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Thank you!!!

I was trying to have more than just some skips in malfunction, but I lot myself on the puzzles and got out of time for it.

About that audio bus, is there a tutorial for that? 


that's on me, my random script is not very good



I wish I could do edit systems like these.

This art is very, very beautiful. I can't explain how much I liked it. and it feels like a complete game already.

Turning down the specular is something I didn't know, thanks ^^
I'm very new to this 3d stuff.

I had some problems with the camera, but as soon as I can fix it I plan to make the layout clearer.

I really don't know yet how to solve this problem.

At some point I just gave up on trying to make the lanes perfect and went for a "I hope this work" kind of random ahahahah

The randomness is not at the best,but you got very luck to reach 10k.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback ^^

Really fun, I could be hours playing this.

This game has the potential to be a wonderful, great job for a jam game!




I tried to make them follow a up-down difficulty, but at the end I was happy to just deliver something

Thanks !!


I thought of a tutorial, but gave up on it because of time XD

Thanks for the reply!!

I think I probably made some mistake on _process or _physics_process, so maybe that's why an old card would make this much of a difference.


They are supposed to be launched to the left/up, but was it being launched before reaching the end?

WOW, love the vibe of the game, and the music! 

thanks !! I would have a problem with holding the mouse down since every click is a rough equivalent to a turn. Maybe there is a way of doing so, but this is my first time messing with this kind of code, so, I don't really know. I'm really glad you liked it ^^


This is a great game. But I have to ask, is there any tutorial for doing a ranking system like that? XD


I tried to make the removal always leaving the spot free, but it kind of makes it no fun at all and out of theme, so i left it this way.

thanks! that was my first time doing this kind of code, i'm really glad it worked well ^^

Thanks, the main ideia is to be more relaxing than hard, especially because i didnt have time to inplement a lose condition that made sense XD

i didnt see where to put this so i'm linking this here:

i'm using assets i got on from this link

thanks, i planed on doing an axe animation too, but couldnt fit it in time for the jam ^^

thank you very much!!!

can i do the html yet? i don't know if its against the rules

that's weird... let me see if i can find something

Good game overall, but I felt some enemies were too fast or too strong.

Thanks ^^

The original idea was to pick one weapon for the whole game, but it was easier to put them all on the character XD

anything i can do on my part to solve this?

thank you!! the UI is really rushed, but I did try to make everything at least readable.

thank you!

the music and sound really were fast work, i lost so much time on towers that i forgot about them.

It feels good to know that my effort in trying to comunicate all I could worked, thanks!!


that was intended, but maybe they got too small. The ideia was that they would boost everyones damage since their effects are not that powerfull.

I had an idea of doing that, but 7 days is not enough time to make combinations, as making the towers took me a lot already.

Something I forgot to mention in-game because of time, is that the main hitters are fire, nature, and electric. while wind, water, and earth are more on the support side.

the main strategy is to put them all together since alone towers do almost no damage, but I had some trouble with the numbers in the first waves(not enough playtest).

If you see the video on the game page,  it shows a viable solution.

free to use and modification in games.

As long as it's not a "reselling pack" it's ok.

thanks ^^

i'm looking foward to colaborations, but since this is my first time really trying, I feel very good just by reading this.

Thank you !! I was worried that the numbers would be too small to see, but couldn't find a better way to display them.