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A whimsical stealth tactics story for...most ages!
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How have you used the theme "Strength Lies in Differences" in your game?
We planned the mechanics around having 3 playable characters, each with unique abilities, to make sure teamwork was the only way to complete the level and the game - where one would succeed, others would fail or get caught!

Despite this, as the gameplay is a hybrid of stealth tactics and the Hitman series, we wanted the game to keep to those values and encourage player agency.

We had plans to force the player to combine the abilities of two characters to solve certain puzzles later in the level, but this was cut due to time constraints and, admittedly, huge overscoping! We basically got a bit carried away with excitement... :)

We also designed the main characters to be very different from one another in looks, age, behaviour, personality etc. We wanted to make them all diverse in other areas too, such as ethnicity, but sadly our alert system and art choices meant they needed to be the same colour to be easily read as player characters.

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HI can you let me know from where did you get the 3d assets like chair, shelf, and kitchen etc? I would like to use it in a voluntary project.  


Most assets were made in-house


I enjoyed playing this but unfortunately I couldn't figure out what to do past a certain point. There were lots of brilliant small touches like the opening comic, pointers showing the off-screen allies and good sound effects but sorry as writing this I see your walkthrough explaining where I went wrong... It felt safe to run through all the guards but I didn't figure out the unlocking doors or attacking so I ended up running around inside trying to progress. Super cool concept and evident that there's lots of fun ideas in it but if you ever manage to eliminate the bugs and make it more readable then I'd love to play again!


Thanks for the honest feedback, we love hearing realistic player experience, it's something we need to get right so this really helps! Also helps as we know your title was super polished too.

Yeah it wasn't meant to be possible to just waltz around at will and there's a serious lack of tutorial and readability, so we're going to keep working on it and produce a cleaner and more polished version. No idea when it'll be as we're taking our time to build it from the ground up. :)


Amazing game, i loved the interaction with AI's. "Flirt" haha.  I liked the sound effects as well as graphics, i will take my inspiration for next game jam from this game! :)


Thanks for the high praise! I'm really glad you thought it was great. Haha, if you like that then when you knock an enemy out, try flirting with them once they're on the floor - we had a good laugh when we first tested that!


Dang, the game was hard haha. Reason being I wasn't sure which buttons went with what skills. And sometimes I would try to use a skill and it didn't seem to work? The only skill I semi got right was the baby, crying seemed to distract the guys. Other than that, the game is well made for 1 weeks worth. Well done.


Haha yeah we tuned the AI to be quite fast and brutal tbh and without certain things working as intended, it was much harder to pickpocket a key than we hoped. Thanks for your feedback on the controls, we're reworking those as we speak because it's a little confusing at best and one or two of them got bugged. We really appreciate you playing and commenting though, it all helps! :)


I really like the concept of the game. It can have lots of potential. The visual and audio is quite good, with a little more polishing the gameplay can reach its full potential. However like I said, really great concept and a great idea!


Thank you very much for your kind words, a lot of work was put into the audio, perhaps not enough into the gameplay tweaking as we took on too much! But we'd absolutely love to give it some additional time to see what we can do with it. :) I'm really glad you had fun playing!

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really loved the concept of getting inside and stealing the documents. a lil hard to remember the buttons of each characters abilities. overall fun and took the time to try to steal the goods XD


Thanks for the feedback Sergio! We definitely need to remap the control scheme, it's not very user friendly haha. But i'm glad you enjoyed the tactical side and taking your time. Hopefully we got the pacing right for the level.


Yeah, it was fun and had to think. reminded me of metal gear if one really wanted to go through the lvls unnoticed


For those having trouble with Bug Simulator 2021, we've provided a readme - hope it helps curb the frustration and improve player experience. :)

Walkthrough / Solution:

1. Pickpocket a key from one of the three guards holding them
You'll need to be Mrs. Rogue to do this. The key should be visible on the front of their bodies.

2. Unlock the front, back or garage door to get into the house.
You can only open a single outer door with one key, so if you want to open multiple doors, get more keys! Dropping keys (E) can be bugged, so be mindful of that.

3. Collect/smash the vase from the lounge
Make sure to do this with Mr. Hitman as he's the only one that can throw it to reveal the safe key.

Be careful where you break the vase to make sure the key is recoverable!

4. Find a way into the office using Baby Scout
The office door is permanently locked, but keen eyes will reveal a smaller entrance on the walls...

5. Unlock the safe and grab the document
Note: Strength Lies in Differences!

Distractions work through walls/windows. Perhaps use two spies together - one to distract, the baby to grab and run.

6. Get the document to the extraction point

Easier said than done!

• Please be careful not to smash the vase near an enemy patrol path, the safe key can roll into the geometry and be unrecoverable.
• If you get caught with the safe key on you, you may also need to restart.

We hope this helps! Tutorialisation is something we desperately wanted to include but had no time to implement as our scope was too big. Lesson learnt for next time eh? We hope you enjoy playing!


It took me a few tries to understand it but once I did I had fun! The audio and art was nice and I liked having to switch back and forth between the characters to lure and distract the enemies so that others could pass through. It has a great potential, UI was nice and clean too! 


Ah that's great news, honestly, we're so glad you stuck with it! I'd love to clean up the UI a bit actually, to prevent confusion between clickable buttons and passives, and to tie it all in a bit better, so maybe something for future.


So much potential here. I like the art style for what it is and the sound was good. After quite a lot of confusion I started to get the hang of it. The one thing that stopped me from wanting to continue was the camera control. It got really annoying really fast and would be a deal braker for me. I hope you continue to develop it. Great job


Thanks so much for recognising the potential and for your honest feedback, it means a lot to us. Yeah we had a list longer than our arm of features, bugs and content and didn't get round to ironing out the camera, it's horribly jarring so I'm sorry it put you off, I found it a problem too. I'm hoping we'll take it further too, we'll have to discuss it properly once everyone catches up with the lives they paused for the jam. :)


My game is full of problems and the list of things to do grows by the minute. Catching up on life is important too.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I got the vase! and then i couldn't drop it anywhere! Then the enemies invaded my safe zone and killed everyone! Bahaha, thanks for the fun :)

Edit: Second attempt: I found the controls on the game page so this time went significantly smoother.
I'm not so sure about getting out unseen though xD


Thanks for checking it out Alixxir! Yeah we took on too much and couldn't iron out enough bugs in time.

Items should be droppable with E but it's super unreliable and doesn't often work, haha. The controls should also be in the options menu in-game. :)

I'm really glad you had some fun with it though - hopefully if we find time I'd love to add in a tutorial that we had no time to implement because I think it sorely needs some explaination.