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This is really impressive! I imagine the navigation and combat and AI must have taken some time to program and get working properly. The combat reminds me somewhat of Worms.

I love the intro, and the humorous writing in it. Looking forward to seeing more of that! I was intrigued, and curious to see more exposition and follow-up conversations. :)

Very nice entry, well done!

Oh dear! Still? It seems like Chip may have taken on a life of their own. :)

Thank you very much! :) Hahaha. I'm really glad to have made such an impression on you!

Hahaha. I guess there's no way to know for sure!

Ah, I'm glad you commented about the letter 'E'! :') I'm so pleased that didn't come across as just a mistake.

Yeah, I agree with you; normally I would like to make sure it's very clear when the story is wrapped up, but this time, I decided to very intentionally make it unclear, just for extra effect in this game. As you say, I do like doing things that are a little bit weird.

Thank you very much! I will keep making games forever, and ever... or at least until I get hungry and need to go eat. (but seriously though, I love making games) And, you too! Your entry was extremely impressive, and I feel like it must have been a huge amount of work to program all the parts of your puzzle mechanics to work properly without bugs. Well done!

No worries at all! :) Yeah, you could do that if you think it's a good idea!

Oops! Yeah, I didn't want to make the "end" too clear, because I wanted to leave some room for surprises. Anyway, thank you very much again for the kind feedback! :)

Absolutely! Actually, you reminded me that I forgot to comment on the fog, too. It gave me Silent Hill vibes! The hazy fog is a great way to add extra atmosphere and mystery about what might be hiding in the distance, and the in-game encounter early on shows the player early on that something doesn't need to be nearby for it to be a cause for concern. Anyway, yes, I definitely would love to play with lighting more in future!

Oooh. Interesting! Yeah, I didn't notice it worked like that when I played!

Ahh yeah, texturing is another thing that I thought I -should- learn sometime, but I didn't even think about textures at all, when I was playing your game. :) So clearly they're not always necessary! And yeah, having versatile assets that are suitable for many projects are a good idea, thanks!

Thank you very much! :) Yeah, I love the idea of making a 3D world for my own games. I've dabbled a bit, but hopefully I'll start more consistently putting 3D projects out there. Thank you for the encouragement!

Thank you! :D I did suspect there was more to this level than I had discovered, when I first completed it.

Ah... I think I see what I might need to do. Wow, if so, you weren't kidding about it being challenging! I've been trying, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do that, even though I really wish I could. :')

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Whoa, I actually went in blind, and as a result, this was a lot deeper than I had expected. You really nailed the feel of overwhelming depression (and how, once it hits, it's extremely heckin' hard to do anything)--not only with the writing, but with the movement mechanics, pickups, visuals, and music, which all contribute massively to representing this feeling.

I've never seen depression portrayed via these kinds of game mechanics before. Very well done.

Reading your game's description shines even more light onto how much thought went into this, such as how you describe how the game manages to represent the feeling of the ground falling out from under you when one wrong thing catches you off-guard.

I am so sorry for your loss, and you have a real talent for conveying very real and very difficult feelings through this medium.

Wishing you all the best.

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Well, just since you asked, I quite like my own entry! I tried to add a bit of spooky 4th-wall-breaking, without going too far. :') If you feel like trying it, mine is here:

But I've seen so many good entries. Here are a few entries I've seen so far that really impressed me (though I still have many more to play):

Very impressive, cohesive and challenging puzzle experience (somewhat reminiscent of Baba Is You):

Impressed by addictive puzzle mechanics (little bit like match-3, but slightly more complex):

Very impressed with the overall implementation of stats, loot, and combat (somewhat similar to Vampire Survivors):

Loved the attention to detail and unsettling atmosphere:

Hahaha. I hope I didn't unnerve you too much! :) I did consider pushing things further, but since this game jam is open to a huge amount of people, I didn't want to risk unsettling anybody too much. I hoped I'd struck the right balance to creep people out a little, without genuinely worrying them! I did make a few last-minute changes to try to make the narrative a little more clear towards the end, while still hopefully adding just enough spookiness without causing undue distress.

Awesome, I'm glad you learned something new! :) The "4th wall" is a term that gets thrown around, but I still remember being genuinely confused the first time I heard it!

Ahh, yeah, honestly I was worried my entry would be way too short since my initial idea was literally -just- the 4th-wall-breaking stuff, so I added in a couple of extra choices at the start of the game, to try to pad it out a bit. I think I maybe went overboard a tiny bit though!

But yeah, even in the later stages of the game, I went back and forth on tricky decisions of how to try to ensure the player saw the 4th-wall-breaking stuff, without either missing it completely, or having it forced on them too soon, and losing some of its impact. I tried to aim to make that stuff happen at the right moment, and hopefully catch the player off-guard when they were kind of thinking they had seen everything there is to see, and perhaps mentally wrapping up their experience and getting ready to leave.

Anyway, rambling about my thought process aside, I'm really glad you enjoyed my entry, and thank you so much for the feedback! :) I'm really glad you loved all the aspects I used to try and bring it all together!

Thank you so much! :) I'm really glad you liked my interpretation of the jam's theme. I didn't give it as much thought as I usually do, and kind of rushed into this jam a little bit--but I hoped it would fit well enough, and that people would play far enough to notice the relevance to the theme.

Thank you for playing, and for the feedback!

You're very welcome, I'm glad you found my comment heartwarming!

Oh, yes, the atmosphere was incredible--it was a great reminder that you don't need a ton of polygons in order to be scary.

Ahh, so the flickering lights were just optimisation--that's great! It seemed like the lights were turning on just as I looked towards them (I only noticed it twice), almost as if the game was secretly coordinating activity in the town even when I wasn't looking, which made it feel more alive and inhabited--but it was also even more unnerving that the flickering would never happen when I went looking for it intentionally, which now makes sense since it was done for optimisation. So yeah, I definitely think it makes for a great unintended feature! :)

Yeah, your models being made and used effectively was great to see! I've honestly been avoiding 3D modelling for years since it was a bit daunting to me, and I always felt like it'd be hard to make something "good enough" for it to be worthwhile--but this was a good reminder that I shouldn't worry about that too much, because there are so many other factors that can determine a game's quality, no matter the polygon count. Maybe one of my future game jam games will finally have 3D models that I actually made myself!

I'm really happy your first game jam entry was one that you're proud of! :) Keep up the excellent work, and I hope to see more!

Ahh, so I was only missing one ending! I was trying out so many things on level 12, trying to get as many hearts as possible, clearing out specific paths of ghosts, and interacting in various ways with the little confined rooms, just in case there was another hidden ending. :') I shall give it another try, and see if I can find it!

You're very welcome! I truly enjoyed my playthrough. A very polished entry.

You're very welcome! :) Ahh, yeah, I absolutely understand not having time to implement all your ideas in a jam. I'm honestly shocked at everything you achieved!

Oooh, yeah, it did seem very useful to have my weapons become gigantic. It'd be kind of a shame to see them shrunk!

Thank you! Yeah, I think you're right. :)

Thank you very much! :)

I used a scripting language called AutoHotKey, which is absolutely not normally meant for making games, but I just wanted to use it this time specifically for the fourth-wall-breaking stuff it would allow. :) It might have been possible with other languages/engines too for all I know, but I wasn't experienced enough at doing anything like that with other languages or game engines to know for sure, which is why I decided to use this one, and hoped it would work out!

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Wow, this was really fun to beat!

It took me a few tries to realise I could actually get drops from enemies, but it was all uphill from then. It also took me a long time to realise there was actually a time limit!

I'm really impressed that you managed to put this all together and get it working within the jam limit. Well done.

I definitely see the Vampire Survivors inspiration, but I really appreciated that you gave the player agency in deciding when it was time to progress to more challenging lands, rather than having progressively more difficult waves forced upon you whether you're ready or not.

The different regions were really cool, each with their own enemies and music, even though I spent most of my successful playthrough scared to venture far into many of them!

Also, this might just be me, but the music for an area far to the right (desert or beach I think?) kept making me jump whenever it started, haha. Something about the trumpet-y instruments made my brain think it was a vibration or a phone buzzing or something, I think. It was pretty funny, and added a bit of an extra adrenaline rush whenever I accidentally ventured there and the music startled me. Fun times!

After a while, I felt like it might've been helpful to perhaps see the total sum of stat points on each weapon, just to help quick comparisons (but then again, maybe not all different stats are equal). It'd also be fun just to keep playing, and see how crazy one's weapon collection can get. :)

The fact that you not only implemented waves of different types of enemies, regions, drops, a stat system but also a fully functioning boss battle is just incredible.

Overall, this is extremely impressive. I really enjoyed collecting equipment, comparing stats, upgrading, and seeing my collection of weapons wreak havoc. Well done!

P.S. I love your planned idea of having the main character's son carry on the quest. I had a lot of fun playing Rogue Legacy! (I never did quite manage to beat it, but I came close)

This was absolutely fantastic! I love Baba Is You, and I definitely saw the resemblance. I'm very impressed that you managed to come up with your own original puzzle mechanics that still managed to clearly show where their inspiration came from, and I'm especially impressed that you managed to make so many puzzle levels within the jam time. Puzzle levels are time-consuming to make and test!

I managed to get 2 endings. I'm not sure if the others are implemented, but I spent quite a while trying to find some! I think I might have spent longer on this jam game than any other, or nearly.

I had fun and was challenged, everything worked smoothly, you have great puzzle mechanics, and I don't think I encountered any glitches. Very well done!

Very spooky! I loved the combination of horror with a 3D pixel retro aesthetic. Nice to see a survival horror FPS as a game jam entry!

The shadows were creepy and well animated. I was very impressed with the size and variety and detail in the environment. A lot of work clearly went into that, and also setting the mood with the audio, the lighting, and the writing.

I loved that I accidentally ended up walking up a few trees. It seems like you've got the gameplay area carefully bounded off with tall invisible walls though, so good job with that! :)

I unfortunately made the mistake of not seeing the known issues before playing, and walked through a black door. It's a shame there wasn't a restart point at the stairs!

Very nice entry, super atmospheric. Well done! :)

Nice! This is the first pinball game jam entry I've ever seen.

It was fun, and and a very good pinball experience. I appreciate having an objective to work towards, rather than just a high score (but that's nice to have too)!

The music was great, and fit the theme well, adding to the enjoyment.

I think I, too, had some issues with the ball clipping through flippers at times. It would have been nice to be able to restart from the second table to help with that, but I appreciate that you were trying to stick to the theme.

Very nice entry, well done!

Thank you so much!! I'm really pleased to here that part actually got experienced by someone. :') I tried to get the balance right for that part between what would be acceptable, and what would be too much, as well as timing. I'd love to have worked on that part more, but I got short on time.

Thank you again for the extremely kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

(Oops, I accidentally posted this comment to the non-jam page for your game. I guess I should post it here too so it's in the right place, hope you don't mind!)

Wow, that was extremely impressive! The first unexpected happening caught me completely by surprise, and you did an absolutely fantastic job at creating the atmosphere. I adored the environmental lighting  (especially when I think some lights seemed to flick on while I was exploring), the ambient audio, and the unsettling ambient musical notes that I think started playing while I was working on a task.

Despite the model geometry being simple (which is of course a good idea), I loved the amount of detail you managed to put into the environment--especially the little touches at the beginning like the tables and chairs, the cash registers, and even the shiny monitor screens. Extremely impressive attention to detail.

I won't spoil any twists here, but I like how the player's speed changed--another nice little touch.

First game jam entry?! Wow. But surely not first game? Also, I really like the juxtaposition of horror + pizza delivery. Very nice! :)

Wow, that was extremely impressive! The first unexpected happening caught me completely by surprise, and you did an absolutely fantastic job at creating the atmosphere. I adored the environmental lighting  (especially when I think some lights seemed to flick on while I was exploring), the ambient audio, and the unsettling ambient musical notes that I think started playing while I was working on a task.

Despite the model geometry being simple (which is of course a good idea), I loved the amount of detail you managed to put into the environment--especially the little touches at the beginning like the tables and chairs, the cash registers, and even the shiny monitor screens. Extremely impressive attention to detail.

I won't spoil any twists here, but I like how the player's speed changed--another nice little touch.

First game jam entry?! Wow. But surely not first game?

Also, I really like the juxtaposition of horror + pizza delivery. Very nice! :)

Fantastic! Extra motivation is always good.

Ahh, thank you! Yeah, take your time. :D Thank you for the follow! I shall check out Failed Delivery now.

You're very welcome! :D

Oooh. That does sound like quite an awesome environment to be doing a game jam in, and it seems to have carried through to create an epic atmosphere with your soundtrack (and death sound) and colour palette!

Haha that's true, no worries, glad you weren't really that sad! :) Just wanted to make sure. Yeah, well done on your entry--it definitely subverted my expectations the first time I fell into the pit.

Also, your game reminded me that I should get back to watching Squid Game sometime.

You're welcome, and me too! :)

You're welcome, and thank you! :) Yeah, WebGL builds are a lot more convenient for players, so next time I do a project in Unity, I'll see if I can figure out making one.

No worries, and thank you. Oh, don't get me wrong, I was looking at the screen again in time for it to happen. It did spook me. I was already spooked from the atmosphere and had to be careful not to get too freaked out, since it was late at night. I didn't mean to make you sad, you did a great job at creating an unsettling atmosphere!

Wow, thank you so much for the high praise! I'm so glad you loved the fourth-wall-breaking stuff! I've been hoping somebody would comment on it, since I very much love doing that kind of stuff. :') Really appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback about the flickering text too! I'm sorry about that—it's actually an unfortunate graphical glitch as a side effect of the way I made the game and its text display, rather than something I intentionally programmed in. I actually implemented several workarounds to try to reduce the severity of the flickering! I unfortunately didn't manage to eliminate it entirely, but yes, I absolutely wouldn't want to force flickering upon players if I could manage to avoid it.

Thanks so much for playing and leaving such kind feedback!

Oh, thank you so much for such high praise!! Oooh, I love Ace Attorney--I wasn't thinking of it while working on Chip, but that's very nice feedback to hear! I'm also really glad you liked those bits of dialogue at the end--those were actually the first part I made; they were initially just there for testing purposes to test the ABCD buttons, but I decided eventually that they might actually fit well at that part of the story. :')

Thank you so much! It's really wonderful to hear you found the sounds and music very fitting; I love trying to use audio to create an immersive atmosphere.

Ahh, thank you!! Feel free to try out any of my other stuff if/when you have time. No pressure though. My stuff isn't all super polished, and some of it is better than others. :') Thank you so much for the kind words! I actually do have a bigger visual novel with a "coming soon" page on Steam (the game is called "Anxious Suffering in the Forest"), but it's not released yet. Regardless, your feedback is very motivating and greatly appreciated--thank you.

Thank you so much! I'm sorry about the flickering text! Interestingly, it actually wasn't intentional at all—it just seems to be an unfortunate graphical glitch of the way I was using to display the text.

Originally, the flickering it was a lot worse—the whole screen was flickering beige (the colour that surrounds the screen). I had to try a bunch of workarounds just to stop the entire screen from flickering. So, in conclusion, the flickering text sadly wasn't intentional, and normally I would want to try to make something like that optional! So yeah, oops, sorry about the flickering.

I'm really glad you appreciated my choices of music and sound effects to set the tone! That means a lot to me, since that's one of my favourite things to do. Thanks so much for the feedback! :)

Wow, this was the most addictive game I've played in this game jam so far!

I was really impressed with how well-made this was, and by the depth of strategy involved. It took me quite a few tries before I had fully processed the instructions and knew what I was doing. Really impressed you managed to get this made within the jam duration.

I eventually got stuck on the level shaped a bit like an 'H', even though I really wanted to get further. :)

Great graphics and choice of music too! Well done!

Wow, this was incredibly stylish and well-polished. The graphics, menus, and overall presentation were really slick. Wonderfully fitting music too! Even the failure screen was classy.

I'm shocked you managed to make this in ten days. Very impressive, well done!

Stylish and snazzy. I love the colour scheme and presentation.

Nice controlling of the player. The game reminded me of Flappy Bird, only with significantly more class.

Vacuuming up the pickups is satisfying. I love that the level generation seems randomised.

Great choice of music too!

The writing in the intro was creative, deep and funny. The swirly level-entrance concentric circles effect was also great. The crushy house was amazing. The ending I got was hilarious.

My levity seems to get stuck at 0 sometimes? (but I think you're working on that) I did not manage to rescue the lady yet.

I am curious what would happen if one were to descend to the bottom.

Well done, nice entry!

I did it!

This was enjoyably spooky. I didn't expect to get these kinds of spooky twisty surprises from a game jam game. Nice! Extremely impressive for your first jam! I loved the writing too.

I actually looked away from the screen for a moment to try to find my screenshot key to be able to read all the text, so that certain moment in the game perhaps lost a bit of its impact on me... :D

Anyway, I'm proud to say I made it all away across the platforms.

Nice entry!