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Really awesome idea really brings back the old arcade games like space invaders audio was really well done great work!!

Wow tank you so much! It took a lot of hard work from every single member of the team. Really appreciate the kind words

Really nice platformer with some potential. I wasnt sure what to with the crates or blue walls but I was able to easily cheese everything but jumping up walls which was fun. I think some textures didnt work on some of the platforms but overall really nice the levels well well designed.

Really nice visuals everything was super cute.

Wow this is such an awesome game it actually gave me goosebumps playing it and listening to these sounds. Really amazing work visually too I love the look of the game I wish I could see more and see a world of this! 

if there was option to punch annoying girl this game would be 10/10

Very clean and fun game well done!! need to keep beating my high score now.

Really well done amazing that you were able to make it all by yourself in a week!.  Auido sounds great and the gun feels really good to shoot. My major complaint is the movement you walk wayyyy too fast and I kept overspeeding things. And the Air movement card needs to give much more movement in the air. Overall tho amazing game!! well done

Really nice game loved the audio the the horns and it was satisfying to shoot when u had loads of villagers by your side. Only complaint would be the camera zooming in too close at time I just wasnt able to see any enemies coming.

Really nice visually and nice atmosphere, really made me remember my primary color mixes xD well done!

really glad you enjoyed it! If we had one more day we could have possibly made openable cheasts:D

Thank you so much!!

Really Awesome love the feel of it a few bugs here and there but really fun.

Thank you so much for playing our game!! we will be sure to be there for the stream!!

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you glad you enjoyed !!

Wow amazing job guys this is a really well polished and fun game I really enjoyed every second of it had too much fun slashing and shooting zombies. The level design is really neat the mechanics are outstanding and really well made crafting and looting system really outstanding for a game jam 10/10 guys !!!

Thank you so much really appreciate it!!

Really love the game nice fps wish there was a bit more time but the shooting feels amazing and the time slow down is awesome lots of features in the game with maybe another level and more enemies this would be an amazing. Overall really solid well done guys!!!

Really good concept challenging in certain areas as u get swarmed and get massive words to type. But while playing it I was in constant fear clacking on my keyboard as zombies swarmed me really well done nice atmosphere and visuals I died a few times but kept replaying to get to the end!. The screen was a bit cropped for me but thats cause I was on the ultrawide but was still able to make out the words to type.

Really Cool concept !! wish the tasks were more varied like a change in the jigsaw or maybe saving a different animal but the core gameplay is really good I liked the movement system.

Needs more pee physics.

Really fun webGL build was buggy and hard to control but downloaded it and its very to just...... YEET the carps well done!

Loved the asthetic of the game and the use of cards on enemies a bit confusing but I think I got it in the end wish Enter was used instead of x in the main menu that took a bit to find. Overall well done!!

The game is visually amazing and I love the concept but I was very confused about the gameplay and what to do in the game. Also wish I could use WASD to move.

Amazing experience working on this game last stretch was tough but we pulled it off !