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Amazing. I love it

Ahaha, fair enough! I recently took part in a game jam where the theme was "Deeper and Deeper", and a lot of the entries were underwater diving games with fish as enemies, so I think maybe my brain just automatically assumed I was playing another entry from that game jam. :)

Yes, your music was very good. Piano is generally my favourite instrument, and it certainly sounded like you knew what you were doing with it!

You're very welcome, I'm glad you appreciated my feedback! :)

Ahh, thank you for the reply, I hadn't thought about their starting positions!

You've got some nice gameplay mechanics here! Reminded me of Heave Ho, and GIRP (by Bennett Foddy), and such.

I really like the robot's changing expressions upon being hurt. Very cute and amusing! I also really appreciate that you chose not to go with instant-death. Thank you!

I also really like the robot's name "Scandunt"! I'm not sure how you came up with that, or if it has any meaning, but I very much approve.

I didn't question for a moment why the enemies were flying fish. Seemed just normal to me!

Really nice work on the piano music too. You've got some really touching elements with the chords, the gradual speeding-up/slowing-down of the music, and the notes-up-and-down-the-scale stuff that I forget the terminology for.

Very well-made, well done!

I really love the idea of joining different bricks together through platforming mechanics, with each colour brick having its own unique ability, and then walking around as one cohesive unit. Very innovative.

I also like how the game doesn't punish you for missing one brick here or there, and I like how the bricks essentially count as your health.

Cute graphics and music. Short and sweet, and simple to understand how to play. Very nice idea! I can definitely see potential for this being expanded further.

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Really cool! You've got some very nice puzzle mechanics here, and you've done a really good job of gradually increasing the difficulty and complexity of the levels' designs.

I also really appreciated that all the controls were displayed in-game, in their relevant contexts. I noticed checkpoints were included early on too, which is a good idea for reducing possible frustration.

Great choice of music (even if it was pre-made). Charming choice of retro graphics, too.

I eventually got stuck on a level where I couldn't reach the red door at the top left, which seemed too high for me to jump to. I tried a few things, such as holding the jump key for longer, trying to climb the white chains as either white or a different colour, trying to wall-jump, testing whether the drops could jump higher when combined together as white, and seeing if I could split mid-air and then jump while still in mid-air, but I'm not sure what I needed to do.

Really nice work!

Nice! I always enjoy games that challenge me by having me pay attention to/controlling two gameplay elements at once. Separate, but interlinked.

The 3D world has some really cool stylistic choices going on, nicely done.

The audio on the title screen was only coming out of the right side of my headphones, but the in-game audio seemed to work fine.

Good work!

Ah, thank you so much! :) We actually had one of its working titles as "Agario in Space", haha, just until coming up with a different name.

It wasn't meant be TOO similar to agario, but I'm really glad you saw it as a positive!

Thank you very much for the kind feedback!

Yeah, sometimes during testing the initial setup resulted in near-instant death. I did add some code to try to prevent this, but it needed further optimising, and fell down the priority list while I got other things fixed.

You're right, sometimes there aren't enough greens to eat, either! That definitely could use further balancing.

Many thanks for checking out my game! :) Yes, I'll go and check out your submission too!

Amazing. I love it. No matter what the gameplay consists of, you know how to make it entertaining!

Thank you very much! Glad to hear you liked what made it into our submission! :)

Thank you so much for the kind words! :) Yeah, I didn't want everyone's hard work creating the art and music for this jam to go unseen, so I'm glad I managed to put this together in time. I'm glad you liked the artwork!

Thank you very much! :) Yeah, we'll see what happens!

Thank you so much. :) Yeah, we had some really talented musicians! Not sure what the future holds yet, but we'll see.

Thank you, yeah it's a shame we didn't manage to finish in time. Maybe we'll get it done someday, and thank you for the follow!

Thank you!! Yeah, I didn't want the assets to go to waste. :) Thank you again, and good luck on your next one too!

Ah, I'm sorry to hear that! Yeah, I've had experiences before, where most of the content in a game jam submission unfortunately doesn't get seen, for one reason or another. You have my sympathies. Hopefully people will still get to see it later if you update it!

Oooh. Nice! Yeah, I love RPGs myself, too. :) I don't play them as much as I used to, but they've been my favourite genre. The armour-break mechanic does seem cool!

Yeah, we did have some unfortunate setbacks. Thank you for the kind words too, and best of luck next time as well! :)

Thank you very much!!

You're very welcome! :)

You're welcome!

Oh heck, that's unfortunate. :( Ah well, these things happen.

Yeah, it's really impressive that you managed to get such a combat system set up and working so well!

Very nicely done! Tranquil atmosphere with fitting graphics and music. Solid puzzle mechanics, and smooth steady progression of puzzle complexity to teach you how to play. Well done!

This is surprisingly fun and challenging to play. Every attempt was a learning experience, trying to come up with the next step in a strategy to win.

The graphics are cute! Intense music too. Does a really good job of setting the atmosphere.

This is my favourite so far, well done!

Really nice music choices, and great art and atmosphere! Well done on implementing the combat system on time, too.

I think I hit an invisible wall after a few fights? Not sure if I missed something though.

Good work!

Thank you, yeah, me too! It was a shame it didn't come to fruition in time.

Thank you so much! :) I agree, we had some really great artists and composers. I didn't want the art or the soundtrack to go unseen and uncredited for this jam, so I put this together during the last couple of hours. Glad you liked it, thanks for checking it out!

This is cool! Really clever use of the theme, and I love the combining of 'Nemo' and 'anemone'. :) Beautiful music and great visuals too. It's fun to see how the anemone develops as you progress.

I love that you can actually knock the other hamster off the road. Very satisfying.

I also love the random failure texts.

Very nice!

I really appreciated the clear instructions provided in-game, and it's a really interesting concept with the anger management, the factors that affect it, and I like the balancing in the form of increased task frequency based on your score.

Also, interesting 3D pixel aesthetic!

As Smudge said, I was standing around waiting for tasks quite a bit, so I was looking forward to the task frequency being increased. Nice ideas though! I like the potential of juggling lots of different, varied tasks--lots of potential for further tasks to be added. It's like an office full of mini-games!

Nice work!

Thank you, glad you liked it! :D I'd never tried doing music like this before, so that was a fun new challenge. (same for doing 3D models)

Fun game! :D It's great that the car decelerates so quickly, to give the player enough control to avoid unnecessary frustration from hitting pedestrians who just manage to run in front of the car. (I was wanting to beep at them to clear them out of the way--perhaps that could be a feature!)

I love the sound effects and the colours.

As Ducky has said, it's a shame about the lamppost collision, but these things happen, and once the player knows, they can make sure to give them a wider berth.

I did get a bit of slowdown towards the end, when I had 120 pedestrians--I'm not sure how polygon-heavy they are, but with them being small and fairly uniformly green, perhaps they might be able to be a bit lower-poly.

As Ben said, the drifting is really fun, and it'd be great to be able to go at high speed and do some intense drifting, and having some kind of points system like Maria said would certainly ease frustration when hitting a pedestrian, so the fun isn't immediately over. I love the slowdown effect when that does happen, however!

Well done! :D

Oooh, nice! I love the fish quotes! Good use of minimalism regarding the aesthetic, the controls, the gameplay and the sound. Nice idea for the way the walking/fishing sound effects work, too.

Also, what a coincidence, my last game jam was also a quirky game about fishing, but from the perspective of the fish!

Thank you so much for the feedback! It's really uplifting to hear you enjoyed the bizarreness of it. :D I'm really glad you appreciate the fitting wackiness of the controls!

As for the camera and display area, yeah, unfortunately I didn't manage to get everything scaling properly to different screen sizes in time for the end of the game jam. I'll try to get that fixed.

As far as I can tell, it works best right now if just played embedded in a browser window, but then the scaling gets messed up once you play it in fullscreen. I definitely need to do further testing. Thank you for letting me know how it went for you on a 4k monitor; that's helpful to know!

Oooh. Slow and sloppy, I like that! That sounds like how I made the controls in mine intentionally a bit clunky to represent a fish navigating on land, haha. (Though I may de-clunk them a bit depending on the feedback I get, not sure yet)

You're welcome, and thank you for explaining how it works! Well done!

You're very welcome! :) Ahaha okay, well it was a fun experience nonetheless!

No worries, and thanks for replying!

Oooh, that's a really cool idea about the mascot telling you to go against the level's instructions, I like that!! Yeah it's a shame when the time runs out and there's something that you really wanted to implement. :( I totally understand, It's happened to me a lot!

Thank you so much!

I wanted the controls to feel like a bit of a struggle, but I also didn't want to make it too frustrating or intimidating, in case it turned players away. I would definitely like to try to explain the controls more clearly, maybe simplify them so they're easier to get used to, and possibly have an option to just make the fish more capable of getting around.

I'm so glad you liked the game, and the sounds too; I always enjoy trying to find sound effects that work well!

Thank you so much!! :) It's really wonderful to hear such lovely feedback! I hope someday to be as good at pixel art as BittyBeastie, who did the art. I have passed along your kind words.

I was very impressed with your entry too--I'm looking forward to seeing your future games as well. Thank you for the follow!

Oh no, please don't apologise! I've done a few game jams, and I've NEVER finished one without bugs in my game! 😂 It wouldn't be the same without them! 

Oh my bad, I can't believe I didn't try clicking to attack, oops! Thank you for letting me know!!

This is amazing tbh. So many things done right, and they all make the game come together as a cohesive whole. I love the controls, the mechanics, the animation, and the atmosphere too. Solo, and in just three days?!

Keep doing whatever it is you're doing!

Ooh, this reminds me of a level from Catlateral Damage. Not sure if you've played that.

Took me a while to find the trolley, and I just about managed to put something in it in time, but then the trolley kind of freaked out. Oops!

Is the scoring system working, or was I maybe not doing things right? :) Maybe I was putting things in the wrong place, or collecting the wrong stuff.

I like the announcements, nicely done. Funny, and they help keep the player interested.

I can definitely see how this ties in with the theme--seizing the day while everything is 100% off. Good job. Cute avocado, too!

I love mini games, so I was looking forward to trying this. :)

Very nice and concise instructions on the controls screen, telling you what you need to know.

I was a bit unsure on the card level about whether I was actually successfully matching the pairs or not. Had to try a bunch of times until I was managing to do it right!

I think the second balloon level might possibly have a mistake in it--I passed it by not following the instructions!

I love the bright, colourful art style, and the idea of never knowing what you're going to get next, so you're always on your toes. Fun idea, good work!