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Nice, clean game that's easy to pick up and play. Good use of art and clear instructions.

Interesting use of the theme. Barry the spider was the star of the show! 

Nice, juicy UI and arcade style. Good use of light and colour. Good game.

Fun game and nice use of the theme. The pixel art adds good personality. I was stuck on level 7 for a while but pulled through and beat the game!

Great execution, simple and clean. Fantastic use of the theme and nice mechanic. 29 was my best.

Thanks for your time and feedback, I appreciate it. If you mean the DOOM Eternal OST, that's such a coincidence because I listened to that while making this, BFG Division in particular.

Thanks for all your time. You managed to play in the end? 

Love the art style and movement physics. The puzzles had the right balance of difficulty for me and I enjoyed trying out the different character abilities. The sfx was pretty cool too. Nice work.

Thanks for your time and feedback. It was made with Click Team Fusion 2.5. If unfamiliar with this game engine, check out this video:  

Thanks for your time and feedback. Indeed, I had plans for building treehouses, campfires and bridges and even using the axe to collect wood from trees but I lost to time unfortunately. I intend to implement these things post jam as I really wanted to build both a crafting mechanic as well as a good combat system. Cheers.

Thanks for your time to play. Yes the audio is something I'm going to be focussing my learning as it's a big weak point of mine.

Neat game, I love the low poly art style and perfect use of the theme and great for near to Christmas. I had a lot of fun in this and found I bobbed my head to the beat in the music while I delivered presents. Good Job.

Great game here, I enjoyed doing bullet donuts around the map and leaving a path of destruction behind me. Great choice of colour and shapes. Sometimes simplicity in design creates more appeal, which this game certainly does.

A fun dungeon explorer. I enjoyed this. Nice art style and battle mechanic.

Super cool and fun game with a great take on the theme. I loved love figuring out each puzzle. Nice art style, controls and tutorial. A strong title in this jam.

I had a really good time playing this one. The narrative pulled me in and I wanted to find out more about the lore and history of the shrine. I'll try and get another ending and see what happens. Nice art style and UI.

This was a very enjoyable game to play with lots of potential to build further. I'd love to see this grow into a full campaign and the narrative evolve with twists and shocking revelations. Nice UI, sounds and gameplay. Impressive.  

Great game; I was really impressed with the enemy AI, they felt organic like I was battling other players. Really solid arena layout with some cool powerups to use too. I enjoyed the physics, skidding around the arena was a blast and very satisfying, knocking enemies off the platform.  Another smart game.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had so many great ideas for crafting multiple base and equipment elements, but alas, time fell short. It's not a jam if there's no overscope. 

Thanks for taking the time to play, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Game jams are always a great way of establishing whether a game is too easy/difficult etc and can be tweaked. Cheers. 

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. That's a good observation - the Streets of Rage combat system was a big inspiration for this project. 

Thanks for playing, appreciate it. Poor mouse. 

Thanks for your time. That picture sums up the scene perfectly. 

Great job with incorporating the theme. I chose to sacrifice my brain early which was my bad choice when I realised the controls reverse, oh dear! 

Thank you for taking the time to play and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Great game, I loved the heavy clumsiness of the weapon and use of the theme. The art style is fun and attractive to the eye and nice touch with the team signatures. 

Nice game, I enjoyed playing it and the wolf movement made me jump a couple of times. 

Hey, at the moment there are no immediate plans to take Rad Boots further other than to fix some of the issues highlighted in the feedback and implement some finishing touches (mouse sensitivity sliders etc, etc) and add a bit of polish. Overall, I am proud that it is a short, fun packaged FPS experience that showcases a multi-gravity mechanic .  

Oh Gnomes! of course! I remember that game. I love a good Easter Egg like that.

Hey thanks for your time and feedback, I appreciate it. It was a great stream over the last few days. Yes I noticed this issue in my WebGl build for some reason but I couldn't duplicate the issue in a standard build for download. I will be revisiting the audio to master it a bit better and further investigate seamless looping once the jam is over. Thanks again. 

Rad Boots MacGee is now available to play for free as a browser game: Rad Boots MacGee by Waken Games (

A title recently developed for Games Jobs Live Game Parade Spring 2021 game jam; it has had some excellent feedback so far and a great addition to my portfolio.

A synthwave inspired FPS, freely walk on walls and ceilings using your Rad Boots and use the environment to enter new areas and gain safer vantage points against enemies. 

Your mission is to uncover the mass cloning conspiracy by Same Corp. It is believed that the CEO of Same Corp is mass cloning himself for world domination.

In-game screenshot

Game Logo

Thanks for your time and feedback, I really appreciate it. 

Lovely visuals overall. I liked the setup in the story and exploring the environment on the boat.

I liked the story and setup and found the choice at the end to be a good conclusion. I was left intrigued by the gnome. The movement mechanic of the soul was a nice touch.

Great concept and gameplay. It was really satisfying to play. 

I love the artwork and gameplay and it's well designed. Adding a battle soundtrack and SFX would immerse me even more.

Thanks for your time playing and feedback, It's very useful and I appreciate it. Yes once the jam is complete I will be refining many elements for sure.

Thank you, your comments make building it worth it. 

Hey thanks for playing and taking the time to feedback. Yes I am always happy to stay in touch, even if its just to talk about games. If you have a portfolio linked to your profile I'll check it out. Thanks again. 

Thanks for playing and the feedback.