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Not sure what to say. I died about a dozen times before I was able to make the very first jump, made the second on the very first try, slipped off at another edge due to the unexpected momentum of the character. That sent me back to the start, and after that I simply couldn't make that second jump ever again. I produced so many little floating bodies that at some point I thought the solution is to build a bridge out of them. What I don't get is how I made that same jump on the first try before!

In any case, I gave up frustrated which is obviously not ideal, especially because I liked a lot of things, the animation is very cute and the idea of leaving our former dead self in the environment as a memento of our failures was a really cool idea. The music is lovely too and the font of the menu is a great choice. I just wish I had more visual feedback as to what I'm doing wrong.

Having said all that, others seemed to have been able to get to the end, so it could very well be that I'm just not patient/dexterous/smart enough for this.