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Submitted by Rafilly (@RafillyG) — 4 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline
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How have you used the theme "Strength Lies in Differences" in your game?
It's a tower defense that every tower gets more power with connected towers, in a way that having different towers together is a lot better than having the same type o tower.

Edit: due to my inexperience, the game works best if you focus on fire towers as the main fire power, but you do need all towers to get the best damage.

This game is made in Godot.

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This game just goes to prove that gameplay is the most important aspect of any game! I honestly really enjoyed this, you used the theme really well and the help section was easy to reach to remind me what each tower, enemy and even UI element did!

Really great game - i'd make some changes to the UI with more time, but otherwise this is just a top tower defence title. :)


thank you!! the UI is really rushed, but I did try to make everything at least readable.


I thought this game was really fun! It's been a while since i've played a tower defense game and I found myself enjoying replaying waves a few times just to find the best combinations. I felt that the sound effects were a bit 'crunchy' at times and the music didnt feel like it matched with the style/type of game but otherwise I thought it was good and communicated everything nicely. Impressed that this was done solo and your first game, nice job!


thank you!

the music and sound really were fast work, i lost so much time on towers that i forgot about them.

It feels good to know that my effort in trying to comunicate all I could worked, thanks!!


Really enjoyed this game! My one note would be that Wind and Water towers took up less space than I expected, so I could spam a lot of them in-between all the other ones for the later waves. But had a great time with the game still :D



that was intended, but maybe they got too small. The ideia was that they would boost everyones damage since their effects are not that powerfull.


 Great work. I like that some help was available in game. I started experimenting and putting earth, wind and fire elements together to see if that was something. It would be nice if you intended some combinations to work better then others and feedback to be given when the player figured it out. I want to figure out some intended strategy, as it was I couldn't beat the third wave.


I had an idea of doing that, but 7 days is not enough time to make combinations, as making the towers took me a lot already.

Something I forgot to mention in-game because of time, is that the main hitters are fire, nature, and electric. while wind, water, and earth are more on the support side.

the main strategy is to put them all together since alone towers do almost no damage, but I had some trouble with the numbers in the first waves(not enough playtest).

If you see the video on the game page,  it shows a viable solution.


Cool. Yeh I forgot it was only 7 days. I really enjoyed playing. Thanks.


Very sophisticated tower defense mechanics for a game jam entry, it was a pleasant surprise. Based on the visuals and the music, I'd say this game would benefit massively from collaborating with others, but it's fun as it is, which is by far more important in my opinion.

Excellent work! 


thanks ^^

i'm looking foward to colaborations, but since this is my first time really trying, I feel very good just by reading this.


the gameplay mechanics are really nice and satisfying ^^ there is something I love about games with tiny numbers appearing rapidly ♥


Thank you !! I was worried that the numbers would be too small to see, but couldn't find a better way to display them.