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Push is just what I needed to hear. I saw the game at a friend's on there monitor and it was very dark compared to my nicely calibrate screen. I have it on my list to lift the standard black blocks a tad. The push instead of boost is a great insight. I shall have that. Putting the finishing touches on the post jam version as we speak. 

I am busy updating it as we speak. It's been great to be unleashed from the constraints of the Polish phase. I thought the polish was a great addition but new levels felt like a no no. So lots of new levels introducing all the other mechanics that were always there but no one could see. Also tinkering with roll speeds and other refinements. I am loving the progress. I will share the post jam version on the awards day. Watch this space. 

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I made for It has been a blast to get such good feedback and I am super happy with how it turned out. 7 days well spent! WebGL has a few things that don't work properly so Win is best. It was a great Jam and the next one is listed already. I can't speak highly enough of it. My fav Jam for sure. If you want to check it out then that would be great. I am working on an update as we speak so I will feed anything back into it.

Nothings ever easy eh? I hope you carry on with it.

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After a very brief explore and I did not have much time to go deep I can say the shadows from the light was one of my highlights. The atmosphere was really nice. I found it a bit slow and with more time to gently explore I am sure there were many more treats to discover. It was a pretty nicely curated game so well done.

Nice idea and take on the theme. I could have done with more juice in the interactions so I knew I was doing things right. I liked the electric artwork. Lots good.

Nice and spooky and Kudos for an original idea. It was a bit glitchy in places and I could have done with more hand holding, excuse the pun. Solid job and loads of good work on display here.

I had a go but I can't seem to pick up any items. I did try and press anything I could think of but at the same time I was being quite swiftly killed by goblins and robots! Maybe chuck some controls up on the itch page?

Hey I just played the polish. Such a smoother experience. Maybe in part because I knew what I was doing from the beginning this time. I love it. I lost but was close to doing it. I love that it has so much depth to it. I shall be playing it again for sure. Keep it up. I am a fan

Thanks. I have had a really nice week. A combination of the polish allowing me to just tidy up and all the great feedback has worked a treat. 

Thanks for the feedback. I wonder if I should worry about the loop? See it does different things each time and it might just be that it decided to keep it really repetitive for you. That's the joy of the random stuff, I can't check and we will never know. I had not thought about it just looping the same thing over and over. It is in theory possible as I have not taught it not to do that. I wonder if that is what happened for you? Adding new songs is just a matter of constucting new elements so as I move it forward I can have new "tracks".

I was gutted about the levels I was able to include. I ran out of time. On Sunday morning I had made 0 levels and the reason it ends where it does is the Green ones were so very broken until the very last minute. There are 3 new cube types and 3 other floor blocks all full functional and included that I ran out of time to make levels to feature them. They are in the editor for people to play with. New levels I thought broke the definition of Polish so I have sat on my hands and not done them yet. It is very frustrating, but hey, it wouldn't be a Jam if you weren't gutted about something.

Really please we got to hang out and try this out together. It's a lot of work to get it where it is and I could see it being a really fun game with the features you described. Well done for having the balls to try a networked game. I fear you have inspired my next game jam undertaking. Gulp

Thanks for playing. Do you have any idea at what point it crashed so I can investigate? Was it the Jam version or Polish 3? That will be very helpful to know

Thanks. I really appreciate you taking the time out to play it.

It's really excellent. Usually when a theme stimulates a twisted mechanic like this it's novel but you wouldn't want to play it for long. There is something about the way that this works that makes me feel like a full and varied game could come from it. Like an action game with a one armed protagonist or something. It should be a horrible experience but actually it is the most interesting driving game I have played in a loooooong time. I think you should be very proud of what you have accomplished here. I hope you take this juicy nugget and run with it.

Really solid entry. I liked the feel of it a lot and whilst this was not the only entry to explore the mechanic it was probably the smoothest I have played. I had a nice time

Violent Loo Roll. Who knew i'd like it. A simple enough game. The sound did not work for me and when I finally died it got stuck on a black screen. I liked the menu and jumping down the bog. Nice touch

Lots of good ideas here. It was not a very smooth learning curve and I spent most of my time being frustrated. A lot of work clearly went into it though so great work

I love the look and feel of this. The juice was bursting from it. That's all I have to say.

A solid entry which had some nice ahah moments. I enjoyed playing it. Some of the movement mechanic felt a bit rough at times and would be where I would spend my energy next. If it was a bit more fluid it would take the game to the next levell for me. Otherwise generally fun time had

Just the first one but a few times. It crashed everytime and to be honest with you I didn't think to download it. I was happy enough to mess around on the first level. I am a pretty harsh critic of platformers and so it was a joy to play with the mechanic. It was buttery smooth. I will revisit when the ratings are over. I am just trying to get at least to halfway! I have got past the 50 mark but man its hard going fitting it all in! So many games and in there own ways they have all been worth playing.

Class. Not much else to say, it felt very complete and having controller support was great. The juice was applied in all the right places. I got an error report when I got to the igloo so you might want to have an investigate there but other than that pretty perfect.

This is truely epic. With a little polish, but not so much that it looses it's charm this could blow up. Especially with online multiplayer etc. Really cool

It's too quite! I liked the idea and I could happily play this for a while but mostly the silence was deafening

I really enjoyed this experience. The writting is great and there is a lot of polish here. If I had to be critical, the fact that the game requires looping through the text multiple times exposed the limitations of the way the text emerged. At first I really liked the way it tracked, until I had to read lots or try and click on and option. I quickly waited until it was in in full until I read or clicked anything. Whilst it seemed like a good idea at first it became an obsticle pretty quickly. If a work moves you are not going to read it quickly. I would make the formating more regular. The writting is good enought not to need anything fancy doing with it. I really liked the highlighted word conversation system. Simple but much nicer than a drop down list of options. Only bug I spoted is the interactive words flash something of the formating that I assume is to do with making them buttons but it was a shame to break the spell like that. I am sure its a quick enough fix. Solid entry

I'd just have a go at sending it to him

There is a lot here to like. The artistry was great. It just felt very quiet

I was not ready for finding my favourite ever dating sim. The bouncing face was such a joy. Naughty and funny. What's not to like?

It's a simple game, but it all works as intended. I enjoyed my short time playing it and for what it is I found no issues. Solid work

Thanks for the comments. As for teaming up it will take a brave soul, but I am always open to collaboration. I probably averaged 12 hours a day for the full 7 days. I am fortunate that I could schedule my day job to allow for commiting to the Jam, I am not sure how easy that is for most people.

I waited to play this with my daughter and we had a very good time playing this. 'Odd' was our highlight. A bit of polish would not go a miss and honestly we are looking forward to playing as Mike, having some new letters and saving those Kittens! Excellent work.

This is a great entry. Lots of super solid work. The art style is nice, I love the audio. The actual game loop felt a bit clunky but that is something that can be refined over time. The excellent voice acting was actually really let down by the black screen, something, anything could have been shown on screen to support it. A blinking dot would have done but the black screen felt bad. It's hard when the jam means things are left out and I feel that with mine, but because this was the first thing we meet it set the tone incorrectly for the attention and effort that was so obviously put into everything else.

Nice little game. I would have enjoyed a little more zip in the movement, but everything here worked nicely. Good job

I enjoyed it for what it is. The contact and interaction was a bit confusing but the thought of picking up litter as a game mechanic was less dull than I imagined before playing. Polish could take this further into being a fun little game. Soundtrack of my day 'beep' boop' beep' lol

If only life didn't get in the way. I would play this game if you got it further. What there is here so far I like.

Really good fun. The pace and energy of it was frantic, but coupled with the one use weapons made it very replayable. I liked everything about it

Hey thanks. Adapting it for touch will be a nice little challenge for sure. One step at a time eh? I am looking forward to adding more levels once the rating closes.

In many ways I consider the first Jam to be the worst Jam. The great learning that comes from it is not so much game related but game jam culture related. My first Jam taught me that I had a long way to go, I was so overwhelmed with the reality of it, I had no idea there was going to be anything required after the submission for example. What I did get a glimpse of was that actually for a short time you become part of a clan. A clan of strangers who are more than happy to help you out, be critical friends etc. Every Jam I do I come away from with better skills, new ideas and confidences. Regardless of how happy or otherwise I am with what I have produced game wise, I am always happy that I found the time to join the clan.

This is a sublime and moving piece of art. To capture an experience, the experience of being a person playing out a situation that you can't stop, that makes you cringe and really feel it. Oh it was just so well done. It needs to go viral. Who can it be sent to to get it some traction? That's what needs to happen next, it is worthy. Profoundly well done

I loved the simple art style and the writing was great. It really lacked the atmosphere to keep me hooked into it. After a while i noticed i was just coasting through it trying to get it to move through the gears as fast as I could. I think that is partly down to the heat and the rating window making time feel precious. I would like to revisit it without that pressure but some sound and life would go a long way toward inturupting that chore like grind that kicks in with just reading lots of text.