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Yeah go defold

Yeh I like it a lot.

I like the effects and feedback. A little bit of randomness to the shotgun sound would help a lot, change the pitch each time would make it less repetitive. Nice game.

Fun game.

Neat idea.

The music and graphic design works.

The mechanic is really solid, could be a good casual game.

Well done.

It's a good idea, hope you keep working on it.

I got gameboy vibes too, nice.

Awesome, Yes I know that game. Top points for noticing.

The concept has legs, and seems to grab attention. Interested to see where it goes.

I like the graphic style. Lots of good work so far.

Nice. I can see a lot of work went into this. It's hard to see what is walkable or not. Also I dont like jumping off the screen without knowing where I'm landing.

Fun toy , interesting to see what happens if you develop it further.

Its a bit too hard for me. It's nicely put together though.

Ok. I feel the music didn't match the cute characters. I wasn't sure jumping on them is good or not but it payed off. In mario ghost kill if you touch them.

Nice ideas, look forward to seeing how it develops.

There wasn't anything after the boss death. Some more sound effects would really help the game.

Charming game. I liked it.

The game is put together logically, It was a bit buggy the character dissapeared and I couldn't figure out how to move.

I liked this game. I like the limitation of the shooting being only left and right, made it interesting, unless I didn't get the controls. Nice game loop and it flowed together nicely.

Good idea, look forward to playing it when it's further developed. I too had the tutorial bug.

Good idea. I was confused by the mechanical sound in the background, I though it might be too many sounds playing at once, it was off putting. I hope you keep working on it, should be fun to play.

Nice. I liked the presentation and sounds. There was nothing standing out as being annoying or wrong. Well done.

The perspective of the trees doesn't match the player. I like the title screen a lot.

For me the controls are working in the opposite directions. 

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Thanks for the feedback. That helps a lot. Cheers.

Defold is the Candy Crush engine. They released it as open source and free, now it's being maintained with lots of work being done on it. Check it out!

Hi. Thank you.

Tough gameplay. I like the aesthetics.

I quickly got lost in the narrative and exposition. Great.

The spider walking is mesmorizing.

Cool. Never seen something like this before.

I enjoyed this.



Updated. Toned down the physics.

Nice work!

The narrator was a great idea. Nice work.