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Awesome. Totally worth finishing up as sound would be really nice. I love the hand drawn art style and each level had it's own nice qualities. kudos great job

This is cool. I liked the use of the trhee buttons and it was challenging without getting too frustrating. I really liked it. Kudos

This is a great job for 48 hours. The gameplay is slick and challenging. Keeping the artwork a limited scale and colour pallet gave you the time to put all the juice in. Lovely details in the destruction of the enemies and the bullet casings dropping was very subtle and nice. I liked the music and although it was challenging to complete I am really pleased to have beaten the boss and got my Password. Excellent work, I loved it. 

Warm Dudes would love some attention! Thinking about what to do with it next so all feedback welcome.

Warm Dudes

Thanks. I am going to post an update once the pages are unlocked. A humble update with fixes and maybe a few bits that did not work in time. Then I will have to make a plan for the future of these dudes.

Thanks. I really enjoyed our call and test play too. Maybe there is something in playing each others games on call that could be explored. Like speed dating type of thing? Not sure of the practical side of things but there is value in watching someone playing and being able to talk to them at the same time. 

It's a card game type thing and in real life, not a computer game. It's like snap plus. 

That's not the first time my voice has been described that way! Lol. I am pleased you liked it. 

I am really pleased I got to play. It is full of ambition and some of it really delivered. I know it is missing bits and bobs but I would be really happy to try it when it has more of it's intended pieces. What is here is really interesting and I enjoyed it.

Thanks. I really enjoyed your game too. It had good feels.

A really nice idea. It has a really good tension about it. The puzzle was simple to grasp but enjoyable. It reminded me of Dobble. I totally enjoyed it.

I liked the look of it, but it seems like the befriending part of the game is not working. Unless I am missing something? They will not become my friend. So I only met the first soldier and could not go further. I would have liked to.

It has some interesting ideas. Suddenly shooting yourself with a new friend was quite hard to always avoid. The quick jump back into the action made it not too much of a drag to lose. I was not a fan of love hearts instead of bullets work around for the non violence if I am honest. I have enjoyed not doing all the shooting that jams usually have, but at least you did something interesting with it. It was interesting.

It was a pretty well put together experience. I would have loved a crosshair or something to make where i was aiming feel a bit neater. The robots did there thing, crops were harvested, it's was all good.

I enjoyed the art style, it was nicely drawn. The gameplay was challenging enough to keep me playing for a while. The wolves moving really ramped up the tension as they felt pretty safe before than. Over all good job

My computer thinks there is a virus in your build. I have deleted it as a precaution without playing it. Is there something that might appear harmful that isn't? I have not played or rated. It had the word trojan in it!

Great little game that was just a little bit too little. Being left wanting more is no bad thing

The art is impecible and the idea here is lovely. I did find the actual experience of playing it a little frustrating, but I was enjoying the space so much it was not a problem. I'd love to give it a proper go with no time pressure once it is as you intended it to be. What you did get done was lovely.

Simple game well put together. I enjoyed the frantic smashing of my space bar and the trees are very nice. The character art looked a bit soft in compared to the trees. I enjoyed it enough to keep playing for a good while and that is all that counts. Great work

Thanks. I am pleased we took the time to get it working. Looks like I've got a new project to work on. 

It's a really well thought out and finished experience. The levels are a good mix of simple enough whilst still being challenging. The two different speeds makes it interesting. If I were to request a change it would be that both blocks moved faster, still with the same ratio, just much snappier. It will be even more fun that way I think. Great work. Kudos

I have not got on the VR bus myself, so I can't play and rate. Sounds good.

I found it a bit hard to like this game. In any other context I would not have felt hard on it I guess. The hope that I have been experiencing from the other games submitted is missing and so makes the fact we are shooting things seem a bit odd. I am not sure you were that happy with the non violence part of the jam and so ended up making something which basically is shoot things anyway. I liked the saving people and being stronger together idea though. It is what it is and lots has been done well.

Simple game. The collision is really tight so it feels pretty fair and consistent. I would like a bit less speed / power on the ball, as at times a good hit is too good to keep in play and feels more punishing than it should. I liked it

A nice little story. It's simplicity is a strength. What is not to like? I would say that having a few birds that don't interact with you was the only bit of it that the spell broke. If they don't interact then I would not have them there, maybe it's a bug but top left Nightingale never spoke to me. Good work

I really enjoyed this game loop. It has some good things going for it and bags of potential. Although it is super simple the pace of it has been set up just about right to make it enjoyable enough to want to start again and give it another try. The art is clean and gets the job done. I would like to see more juice added and would defo play again if you continued with it. Great work.

Thanks. It's funny how it goes with graphics. I literally spent less than an hour making every model for this game. Deliberately made them minimal so they would be easy. I've spent a lot longer on that kind of thing in other games and none of them look as nice. Must remember less is more! 

I liked the art choices you made here. It was nice to look at something new actually. The darkness and movement on everything was cool. The actual game loop I found a bit counter intuitive and not that much fun to move unfortunately. The Theme was well covered with the multiple charcters. It was an interesting one to play. Well done.

Lots of nice ideas here. I would have liked more speed and the sprint felt very short lived. It was all pretty nice, but I can't see myself wanting to come back and play it any more.

Once I got my head around the mechanic it was super fun and sweet. I think a little bit of hand holding to help me into the game loop would have gone a long way. Once I got going though I found it really satisfying. Great job.

Lots of potential here and it's a shame it did not get completed. I liked what you managed to get done though.

I would have played a lot more if the death state meant you could start over. I think that pausing the time when the shop is open would be nice and I did enjoy it. Like everyone said it has potential

Lovely idea. It was challenging and fun. The tiles were a bit flickery on the joins at times and I agree a slightly wider and faster camera would help take in the level more. Great job though.

I am too. I have grown quite attatched to them. It's not the kind of thing I usually make so it has been interesting to learn lots along the way

Thanks. Using my voice was way out of my comfort zone but those dudes basically forced me to do some. 

If you like. Other people who are rating will see it too.

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Thanks. If you comment on the submission page then your entry shows up under your comment. Makes it easier to see who is who. I am pleased you liked the voice stuff. Totally out of my comfort zone.

This was a nice take on the theme. I could have done with some instructions but it was not too hard to work out. I liked the way you had to judge speed and time it to not miss people. I would have liked more ambient sounds to get the feels right. Also some of the collision was off. Sometime I hit cars when there was space still and other times I rolled right over them. Good job.