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The final test is upon them, and you have been sent to show them the way.
Submitted by RedSea (@RedSeaGames) — 3 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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How have you used the theme "Strength Lies in Differences" in your game?
We have used the theme both thematically and mechanically.
Thematically, you are sent by a god to show people (villagers) the path to salvation. This path requires them to work together and get over their differences.

This is supported mechanically due to the four types of villagers and the four types of enemies (represented by colour). Your following must have a mixture of different villagers in order to be able to fend off all enemy types.

It is a game with a story about uniting people despite their differences and gameplay that encourages the rallying of a diverse group of people.

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WOW! It seems I really did save the best until last haha. I'm really glad I gave this a chance, it was such a high production value across the board!

The visuals were beautiful for a low poly style and the lighting/glow effects really set it apart from other titles. I love strategy games and I think you did something really special here for just 2 people!!

If this was really done within a week, i'm so thoroughly impressed and you should both be extremely proud. Also as a UI guy, I just loved the typography and cleanliness of the interface. :)


This comment alone makes the whole weeks work worth it! Thank you. Somehow we did manage to do all of that from scratch within a week, let’s just say it’s not our first rodeo! (Apart from the Horn sound, that was a free sample.)

Glad you had fun! Thanks you for playing. 


So many were accidentally sacrificed in the name of getting all the colours at once. I really enjoyed it. Loved the glowstick visuals. And those tank enemies were a terrifying surprise but an excellent ramp up in the challenge.


Glad you had fun, thanks for the feedback! I’m very happy to hear someone made it far enough to discover the tank enemies, I was worried I buried them too far in. 


That's a fantastic entry, really cool atmosphere. The visuals and the sound design are both excellent and compliment each other very well. I found it a bit hard early on, I mean I rarely fail a tutorial multiple times, but that's mostly my cat's fault. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

I'd love to see this fully fleshed out, I'm sure it would have a strong following.


I'm very glad you enjoyed it, thanks for your comment. It seems like that was our main issue and it's something I'll bear in mind in future. Also we forgot to factor in cats with no boundaries interfering with the game, so sorry about that. I'll add a cat-friendly mode soon. 


Really nice game loved the audio the the horns and it was satisfying to shoot when u had loads of villagers by your side. Only complaint would be the camera zooming in too close at time I just wasnt able to see any enemies coming.


Thanks so much! Yes I can understand that, sometimes the enemies do go off screen when they are still dangerously close to you. Something i wish I'd picked up on earlier. 


Great game, it was fun. I liked the smooth shooting and bullets.  The zoom in and out when you have nothing or a lot of villagers works well! well done :)


Thanks for your feedback! haha its the little things in life. 


The game is a bit hard at first but overall, the game is really good. Also a minimap would be a plus!


Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you managed to overcome the initial challenge. You are so right, a minimap would be great. We did have plans for one, but unfortunately had to cut that towards the end of the project. We hope the directional indicators are enough to prevent the player from feeling lost. 


Amazing game, I've really enjoyed it. It's quite challenging, but overall it's really fun. The intro art is also stunning!


Thank you so much! We're very glad you enjoyed playing. You're not the only one that found it a bit challenging to start, but I'm glad people pushed through that to experience the game in full.