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Thanks for including me

So I've given it a play. It looks very pretty and the modelling is nice. The game experience is a little flat, I did not encounter anything scary and I got to like the 5th room I think. I ran out of steam at that point. Looking at the ratings I would have been about the same. It's hard to know now that I can see the raw score, but 4,3,2,2,2 is probably what I would have gone with. Lot's of potential though.

I think you will enjoy this one. The terminal reminded me of it.

If you love Tetris then this is a great new way to play it, that's for sure. Nice work.

A simple shooter. It was not too scary, but the music you chose and the sound fx made it feel quite full. The pace of it was a bit slow and even then I worked out quite quickly I could outwalk the zombies. The light was cool. I had fun

Interesting idea. I got a few multiple reflections which felt like bugs rather than features and I think a bit more guidance / feedback as to what is going on would have got me into the game a bit more prepared. I enjoyed the voice work. Not entirely sure why I died when I died, nothing I saw on screen but hey it was tense walking around. Good job.

I had the same bug as below. I liked the writing and the art. The mood was very good and I enjoyed this simple premise. Nice work.

Thanks. My mind is racing with possible ways of taking this game loop. I shall see how I feel in the coming weeks.

My heart is racing. Really good job of using not very much to create big feels. The sfx and darkness really were very effective tools. I can feel my face is still flushed as I type. Kudos

The lines! The grid! Such horror! I loved the voice acting and I found myself listening so intensly and staring at the screen until my eyes burned the image onto my retina. It was interesting as a premise, but I did feel a bit lost and I am pretty sure I have not found the full experience. I am up for a guided tour, the loop has a lot of potential for sure.

Oh man I just pooped my pants. Not often that's a good thing but here we are, it's an asset. I like the feeling of getting lost and controlling the environment. I think a little more hand holding via a deeper tutorial would have helped me get to the enjoyment of what's been created here quicker. I like the look and feel of it and it certainly got tense. I liked it.

I liked the ambition you showed with this game. It started out strong, but something about the combination of the player controls and the AI made it feel quite chaotic. I never truely got to grips with it and ended up feeling quite frustrated. Having a more direct relationship to the baddy, like a clearer idea of when he was near etc. As it was I sorta wondered around hoping for the best. The constant fear was there though. I used a controller and so that support was nice.

Oi oi, ahoy there It looks great and was easy enough to pick up. At first I was really quite invested, I picked up a survivor and got motoring, then for a long time not much happened. I sailed around and there was nothing to pick up, until I hit enough stuff to sink. It was quite a slow and empty experience. It looked pretty and the vibe was definitly ominous. I did have fun.


Thanks for the feedback. Putting the survival time in was one of the last things I did and I think I've just referenced the wrong variable in the code. It was late is my only excuse. You are not the only power indicator request, I did think about it, the movement is done by adding force to the rigidbody which is not that precise and has a different effect depending on how little Ralph is already moving. I liked the slightly chaotic outcome and how it forces you to just cope with what's happening. Putting an indicator on screen might have made it feel broken when it was actually intended so I opted for a cleaner UI. All stuff I can play with if I take it further. Here's to the voxels fellow cube fiend.

This is pure evil. The work of a mad genius set to riddle the minds of poor unsuspecting game devs. The tutorial was judged just about right, by the time the game proper started I was ready to explore. Not that I was ready ready. There is so much here I feel like I need to set aside a full day to explore it properly. Not the right length for a jam but why should that stop you from making something so complete and mind blowing? My brain is blown at what it took to even devise it. Full on respect. KUDOS to you my friend.

I thought everything about it was awful! Well done. I was totally along for the ride. The art, the vibes, the humor, the conclusion, all great. I could not have wished for a worse fate for those folks. Muhahah. Great work

Thanks. Yeah I've since had a bit of time to play it properly and agree a quick restart is needed. That 10 second wait is OK if you had a good run, but if you get killed quickly it is annoying to wait for it.

Thanks so much for the comprehensive feedback. I am really pleased you 'got it'. I have a history of making games that are hard to get, so it was really nice to stumble on an idea that was easy to pick up. It's part of the danger in trying to come up with original game loops, that and having no idea how to pull them off and plan the time it might take. It tickled me that you said hello to the & co, I guess that's my kids who were forced into play testing so I could have a break. I shall make sure their reluctant work has been recognised. 

Poor Ralph, poor Charlie. 

Thanks. I am pleased you had fun. As soon as the jam started I was focused on trying to offer some horror light relief. I totally agree that a dynamic voice over would be really cool. This is the first time I've used my voice this way and I found it very challenging to get started on it. It is very much outside of my comfort zone. I'm pleased I forced myself.

I've just watched it. I am a little drunk from a night out with friends. It has brought me joy to watch it. Many thanks. 

I am so looking forward to watching this

An indicator could be interesting

Thanks. I'm glad the voice acting didn't go to waste

So grim, so dark, so horror. I thought the little touches went a long way, the slow and steady decay on the artwork. The linear nature of it had us relentlessly ploding towards whatever was coming our way. It built nicely and is a really solid entry. Kudos

Come here my little lighty friend. A really nice twist on a classic platform loop. I liked the way it changed up the pace of how you tackled the platforming. I'd have liked a little more feel and feedback in the movement, some more sound fx would not have gone a miss. But a genuinely enjoyable and interesting game.

Hey man thanks for both comments. Pros and cons very useful. I had plans for audio settings but just ran out of juice. The thrust is definitely not 100% reliable. All things that can be worked on. Cheers.

Hang on a minute, we're family! Bad Uncle. The art style added to the tension and it was effective at raising my heart rate thats for sure. I hated it, so thats a job well done.

Well then, well then. Let me just calm my heart and stop my hands from shaking. Top notch fear generation. I agree with lots that has already been said. The Pixel effect was a bit much at first but I started to really appreciate it. The cut scenes were cool too. Once in the cave it started to feel really intense. This is what makes the game shine. That feeling of being surrounded and confined really is nailed here. Great work

It can be as simple as adding our friend Kevin Macleod the first time you do it. Or working with a composer. Keep it simple, reduce the fear. 


Thanks. I am a bit notorious for not getting around to making tutorials in my games. I tend to run out of time so it was a real focus to get it done right. Once I committed to the voice acting I realised the tutorial needed a skip option and it kinda fell into place. 

Thanks. I know it needs a lot of optimisation. I did get to do some before the submission but it was still quite demanding when I had to submit. Did you find the quality settings? Putting it on low does help a lot and does not look terrible. 

The fog is really just to help reduce clutter. It was a bit hard on the eyes being able to see it all at once. 

I agree that it has non spooky potential. My partner is terrified of dogs, but likes the nice parts of it. I am mulling over other ways to play with the loop. I was going for tension rather than horror. Inspired by how horrible the dogs are in 'Inside' by Play Dead. The moment they either get you or you escape was my starting point. 

It does build up after a time! I am pleased you liked it. My kids have been play testing for me, they have been right stressed out.

Mech Mech Mech! It was a pretty slow tense experience. I liked how it looked and felt much more than how it played. I spent a lot of time walking and not much time doing. The atmosphere was amizing and majbe I missed something. I was just sad my radio didn't come back on, I was enjoying channel hopping. Lots to like in this game still.

Those chickens are hungry! I am delighted you enjoyed it.

Thanks I appreciate it. I rarely come up with ideas that I think are funny and that I want to make. This time it just sort of happened. Probably the most enjoyable game to make for a jam so far. I am pleased Mr Pickles joined in...

The art was beautifully thought out and put together, the story gripped me and moved me. Good job

Jams are tricky. You get to see all the things you would change once it's too late to do anything about it. I am making a list of all the changes I wish I'd made on mine. It's all good learning and it's been super interesting to see what others have made.