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Hello, twitter handle is @MelodicPace

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed this short experience :).

Simple mechanic but very well-executed and makes the game fun to play. The atmosphere created and music chosen also fit the mechanic well. Good job.

Fun game to play. I like the variety in weapons and ability to craft. Broken weapons nowadays give me LOZ:BOTW PTSD.

Very well-made environment and atmosphere. I really like all the models and lights. The player movement felt fluid so it was fun flying around. 

It was hard to keep up with all those pipes breaking all over but it did enforce an intense experience. One thing to note is that if I try repairing while moving, and then move just outside the repair "area", I get locked into the repair animation for a few seconds with no actual repairing progress happening.

Overall, it was a fun experience, and it definitely has potential for even more interesting features.

Thank you for playing! 

For music, I recorded some sinister chords and added a lot of reverb and echo to make it eerie. 

I was planning to make a big "boss" or two appear occasionally, but I just barely got the core of the game + some polish done in time. 

An online scoreboard does sound like a good idea and incentive for players to replay multiple times. Thanks for the feedback!

A fun game and interesting take on the theme. 

A few bugs for your concern. The spikes did not always kill, specifically when you had to guide 2 people. You could also squish the person through a platform where they would get stuck or push them through entirely and cheese some areas.

Otherwise, the mechanic is simple and well-executed, levels are interesting enough for one to continue playing, and the art style is nice.

Thanks for trying out the game! 

I agree that with the demons getting faster, the player should also get some kind of buffs / powerups.

I'm glad the atmosphere and chained explosions were enjoyable.

Interesting take on the theme. I like the upgrades and especially that the upgrade system is on the phone. Overall, it was fun to play through a couple of times.

Impressive gameplay for a short jam. I like that you kept the art style simple and accented with colors. 

The game is a bit too hard though, maybe your units should be a little bit stronger starting off, or maybe I was going about it the wrong way.

Nice multiplayer minigame, definitely a rarity in game jams. I like the simplistic art style too.

One thing though is that you can spam the buttons, so maybe hitting a wrong button should take you in the opposite direction.

Interesting take on the theme, was disappointed to get fired but the cats were worth it.

Nice game, I like the visuals and the dark atmosphere.

Thanks for trying out the game!

Unfortunately, I did fail to put in a tutorial to explain that well. In the game's current state: 

  • Light blue damage is slash damage which only the swordsman is able to inflict. 
  • Purple damage is magic damage which the only the mage inflicts. 
  • Yellow damage is blunt damage which only the paladin, who is inaccessible due to a bug, inflicts. 

If you inflict the same damage type consecutively on an enemy with armour, it will be blocked (does 1 damage). This way you need to mix up damage types on the same enemy to do full damage.

The more I write this explanation, the more I realize that a quick tutorial and/or better feedback would have been very beneficial.

Thank you once again for the kind words, and for reading that wall of text if you have. I tried to design the story and general atmosphere around the artist's characters and monsters art to achieve maximum synergy.

Thank you for trying out the game, and for the kind words! It was challenging but achievable to some extent :).

A pretty impressive endeavor for a game jam. There is great potential in this. I'm sure you have a bunch of ideas and features you want to add to it, and with some more feedback improvements and polish, it can become great.

This was certainly a tasty little adventure. I like the implementation of the theme and the simplistic and clean art style. 

Spamming QW the entire time got tiring though, maybe one button would suffice, or just have less spamming required as the platypus becomes more "efficient" at moving.

Overall, it was smart, short and sweet. Good job!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the story elements.

Very nice game and art style. I see much potential here with addition of cards, weirder enemies, and surprising card combinations.

What a fantastic game overall put together in a short time even for a team. Very well polished visually, good level design, and great audio.

My only issue was that I couldn't open this sweet chest ;).

Thanks for playing, glad you liked the setting!

Very nice visuals and transitions. The card mechanic was a nice addition. Moving and aiming was very quick and hard to control though.

Great job, this is very fun to play! 

I like the weird camera angles at times but the camera switching views was too abrupt for me.

The simple particles give flavour and I like that they stay around.

Interesting concept and puzzles. 

They became difficult too quickly though, I believe if you insert some slightly harder levels in between, the player would have more time to absorb and get used to the mechanic.

Overall, its very well-made and fun to tackle. Good job.

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Thank you for playing! The battle system is inspired by the Suikoden series. 

I'm glad you liked the dark mood which is key to the story and the core experience. I was planning to add some SFX to make things even more dark and creepy. 

Thanks for trying out the game! Glad you liked the visuals as they were given great care indeed :)

Very nice mechanics and gameplay. I like the SFX and dialogue as well. Great job.

It is unfortunate because I spent a lot of time building 7 rooms with interactable items and some pickups to unlock the final door :( .

For combat, I've done classic turn based combat for the first time 2 weeks ago so the memory was fresh. 

This time however, I wanted to do command-based combat like the one in Suikoden series mixed with the armor break mechanic for the theme. RPGs are my favourite type of game so the motivation was there :). 

Thanks you however for the kind words.

Also, I see that you have had some misfortune with your game as well. Hope you have better luck next time.

The idea and assets are fantastic! Its a shame we couldn't get to play it. Good luck on the next one.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! 

And yes, I have a collider somehow not set to "trigger", which is a blood stain on a wall I believe. Found out too late.

Thanks for the feedback though, combat system with its UI took a great chunk of time.

Thanks for trying out the game :)!

Very nice and colorful  puzzle game. The difficulty is well-paced and it has a decent amount of levels.

Creative application of the magnetic fields to the theme. The mechanic is easy to learn and the puzzles are fun to solve.

A very different but interesting approach from the other games here. Good job making it fun under such limitations.

Visuals are very appealing, but the world is somewhat empty. I believe there is potential in the switching mechanic and I would like to see where this goes in the future.

Nice way to implement the theme with companions. I flew off to the edge of the world and its flat :o

Nice game. Very fun to play and has simple but effective visuals and music.

It was also educational to participate in famous battles in history.

Interesting application for the theme. Nice visual and a relaxing theme playing in the background.

Nice mini game, the pets and upgrade system add a lot to the continuity and charm.