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I had an issue with the second level too, but I can totally see where you were going with this. I can't remember the name of that game with a similar mechanic, but you added your own flavor with the cute sheep theme.

As others mentioned, a bit more information would've been nice, but I'm sure it's in the works, and other than that it's a very solid puzzle game.

I think this marks the first time when I died in a game in what I thought is the menu, and I enjoyed it! :) This is very creative, you really are on to something. It felt like the gameplay would be easy to learn but hard to master, which is always nice.

I'm guessing you had no time to add sound and music, which is understandable - although it's possible that it just didn't work for me.

Impressive work from a one man team, well done!

That's a fantastic entry, really cool atmosphere. The visuals and the sound design are both excellent and compliment each other very well. I found it a bit hard early on, I mean I rarely fail a tutorial multiple times, but that's mostly my cat's fault. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

I'd love to see this fully fleshed out, I'm sure it would have a strong following.

Very good ideas in this one - loved the basic premise, the menu was fun, I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but I had no sound or music, although the lack of sound actually makes sense in space. The thrusters could've been a bit more powerful, not a lot, I certainly liked the idea of having to counter inertia and momentum.

Very solid work, well done!

You guys did this in a week? This is practically a finished/polished game. I'm floored by how good it is. Every aspect of the game is top-notch. Very impressed!

That was the cutest thing ever :) Great choice of music. Reading that this was a first jam for you makes the amount of work you got done even more impressive.

I've put together a quick Artstation page for the graphics part, there's also Soundcloud for the music.

"If you have a portfolio linked to your profile I'll check it out."

Not yet, but I'm going to add one soon. I'll send you a message when it's there.

Haha, that was both reassuring and discouraging at the same time when it comes to my own performance and to joining a team, respectively. But I hear you, I certainly should try and appreciate it more that I did in fact submit a more or less working game.

So it was you then! Well, I'm telling you, you're gifted as a voice actress, if it's not something you're doing as a pro already, you should definitely consider it. The writing was perfect too, but it wouldn't have worked so well if the delivery isn't up to par. Instead, it was so comforting, reassuring, caring, and delivered so naturally that I could easily imagine you standing there "in the dark", looking out for me.

Also, I (sort of) know the feeling, I'm also recording my Youtube videos at night, constantly worried about waking up my flatmates. :)

Thanks, reading all the comments I'm starting to believe that I actually did have a decent original idea. :) I'm also starting to understand and experience the benefit of these game jams. Up until about yesterday my first jam experience was mostly a frustrating and stressful week of unpaid crunch, compounded by the feeling of being unable to present my idea in a coherent form. But these short conversations, the reassuring opinions of others, these are invaluable. I'm grateful that you've contributed to them. Thank you.

Thank you very much!

I gotta say, I admire your courage for actually trying something like this. It's always been quite incredible to me how people spend a large portion of their lives silently staring ahead simply because it's the appropriate thing to do. For example, in public transport, in the European countries I lived, people only talk to each other if they know each other from earlier. If everybody on the bus arrived alone, then it's going to be a silent journey despite having a dozen people around. I think that's a huge waste of opportunity. I imagine that life would be very different for many if people would naturally treat these daily trips as if they're networking events.

Instead, we're so afraid of being judged for doing something inappropriate, that our city buses and trains are filled with silent people who are actually lonely and desperate for human connection...

Anyway, once again, thank you for your kind words!

Wow, great way to raise awareness to the issue of accessibility which is an often neglected aspect of game design. Thank you for this, I hope you forgive the pun, but it was an eye-opener for me.

Also, whoever did the voice acting is an absolute pro, I hated it when I had to leave her behind for a variety of reasons. :)

There's a lot of good stuff in this, but it could use a tutorial or at least a description of controls. Strange thing is that I actually had a lot of fun trying to escape those thingies (which isn't always a given when playing a game jam entry, I mean, just look at mine, haha..), but I wasn't sure if I'm actually doing what I'm supposed to be doing. 

Very sophisticated tower defense mechanics for a game jam entry, it was a pleasant surprise. Based on the visuals and the music, I'd say this game would benefit massively from collaborating with others, but it's fun as it is, which is by far more important in my opinion.

Excellent work! 

As I said in another review, I genuinely suck at these type of games on account of rarely ever playing FPSs, but even I can see this is really well put together. I found it a bit strange that the skulls kept spawning right behind me, so in the first minute I didn't even know why I'm hurting. In any case, good stuff!

It's been a million years since I played a bullet hell type of game, was really nice to go at it again. The ship designs are great, the controls felt smooth, it's a very promising start worth expanding in the future.

Thank you, reading something like that is the perfect payoff after all the struggles of last week. 

One of the more polished entries, putting this together in just a week is brilliant, well done. Was nice to get 50 points once. Considering that I won every hand I played, my ex would've loved this, beating a dumbed down AI in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 kept her entertained for years. :)

You nailed it, having played a million games that only play from left to right (and having made one myself a few years back) it never occurred to me that I could go the other way too. I played your game again and got to the end this time. I'm still impressed. :)

I also understand what you're saying about game jams. Believe it or not, this was my first ever game jam, which is quite the "achievement" considering that I'm 43 and I actually made my first game 35 years ago - on a system that had a 2.5 MHz CPU and 16K RAM... The final entry I submitted is barely a shadow of what my original idea was; life got in the way and I lost 3 days, leaving me with a whole bunch of half-baked features. I basically spent all of Sunday cutting stuff from the game, just so that I actually have something to submit that more or less works.

Great stuff, I really liked this one. It also helped that I was actually able to complete the level on the first try, but only just - it was challenging enough to be fun, but not overwhelming. Everything works as advertised, which is rare in a game jam entry. Obviously there's only so much one person can do in a week, but whatever's there is nicely polished.

Congratz mate, this is really good.

By the way, I had an idea about a game that involves a somewhat similar mechanic but I'm not a coder so I wouldn't even know how to start. I also don't have the resources currently to start building a more complex game from scratch right now (need to find more freelance/stable work first to pay the bills...), but if that changes in the future, I'd love to have you on board for that project. (Despite what my own entry looks like, I promise you I actually have useful skills, haha...) I'll save your details for sure.

Not sure what to say. I died about a dozen times before I was able to make the very first jump, made the second on the very first try, slipped off at another edge due to the unexpected momentum of the character. That sent me back to the start, and after that I simply couldn't make that second jump ever again. I produced so many little floating bodies that at some point I thought the solution is to build a bridge out of them. What I don't get is how I made that same jump on the first try before!

In any case, I gave up frustrated which is obviously not ideal, especially because I liked a lot of things, the animation is very cute and the idea of leaving our former dead self in the environment as a memento of our failures was a really cool idea. The music is lovely too and the font of the menu is a great choice. I just wish I had more visual feedback as to what I'm doing wrong.

Having said all that, others seemed to have been able to get to the end, so it could very well be that I'm just not patient/dexterous/smart enough for this.

I felt the love that went into making this. Very creative approach to pretty much every aspect of the game, the theme, the music, the visuals all feel unique.

I got stuck at the bear too, although I might be missing something based on your reply to someone else below, cause I don't know how to attack. If I get close, it injures me, but nothing else happens.

I get your intentions about keeping it vague (the ability to observe and understand was key for humanity to get from there to where we are now, after all), but it's a fine line between enjoying something challenging or becoming frustrated by failure. Having to figure out pretty much all the game mechanics as part of the puzzle might be stretching it a bit too far, especially if it takes multiple seconds before an action is registered, and there's no feedback that what I'm doing is actually the right thing, I just gotta do it longer.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I'm super-impressed with your game, it's easily the most memorable one I've seen so far.

Special thanks for your long "post-mortem" on the game page, it was a really interesting read.

I'm impressed, this is very good for a solo effort. Frankly, I'm not a fan of FPS games, consequently I completely suck at them, so I died often and early - as usual, haha. Because of this, I didn't get very far I'm afraid, but there's a lot of really good stuff in this. It was also buttersmooth on my very old laptop.

You're really good at creating an intriguing atmosphere with your transitions. The handwritten font was a great choice, the music compliments it really well too.

Well done!

Took me a while to figure out where to aim and I'm fairly sure I actually skipped most of the first two levels (and with it the story) with one lucky(?) shot, so on my 4th or 5th try I got to the end in about a minute which was somewhat surprising.

The game has a lot of really strong individual elements, as in - cute graphics, superb atmosphere, fun writing, complimented nicely by the music, just needs a little more time to tie this all up into a more coherent experience. I certainly wouldn't give up on this just because the jam ended, there's more life in this ghost. :)

Good stuff guys, nicely done!

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Very cool idea, the execution is a bit rough around the edges, but that's to be expected. My old laptop struggled with it a bit. It was surprisingly difficult from the get go. You might want to add some platforms where I can safely switch between worlds without falling off early on while I'm still learning the ropes, so I don't have to memorize the placement of everything and can focus on acclimatizing myself with both the controls and the concept. (Granted, I didn't go very far, so it could be that you have these spots later in the level.)

I really liked the music, although it was a bit at odds with the visuals. UI, GFX could use a bit more work, but it's very solid overall, well done!

Best entry I've seen so far, clean UI, solid visuals and audio, perfect example of how a simple concept can be a lot of fun to play. Huge potential for this to be a casual game hit if expanded further.

Very well done!

Thank you Anna! Wish I had the time to finish and actually add the "random silly face generator" like I wanted.

I'm moving through all the games slowly but surely, can't wait to get to yours, already love the art style!

I agree with all the others, it's a very clever concept introduced at a very steep angle which can make things a bit frustrating.  It reminded me of the Rubik's cube, actually.

With a bunch of tutorial levels and a bit more polished UI this could go far.

Great use of the theme, very polished game considering the time constraints. I found it a bit confusing that the first guy you get has a reset power that is of no use early on, probably would've allowed all knights to move the boxes and give the reset power to the original hero.

Having said that, it was surprisingly addictive, I didn't want to spend more than 20-30 minutes with one game so I have time to review as much as possible, but this one sucked me in and I was still pushing boxes around an hour later... :)

Got a bit repetitive by about the 3rd level as it's essentially the same puzzle with small variations in every room, but I can certainly imagine  how the idea could be expanded to add a lot more variation. The menu music is awesome and the background art is great too. Excellent work all round!

Very solid concept, I can certainly see this succeeding long term with more polish. I had a few frustrating moments early on due to a lack of directions, plus the control instructions indicate Right Shift for character swap but it's actually Left Shift, so for a while I didn't have the luxury of swapping to the faster guy, obviously making the game a lot harder. (Still cleared the level, haha.)

Collision detection of the containers and the camera was a bit inconsistent, I was able to drive off the screen in multiple areas, not finding my way back due to invisible walls, while I could drive through some of those blue obstacles.

Loved the clean and functional menu. Great job in just a week!