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I've just given the 2.0 version a go, and it's a really good update. The tutorial was a helpful addition and I like how the second character added to the gameplay, making you switch between them to complete platforming puzzles.

There are a few issues with player experience though - the main thing that really held me back from completing it was that the 3 lives limit just made levels really frustrating to complete. Instead of feeling challenging, it just felt troublesome. I think it would really benefit the player to just have unlimited lives and to keep getting respawned to the last checkpoint until you complete the level.

A couple of things like getting impeded by walls mid-jump and just a lack of depth-perception to work out if you're on the right plane to land a jump could greatly improve gameplay too.

Nevertheless this was a great update and it was a pleasure to give it another go. :)

Thanks for the honest feedback, we love hearing realistic player experience, it's something we need to get right so this really helps! Also helps as we know your title was super polished too.

Yeah it wasn't meant to be possible to just waltz around at will and there's a serious lack of tutorial and readability, so we're going to keep working on it and produce a cleaner and more polished version. No idea when it'll be as we're taking our time to build it from the ground up. :)

Found myself playing this unexpectedly for the last half an hour and actually completed the game. I like how the later levels required so much more patience and thought!

WOW! It seems I really did save the best until last haha. I'm really glad I gave this a chance, it was such a high production value across the board!

The visuals were beautiful for a low poly style and the lighting/glow effects really set it apart from other titles. I love strategy games and I think you did something really special here for just 2 people!!

If this was really done within a week, i'm so thoroughly impressed and you should both be extremely proud. Also as a UI guy, I just loved the typography and cleanliness of the interface. :)

Oh yeah, it is like Betrayal, good shout! :)

Really great production, I liked how the different options for gameplay actually led to different outcomes every time, rather than the typical gameplay dialogue tricks I'm used to from RPG games. :D

I felt the narrative was slightly heavy, there was just a little too much reading for me to keep going deeper, but I loved the incorporation of the theme in the different classes and their abilities and it worked so well!

This was phenomenal! I actually forgot I was playing a game jam game and thought it was a full release title - I got completely sucked into it.

It's so well balanced and it's actually a beautifully paced strategy game. I just cannot fathom how you pushed this out in a week without even a hint of a bug in sight!

I'm a little unsure how much the theme shows up in gameplay as such, because I've only played it twice, but it does make sense and it's definitely there. :)

Superb game!

I couldn't get enough of the cardboard cut-out trees and how you managed to combine such different art styles into one cohesive package. A super cool game and tough to pull off when you have a big team to manage too! I hope you're all very proud of this. :)

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Oh man, this is so good! I really loved playing this. The music and SFX worked so well with the art style and the opening cutscene set the tone and expectations really well in a few sentences.

It reminded me of Chip's Challenge meets Math Rescue, two of my childhood favourites - look them up! And you combined them so so well with the theme and put them into a beautifully presented package. Much love for the FF7 UI too, it was clean and it worked.

5 stars for sure. :)

Thanks for the high praise! I'm really glad you thought it was great. Haha, if you like that then when you knock an enemy out, try flirting with them once they're on the floor - we had a good laugh when we first tested that!

Gave this one a shot this morning after my team mate said it was a lot of fun - the gameplay was great and reminded me a lot of Unreal Tournament/Quake. Even the map design seemed right out of the Epic playbook. 

It would have been nice to get some idea of when an enemy was nearing death, just for player feedback. :)

This was really satisfying to control and the puzzles worked nicely - they didn't seem too basic and you had to look around to realise you could go high enough to find the 3rd puzzle! I'm super impressed with this for a single week's work and you used the theme well.

This was an unexpected but good use of the theme - having the reptiles turn into a rolling ball added something quite unique that I didn't expect. :)

This was an unexpected but good use of the theme - having the reptiles turn into a rolling ball added something quite unique that I didn't expect. :)

I remember seeing your game going through development on the discord server and I'm pleased to say it came out looking super clean and tactile. I really love the textured buildings and how simple but effective the art style was.

It was a really nice House of the Dead style shooting game with mechanics that were easy to pick up - I think you handled the theme nicely. Great stuff. And for a solo entry too! :)

Hahaha, I can tell you guys were laughing your heads off and having a great time making this - it's really amusing how you poked fun at side-quests and fetch quests and the final shot of the little girl at the party really had me laughing.

The gameplay was quite lacking for me, but it was a nice take on the theme and I actually enjoyed it!

This was a super cool entry that reminded me a lot of the most unexpected blend of the strategic map on X-Com: Enemy Unknown and also the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2! (Never thought I'd ever see someone put those two together, haha).

I really enjoyed trying to find out what all the aliens were and how I'd need to defeat them, it felt like a really well thought out game. :)

My only issue with it was that the movement speed was really slow and also movement itself was kind of unnecessary. It could have been consolidated into menus alone, but it really is a small thing for a great jam game!

Not sure what I can say that hasn't already been said - stunning production quality all round, it's so clear all the time and energy that went into this and I'm glad I finally got round to giving it a try.

My only criticism is I didn't have to actually fight much to complete the game. Definitely the best lighting effects I've seen in the jam overall, it's so atmospheric. :)

This game appeals to the management gamer in me haha, it was a lot of fun and really quite expansive for a single week! I also enjoyed the audio, can't tell which SFX clip I liked most between the bubbling potion sound, the bottle and semi-amusing mm-hmm!

Really cool game and a very nice interpretation of the theme. Reminded me a little of Shoppe Keep too - reckon i'll be playing it more after I've rated other games. :)

It really reminded me of the original Donkey Kong, but with two playable characters!

Would be interested to see this expanded with some more levels. :)

Probably the most innovative gameplay-wise when it came to the way you used the theme - lots of teams did a similar thing, but you had a very interesting take on it with a cool and frantic style of gameplay! I liked this very much. :)

I would be tempted to shorten the time for the automatons to reach the enemy just so it wasn't so unforgiving but yeah, really cool game with scope to make more levels!

The magnet mechanics were nice and it was satisfying using the repel mechanic to solve puzzles, I just wish there was more! Good use of theme though. :)

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I wasn't able to complete the first level, to my shame haha, but I did find myself hitting retry so that's a good sign! :)

I like what you were going for and I would have liked to see how the different characters played out in the platforming aspect of things, so I may give it another go after a few other games.

In general though this was a nice submission with a cool soundtrack and really good for a week!

This was a really unique experience with beautiful visuals. Like, the colour palette, shaders, outlines and such were very soothing to look at and it gave a sense of mindfulness which is particularly apt at the moment. I'd liked to have more gameplay or just be able to move, but this was such a unique idea that it may have ruined the experience. :)

Played this a few nights ago and forgot to rate/comment! I liked your take on the theme - it was clear and obvious, just something that works and you did a really nice job of the game. The art is clean and fits together nicely, but I felt there needed to be a little bit more to do objective wise. Good entry! :)

This was such a shame, I think my game got bugged, I couldn't get past the crew screen after assigning them and judging by the comments that seems to be happening to everyone else. :(

It looks like such a promising idea too, similar to FTL which in itself was a really innovative idea. I'd really like to give this another try if you manage to iron out the issue at the beginning!

It was a nice interaction to have for a while, just to play about with to work out if you could make some pleasing sounds. :)

This was brilliant across the board - you had to use teamwork, the theme was strong, the puzzles were very taxing but beatable and it was just fun! Solid game for a single week, I hope you're all very proud :)

I'm sorry to see you didn't get chance to finish, but I saw enough of the idea to get exactly where you were going with it and it would have been a lovely game.

I hope you spend more time on it, if nothing else, to get a proof of concept together, because the art and music really were very beautiful. :)

Big respect for putting your artwork into a submission rather than just not submitting anything, that's a big plus to show that as a team you don't quit even when things get tough and hopefully the judges will appreciate that too.

The artwork was all very nicely made and in the same style too, so well done! :)

Interesting puzzle game - I didn't know what to make of the controls though, at first I found it quite cool that they seemed backwards, it made me think and consider my moves more, but then it got a little frustrating that I couldn't remember them after a while.

Clear and simple use of the theme too. :)

Stunning visuals, really polished aesthetic and both worlds just looked so nice I really liked switching between them at will just for the sake of it! The animations and sounds on smashing rock were very nice too. The camera could use a little work just to allow the player to work out the best route around the landscape, but the use of theme was great!

I'm not sure what else to say - it was just a totally polished and unbreakable game with no bugs - I tried to soul shift into a rock to break the game, but it wouldn't let me haha. I'm glad I played it because it wasn't done justice in the livestream! :)

That's awesome yeah, I'd like to give it a go! I totally understand how you feel though, I was the same - cutting sleep is such a bad idea but when you're that passionate about it you just can't help yourself sometimes. :)

Haha yeah we tuned the AI to be quite fast and brutal tbh and without certain things working as intended, it was much harder to pickpocket a key than we hoped. Thanks for your feedback on the controls, we're reworking those as we speak because it's a little confusing at best and one or two of them got bugged. We really appreciate you playing and commenting though, it all helps! :)

Really simple concept, but very well executed! I like how you used the theme and the game reminded me of Ikaruga and other side-scrolling space shooters. :)

I still don't know what S.A.D. stands for though... haha.

This game just goes to prove that gameplay is the most important aspect of any game! I honestly really enjoyed this, you used the theme really well and the help section was easy to reach to remind me what each tower, enemy and even UI element did!

Really great game - i'd make some changes to the UI with more time, but otherwise this is just a top tower defence title. :)

Once I realised in the comments it was Q to climb, this became a really nice puzzle platformer! It was simple and the music was relaxing and I really wanted to get to the top, so nice work. Again, simple but clear use of theme. :)

Really cute game, I wasn't sure how the theme came into play but trying to avoid spilling candy on the floor and grab as much as you can was quite fun!

Daaaaamn man, a solo entry and you did this in a WEEK?! It's such an ambitious project, and I love strategy/management games. I played for a solid 20 mins, but I felt a bit overwhelmed and wasn't sure what I needed to get my villagers to do. I think the UI needs a lot more time so players can fully grasp the basics and manage their villagers a little easier.

But yeah, it's got serious Banished vibes, the music was futuristic almost but it worked with the voxel aesthetic somehow and the world felt alive with weather effects and day/night cycle. And I can't believe you've done procedural generation too!

I'm just shocked at what you've achieved - if you keep working on this i'd love to try it when it's a little more complete. :)