'm sorry to hear that! Yeah, I've had experiences before, where most of the content in a game jam submission unfortunately doesn't get seen, for one reason or another. You have my sympathies. Hopefully people will still get to see it later if you update it!

Oooh. Nice! Yeah, I love RPGs myself, too. :) I don't play them as much as I used to, but they've been my favourite genre. The armour-break mechanic does seem cool!

Yeah, we did have some unfortunate setbacks. Thank you for the kind words too, and best of luck next time as well! :)


Really cool game, loved the visual and the audio and the combat system was very nice :) Great job!


Thanks for trying out the game :)!