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No worries! I'm sometimes late too. I just now happened to check for replies.

I used to use Godot, but then I had a problem with it that prevented one of my projects from working or even loading anymore, and I couldn't find any way to fix it.

That was a while ago though. Besides that, I really liked it, and might try it again.

No worries, I appreciate curiosity! I'm a curious person too.

I created this in Construct 2.

I'm glad you had some enjoyment!

Yeah, I've found the police to be especially overwhelming right after you stop using your time ability. The physics definitely don't help once you get surrounded (except when you suddenly teleport!). I definitely need to make improvements. It becomes hard to make much progress once your car gets beaten up, too. Sorry about the lack of balance.

Thanks for playing and for leaving feedback! :)

This is all excellent feedback.

Thank you, Thoof, for reminding me of things I've noticed or thought about during testing but then forgotten to focus on fixing.

Your comment will be helpful in keeping me on track!

Congratulations on releasing your first game, YoBr0! That's fantastic! :D

Lovely wintry presentation and great choice of music. Tricky gameplay, so it's definitely helpful to have a quick respawn time upon failure!

I like the voicework! :D I haven't managed to get to the end yet. Are you considering doing any updates in the future?

This is fun, I love extra twists on old classics! Nice flashy presentation too! I finally managed to win after quite a few tries. :)

Is there a way to back out of the "How to play" screen? I couldn't figure it out!

Oh wow, thank you very much! That's really good to hear! :D I actually made some changes and additions a while ago that I didn't get around to uploading yet because I was still making adjustments to them, oops!

(1 edit)

Yes, you're absolutely right; sadly I didn't manage to get the combat working quite how I had hoped in time, and also managed to introduce that rather unfortunate audio bug at the last minute.

I've made a bunch of changes and fixes now though. Thank you very much for the feedback!

Thank you very much! Haha, originally my idea was to voice act all the dialogue myself, but it took so long to get the other stuff working right that I ended up just leaving it as text for now.

I definitely need to tighten up the combat though. Unfortunately I just ran out of time! The combat as it stands is pretty much just a happy accident that I threw together very quickly. I absolutely intended to change it before the deadline, but then sadly a bunch of other stuff took longer than intended.

I'm glad to hear you liked the audio quality though! It's always satisfying to get just the right audio.

Thank you very much! I appreciate the feedback, and I definitely agree about the combat; I had intentions to tighten it up as well as displaying in-game controls, but unfortunately the bugfixing took longer than intended. I'll see what I can get done though.

This was cute!

I loved the art, the music and the weasel's walking animation!

Adorable. :) Lovely end screen too!

Well this was interesting! At first I wasn't sure if I was making progress for the first few screens, until I found the first obstacle.

What a lot of different physics objects there are!

It's an interesting mechanic, using your broom to navigate the obstacles. :) At one point I was swept up into the sky on another broomstick! It was quite exhilarating.

I was intrigued to keep going and see what I would find next. I eventually got stuck at the wall with the few rocks(?) in front of it though! I tried swatting my way over, to no avail.

I'm really curious how much longer the hall was!

Oh dear. That's not good! Did you get anything at all, like a loading screen or splash screen?

Thank you very much! :) That's great to hear!

Yeah, haha, the collisions are indeed very wonky. It bothered me that I couldn't figure them out in time. I had some other things to get done so that the game didn't seem terribly unfinished, and unfortunately I didn't manage to get the physics quite sorted out! That's definitely a top priority; I think it's probably the most obvious issue. I have like six reminders to myself on this game's to-do list regarding the game's physics collisions, haha. I'll see what I can do. :)

Thank you, I'm really glad to hear you liked it!

I absolutely agree with you about the collisions. That was probably my most frustrating thing that I didn't manage to fix in time; the collisions definitely need improvement! I'll try to get them working properly. Thank you. :)

Thank you very much! I completely agree with you; I've been getting a lot of lag during testing. I wasn't sure if it was just my weak laptop or my web browser. I'll see if I can improve it.

Thank you again!

"Fascinating"--that's high praise indeed! Thank you!

Sorry about your car! Yes, it's definitely a possibility that it was breaking down. Crashing into things does indeed reduce the car's performance! Then again, it's possible it have been some lag, too.

As the end of the game jam development time drew near, I was like, "Oh wait, I should probably try to reward good driving". I considered adding a damage meter, but I already had two bars already on the screen, and didn't want to overcomplicate things. So instead of making the car take damage and then eventually explode, I made the player car become a little slower the more damage it takes. However, since I was running out of time to finetune how much damage it should be allowed to take, and since every player is different, I decided to make it so that it never completely runs out of speed; it just loses part of what speed it has remaining.

Right now, the tiny smoke particles are the only indication of how much damage you've taken (unless you're into viewing hidden debug info), but once there are a lot of them, it's hard to really notice enough change in their quantity for it to mean anything useful. I could definitely think about adding some other kind of damage indicator!

Thank you very much, that's fantastic feedback to hear! :)

I love what you said about the feeling of danger and ability to evade it. That's what I was hoping would come across! I just hoped I could pull it off. I'll continue trying to finetune things; I definitely didn't get everything quite the way I wanted it.

Thanks again!

Oh, whoops, sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know! It should be fixed now. :)

Oh wow, this is cool, I like it, I like it a lot! Very creative! I love how much feedback you manage to give the player with so few elements onscreen, even though there's only one button for interaction. Satisfying. I really like all the sound effects and animations too. Very well used.

Congratulations on your first ever game jam entry! :D This was my second!

No worries, once I figured out how to avoid it, everything was fine, and I had a fun challenge! :D Do you think you'll be expanding the game at all, after the jam? Oh, and don't worry about late replies! I have busy days too. :) Any reply is appreciated!

Ah, thank you very much for trying out Solar Panic! I'm glad it's giving a good first impression, haha. :D I changed up the screenshots a bit and added some gifs, just to try to give a better impression of gameplay and such.

But yeah, it's a shame when an uncaught glitch sneaks into the game (or you don't have time to fix it because there were other, more pressing glitches to fix, which players never notice--because they actually got fixed in time!) and is frozen in time there for two weeks while everybody looks at your game and scrutinises it. ಠ_ಠ "Hmm, yes, you didn't fix this. Bad programmer! Bad! You should learn to program better!" ...Well, in reality, everyone's usually more polite about it, but it's always a fear that uncaught glitches will show up and give a bad impression. :D (My game certainly has a few...)

That's wonderful to hear! Thank you for giving it a try and providing feedback!

Oh! That's interesting. Thank you for letting me know. I just gave it a playtest to try and figure out what's going on.

I'm wondering if maybe it's because when the sun is nearly defeated in Extreme mode, it gains the ability to move, and once it's travelling rather quickly, the camera ends up having to zoom out really far to keep it onscreen, and then when you teleport towards the sun to catch up, the fact that the stars in the backdrop barely scroll at all (combined with the zoomed-out camera) makes it difficult to tell exactly how far you've teleported (really far!)--thus leaving your mini planets way far behind you, making it seems like they're either teleporting backwards or disappearing! Phew, I hope that made sense.

Unless it's a mistake in my programming that causes the planets to lose momentum when you teleport (I couldn't find one so far), or unless you're teleporting in front of your planets and getting in their way... but I got the feeling you weren't saying that, so I'm thinking the camera zoom thing is a more likely cause.

If all of that sounds completely wrong, maybe I missed something, and I'll need to keep investigating! Thanks very much for the feedback! :)

Oh dear, sorry about that! I know there's certainly an issue with shots gathering on the sun's surface instead of registering as a hit, and it's also certainly very possible to end up with a bunch of shots orbiting the sun.

Originally, I had the shots gradually melt down in size while they sat on the surface of the sun, slowly causing a small amount of damage to the sun while melting. However, then I decided the game experience would be less messy if the shots just immediately got destroyed on contacting the sun, and caused immediate damage. Unfortunately, I never managed to get my physics and collision detection to work properly with this idea before I ran out of time! In the meantime, I think firing the shots from farther away from the sun causes them to land with a higher velocity, and increases the chance of registering a hit instead of just landing harmlessly.

As for the flock of little planets orbiting the sun... yeah, that can happen. Depending on how big the sun is, the best strategy may change, especially if the sun is tiny, and even moreso towards the end of Extreme (when the music starts). Firing shots from farther away (from the sun) in general might be helpful, so they have more time to gain speed before hitting the sun. Oh, and I'm not sure if this will be of any help, but the farther away (from Earth) you click your mouse, the faster the speed your shots are launched at! I'll add that to the description. Thanks for reminding me about this!

Ideally I would certainly have gone back and playtested both modes a LOT more thoroughly. I was trying to fix a bunch of newly-uncovered game-breaking bugs at the last minute, so unfortunately I ended up neglecting some (still pretty important) stuff.

I'm still really glad to hear that you wanted to like it! That's great feedback to hear. I'll certainly try to smooth things out, and update the description to be a little more helpful in the meantime. Thank you for giving it a go!

This is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.

Fantastic! Powerful and easy to use.

Is there currently any way to essentially "comment out"/disable an event or action, such as for troubleshooting a game? If not, this is something I'd find incredibly useful!

Many thanks!

This is amazing! Thank you Terry!

I would adore undo functionality and/or a one-click save feature (or Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+S would be amazing too).

When I click to save, it asks me to navigate from my desktop folder each time. For now, I've added a shortcut from my desktop folder to my Bosca Ceoil music folder, to make saving faster. I like to save my work often!

Thanks again!

Ahaha it really makes me anxious how the pause sound is so similar to the failure sound. I have to ask, was that intentional, to discourage pause-spamming? :D If not, then I suppose that's a nice unintended result! Also, thank you for adding a pause option for those who need it!

Wow, so slick and well-presented! Very nice neon aesthetic with brightly-coloured planets, and great choice of music and sound effects too. They complement the animations and particle effects extremely well, and they all work together to make for a satisfying experience. It's fun to watch multiple ballz bouncing around and demolishing the planets. Great job!

Nice, this is tricky! I can imagine it making for some good speedrunning levels, using the flight physics to do some slick spacedrifting to guide your ship through all the satellites. :)

Huh, while typing this, I realised that the music reminds me of the Steven Universe credits music. Interesting!

Nice! Very pretty graphics, slick and smooth animations, and I love the music! It's addicting, trying to progress to see the next planet. :)

Nice, I love the vocal sound effects and the chill, laid-back music. :) Very dreamy and pleasant to listen to, and not at all distracting!

I think there may be a glitch where I clicked on the same planet twice in succession and got stuck there--I couldn't seem to invade any other planets and had to start over. Everything worked fine when I made sure not to click a planet twice though!

Lmfao I'm not sure what I just played but it was certainly an experience. I have no idea if I was doing anything useful but I enjoyed seeing my llamas get a snow cannon, and the music makes the experience even more hilarious. This is art!

I have played and now understand your comment completely. LOL

I read your comment before I started playing and now I am even more intrigued to play.

Wow, very creative, stylish, and great choice of music! I'm impressed that you had time to make this during the jam! I'd be interested to see where an upgraded version of this goes. :D

Hahaha, nice, well done! I love the ending screen! :D Pluto showed those other planets!

I actually did that to try to save the planet and its people, in case that led to any hidden endings!

I noticed that too! :D I was wondering if anyone else caught it. xD

I love this. Hilarious and intriguing, and a fantastic opportunity for some creative voice acting! Games rarely make me grin as much as this one did.

Oooh. It's like Intergalactic Paperboy!

I love the art style, very slick. Colorful, vibrant, clear and cute. And the in-game damage indications are great. I love the animated level intro and outro text and the crazy creative asteroids that appear throughout the game. Oh, and the way the character just casually balances the planets in a stack while flying is hilarious!

The planet color-matching mechanic is great and is certainly a clever way to increase the pressure while flying. :) And I also love that aiming planets is forgiving with accuracy. Oh, and that the planets even return to you if you do manage to miss! I thought difficulty was very nicely balanced, levels were forgivingly short, and if you're struggling, you can learn the level patterns if you persist.

I love the detailed instructions you provide, and being given the option of multiple controls for rocket movement. I also appreciated having the context-sensitive reminders of controls displayed in-game, such as quitting to the menu, and especially when it's time to finally switch planets for the first time! The rocket was a little tricky to control, but in a way that was easy to understand, which is what made the game fun--you had to learn to plan ahead and anticipate its turning speed. Great!

Nice use of audio panning, and I enjoyed the range of sound effects. They all felt very fitting. I also adore how the music changes and progresses and ramps up in intensity as the player gets further. That's something I love in games. Great work.

Oooh, made with Godot! Nice, I've used Godot a bit in the past. And Bosca Ceoil is something I learned of through this game jam and am definitely gonna try out!

Overall, I found it fun and challenging, and satisfyingly tricky. Very nice! Oh, and it's great to see multiple versions offered. :)