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Sounds great! (Sorry about my delayed response, just like we were talking about, haha)

Yeah, no pressure at all - The chicken looks amazing as is.

Looking forward to seeing anything you come up with!

No worries at all, my responses are often delayed too. :) You were still pretty quick though!

Hmm, I'm not sure what animations to suggest yet - but with this chicken being relatively large compared to some pixel art, I can't help but imagine it could potentially play a role as some sort of boss chicken. Maybe intense angry flaps (maybe while flying) causing a gust of wind, but I'm sure I could use the existing flapping animation for that. Maybe a quick 360 spin while standing, to hit the player with its tail.

I could add a couple of angry eyebrows for if/when the chicken gets mad, though I also like the idea of the chicken just being completely oblivious to causing difficulties for the player, so maybe the eyebrows should only appear after provoked/attacked by the player. Or maybe just during the angry aggressive flapping or something.

However, I don't want to sway your creative direction too much if you already had ideas in mind! Did you have any thoughts for more animations? I could tell you what I think sounds cool if you like, or just throw some more ideas off the top of my head.

Thanks for asking for my input!

Hey, finally! Some assets I can use for my game Tunnel Blind. Thank you very much!

Are you planning on expanding this pack by any chance? :) It's hard to find assets like this! So far I've mostly just been using a black screen as a placeholder, since making assets takes a lot of time.

I love this so much. I absolutely adore all of the personality that this chicken has.

You have a real talent for expressive animation, especially with the way you animate quick motions, like the turning, and the running legs! I really love the wobbly parts too.

Thank you so much for making this asset available!

That was fast. You're very welcome! Yes indeed, thank you again!

This is absolutely fantastic, thank you so much! :D

That's impressively good timing - how did you know I was looking for a free weapon pack to try out?!

Hey, incredible work! :D

Just letting you know quickly that the link "Admurin's Holiday Halloween Items" on this page seems to have the wrong URL!

Thank you for all the amazing art you do!

Awww. Yay, I succeeded at anthropomorphising the bugs by giving them each their own traits!! :D Oh no, I'm so sorry it got eaten! D: Hopefully I'll be able to make their world a bit more balanced and fair. :') Thank you very much for playing, I'm glad you liked it!!

You're so very welcome! :D Awww, that's lovely!! I hope the two of you keep making games together! Wishing you both the very best! :3

LOVE the big meaty satisfying sound effects. Excellent decision! The explosions are great too. Definite retro heli action game vibes.

Excellent screen shake as well. You're really good at adding visceral game feel.

Really impressed with your detailed credits! You made this solo?! Wow, I'm shocked you had the time to put that all together!

Great entry, well done.

Whoa, I love the dramatic cutscene after reaching the lantern. I loved the foreshadowing in the writing leading up to it, too!

Absolutely gorgeous aesthetic and music. It all works very well together. The character art as well as the dialogue are really cute and well made! It's easy to see this was taken very seriously.

The dual mechanic reminds me of ibb and obb. I also appreciated the cleverness of having a key to move both characters at once.

Really great entry, well done.

Wow, really nice work on getting such complicated puzzle platformer mechanics working smoothly within the time constraints. Great job. Love the graphics too!

Very nicely done! It's a bouncy bunny who collects carrots. What more could you want?

Nice implementation of the theme, too. Glad you got it all working on time.

I love the art! Well done!

Very nicely done actiony-puzzle platformer! It brought flashbacks of VVVVVV, combined with the old 8-bit games I used to play.

I adored the retro graphics and chiptune music. Very well done!

Wow, you actually made a Draggy Dog game! Not only that, but modelled and animated it! Even its "products". I am impressed and in awe. You even managed to fit the theme nicely.

LOL, story mentions Rick as the dog owner, and then disclaims that any resemblances to real people are entirely coincidental. Love it.

I feel like I'm playing Katamari Damacy, but even weirder, in a different way.

I like the Roombot's slightly wonky controls. Also... ...oh... I did not realise there was a turbo button!

Very nice entry, and hilarious too. Well done! :')

Vampire Survivors: Mental Health Awareness edition. I love it! Excellent storywriting, and excellent music too.

Tricky at first, but a great portrayal of the feeling of mental overwhelm. Once I got a few level-ups, it was satisfying to finally be able to fight back!

I was happy that power-ups continued after the level ended, but I see what you mean about power-up choices affecting boss battles! Great boss battle, by the way.

I've been wanting to make a Vampire Survivors-like too... thanks for the inspiration! :) Incredible entry!

LOL I love your intro logo and sound effect!

Interesting, I've never seen Conway's Game of Life done like this. Once I switched perspective, it very much reminded me of Minecraft.

Nice to see another simulation - that's what I ended up doing too, of sorts, though it was originally meant to be a game!

Well done! Really nice graphics, by the way! Lovely relaxing atmosphere.

I love the art! Great aesthetic and music too!

Wow, this is tricky. I keep dying very quickly. A very nice use of a dual mechanic though - bullet hell! I don't think I've seen that before.

Nice entry, well done!

I love the name of the game! Very clever. :')

Hello Unity-chan, how nice to see you here!

Ooooh. I love the changing perspective mechanic! Switching between two physically different versions of the same world.

The eyeball enemies are creepy. I love them!

I unfortunately got stuck at the painting. I'm probably just missing a simple interaction somewhere or something. Love what I saw so far though, well done, nice entry! I really like that you included voice acting too.

Oooh, the setup of the environment and camera at the beginning reminded me of NieR Automata.

It's nice to see a stealth game!

Unfortunately I fell through a wall and out of the environment, then got yelled at to get back to my room. :(

The stealth is made trickier by the guards instantly turning around, but I know that would have been extra programming to get working - and honestly, this is impressive for just three days.

I love the main character model!

I've never made a stealth game. Seems like fun.

Now we just need some sneaking music. :D

It sounds like your story is ambitious - I wish you the best of luck with continuing working with it!!

Congratulations on the first Game Dev jam entry! :) Hopefully the first of many!

Ah, I remember Snake! Well done, you made Snake, and got it working! A great fit for the theme.

I actually tried reversing into myself right away, just to check if I needed to be careful not to accidentally do that later (it's happened before). It didn't cause an issue, so it seemed fine. :)

Nice entry, well done!

LOL incredible sound effects. I love them a lot!

Nicely-written cryptic hints. Without them, I'd be completely lost. :D ...Though, admittedly, I was still quite lost. I made some progress, but will need to try some more.

It could be nice to be able to see the hint text by just mousing over the objects maybe, to progress a little faster.

By the way, who is it in the "nope!" picture? Is that you? It's quite majestic.

This is the first alchemy-crafty game I've seen in a game jam. Nicely done!

Wait what--what am I doing?? I was so lost for the first few moments LOL

I love the security camera idea! I've only seen this done in a couple of games before, and I think it's really cool.

I love the voice samples - for the first moment it made me thinking I was watching a Let's Play video!

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out what to do, or click, or press. D: I couldn't see anything responding to my interactions. Do you have any instructions on the controls for how to save Grandma?

Very intriguing and funny entry though, I love the creativity and the busy mall!

Oh wow, I love this! I love rhythm games a lot. Great choice of music, and you synced it up really well with the gameplay.

The mechanics were easy to learn, and satisfying to use. I felt like I was playing Vib Ribbon again, if you've ever heard of that! :)

Really enjoyable entry. Well done!

Gorgeous graphics and character animations! I loved the huge variety in the characters. Great to even see a wheelchair user. :)

Surprisingly tricky gameplay, but I got through it eventually. Nicely designed and executed mechanics!

Great job on tying the music up with the dimension-shifting.

Very nice entry, greatwork, especially for a solo project!

As others have said, you did a fantastic job finding the death sound effects. Well done. Lovely music too.

The game definitely reminded me of ibb & obb too. Very nicely executed. Impressed with the polish for a solo project!

I like the difference btween Dobble and Trobble (cute names btw)'s expressions - the mouths and eyebrows. :)

I'm always on the lookout for fun new two-player co-op games, so I was happy to see this entry! Well done!

I love spreadsheets, so I was very excited when I discovered this game! I love typing games too.

I found this game really encouraging me to get good at not making typos, lest I risk taking more damage.

Great music, and intro at the start. Also, very nice interpretation of the theme!

The carpal tunnel surgery kit was great - How ironic that you gotta type it out to use it.

I really liked the slight variations of the non-alphabetical characters in the typing challenges, and I adore the purple miniboss names!

I also really like that the game lets you trade off your current run time for the opportunity to go around and heal yourself up by fighting additional creatures.

Another design choice I really liked was that you can see what creatures await in adjacent cells, so you can decide which ones you want to fight.

Fantastic entry, I really enjoyed this. Well done!

I love the music you used! Very jaunty. Gorgeous UI, too! I love the in-game explanatory tooltips for everything.

You were the only person on this team? And in five days?!? Astonishing. I might need you to be MY teacher. :') Though it sounds like it's just a passionate hobby for you, but you could have fooled me!

I LOVE the character names, and their voice effects! Wait, did you do those yourself too?! Incredible. The art is also amazing.

Hahaha, I discovered this by accident, but if you pause the game, then click a character a bunch of times, then unpause, it will play their vocal reaction stacked multiple times together.

Honestly, I think this is going to rank really highly in multiple categories. Fantastic entry!

Loved the dreamy vibe right from the start - the floaty, dual-coloured title screen, and the accompanying music. Nice sepia and vignette effects and audio on the intro slideshow too!

Very nice mechanics. Clever and tricky, and a good use of the theme.

Love the dynamic music when you're getting low on health!

Really nice entry, well done! :)

I relate intensely to missed opportunities due to bugs!

Whooaa it's like I'm playing Fez: Canine Edition. Took me a moment to realise what was happening when I went around corners. I thought it was just a weird fancy transition of the world getting squished or something at first.

Love the immersive and realistic sound effects, and the art too! Excellent animation of the tail-wagging. The cat staying out of reach on the shelf was great, too. Very true to life, as was the thief killing my owner and making me homeless.

This game reminds me of the old joke: "My dog has no nose." "How does it smell?" "Terrible."

It took me about six weeks to figure out how to bark, but when I did, I was very happy. :')

I am a good boy.

Thank you! Cool comment! :D

Really loved the music and the aesthetic! Lovely character art too.

Whoa, impressive mechanics. @_@ Very good. Mind-boggling at first, seeing more and more things happening, but in a good way. I got to the end! I loved the way you built the puzzles from the various mechanics - including removing acceleration outside of the purple region.

This was really impressive, wow. I had fun. Great job!

Very cute physics puzzle platformer!!

I liked the amusing intro text. :) I love the death sound effect and eating sound effects. Also love the music - jaunty, whimsical, and intriguing.

Love the physics object spam when each new object keeps activating their spawn buttons. :')

I appreciate the alternate control schemes being provided, and the onscreen controls! However I found the onscreen controls could be a bit distracting when doing some of the later platform-jumping, while trying to see Chonker's shadow.

I also appreciate the inclusion of restart points! Player experience was definitely considered here - impressive, given the time constraints. The game seems very polished. I'm surprised you managed to get so many level mechanics working on time, especially with such a long level! I'm shocked to see that this was a solo project. Wow. I don't know how you did it.

I actually ended up getting stuck at a part with two square buttons and three round buttons - I put a crate on both square buttons, but the door didn't open. I'm not sure what I needed to do.

It could be nice to see a count of how many burgers remain - I was concerned I might miss some, and not be able to get them in the end.

Finally, very cute graphical style and 3D models. Chonker is adorbs. Great entry, well done!

Nice and creepy, I love the lighting effects. The music works very well to add to the atmosphere too.

Very nice artwork  as well!

I also love that you included the animated gif at the top of the game page. Great touch!

This is very impressive for a first ever game! Designing effective puzzles is hard. I'm impressed you had time to get all the level design done, and great choice of music too!

Thank you very much!! Haha, I actually reluctantly set a limit on the bug size, because sometimes during testing I kept having a bug get so big that it would just eat all the other bugs in existence, fill the screen, and keep getting bigger and bigger, causing the game to freeze up. I was scared that might happen again, hence the limit on the size. :')

Thank you!! Our artist did a great job. These were actually just the rough doodles - we had more polished art that I unfortunately didn't have time to implement, but I'll get it in when I can!

You're very welcome! :)

You are very welcome.