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Nice work!

The narrator was a great idea. Nice work.

Nice world building, I tried interacting with the game and couldn't get anything moving. Thanks.

Cool, it's a nice a relaxing world. I wish there was a restart level button. Nice work.

Enjoyed the game a lot, thanks.

Great artwork and animation.

Cool, I enjoyed this a lot.

Good. It was a proper game with a great tutorial and good mechanics.

Hi, the loading bar gets near the end and doesn't load completely. Haven't been able to play yet after trying different browsers.

I tried to play. There was an error, unityplayer.dll not found.

I tried to play your game. It popped up with an error, failed to load mono.

I uploaded a new version, it is the same speed and the levels have been improved. Thanks for playing.

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I changed the enemy speed. It makes it more enjoyable too. Thanks for your help.

Great. I designed it to be impossible if you don't go the correct way, it's about understanding how the alligators move, it's just an interesting puzzle.

Keep practicing. Try hopping over a different path. You may be surprised with how the alligators move when you go a different way.

If I press a button and the player performs an action, that is the way Nintendo often tries to design games for example with Mario. Some games let the player press a button and either a symbol will appear or an inventory will appear which the player can interact with. I call this inventory gameplay, its a different type of game, Cave Story involves more inventory then Mario for example. Any sort of abstract symbol instead of literal gameplay would be a type of inventory gameplay. For your game to be more live action like mario, there would be no symbols and the character would perform different animations to represent the different inputs from the player.

Couldn't play it either due to failed loading Z.P.Z.pck.

I found it difficult to communicate with the game. It was very meta. I like the creativity used.

Maybe the subject was too ambitious for a 3 day jam. I liked the visuals and it felt a bit like LittleBigPlanet or something with the interaction between inventory and gameplay. It's a type of game I want to make myself so it was interesting to me. Thanks.

Great work. 

True, thanks for your help.

I too like the atmosphere and world building, I had the same issues as below. I love adventure games, I want to play a finished version.

I love straffing to miss bullets, I've been doing it since the NES. So I liked this, well done.

Good stuff.

Cheers. Thanks for the feedback.

Cheers, thanks for playing.

True. Thanks.

Hi, Shovel Knight uses NES specs of 256x240 and after drawing pixel assets at this size scales it by a factor of 4.5 so the height fits a HD screen. As long as we start with the correct specs can we scale the assets so they fill the screen? Thanks.

Really addictive.

Really enjoyed this, nicely polished game.

Awesome. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for the feedback.

Nice work. Awesome to see someone using Defold also. Any chance of seeing some source or links to dependencies used? Very competent game as are your others. Cheers. 

Great. I like they you are combining different game styles into one. Really good work.

I was able to jump over it and get to a troll. After the troll I think the game is over?

I like the animations and backgrounds. Nice work.

As a developer I enjoyed walking up the slopes. Great sounds. Great work.

Nice. Feels like a NES game. Great work.

Great. Really enjoyed this. Well done.

Thanks for playing and commenting.