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Need to Pee: Seize the BidetView game page

It's Halloween, and you need to pee!
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Use of Audio#83.9683.968

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There was a lot of variety to the audio, and I really liked the simple and consistent art and colors. It was fun solving each little puzzle, although I still don't understand how the ghosts on the kitchen sink worked. It got a little glitchy sometimes with the candles and also after peeing I was able to rush back to the front door without having to engage with the mini-games. Regardless, this is one of the more solid entries IMO. Nice work! 


I really like the dark imagination and the art style. The movement felt clumsy though.

The only thing better than the art style here is the title. Game is really solid. Sound is amazing and the graphics give that simple, yet great feel. Appreciate the timely Halloween theme as well as the 69% battery when you start the game.



I was positively surprised by the game, it was really enjoyable! Nice sound design and simple but cute graphics. The only "issue", for me, was the mouse sensibilty, maybe too high... Anyway it was a really nice little experience!


Really fun to play and I love the art style! I liked how you managed to incorporate halloween into the theme as well :) 


Good job on the level design!

Great job! Love the atmosphere in the game


Fun and charming game, art and audio are great! 


Fun game! Music was incredible and really made me feel immersed. Look sensitivity felt a little janky, but the overall feel of the environment and interactions were outstanding.


Good Job!


Thank you to the team lives especially the audio very good at its job keep up the good work and give the audio/composer a raise!


I really enjoyed this game. The music really adds to it and gives you that one more go feeling. Unique  visuals that enhance atmosphere. I tried it on a laptop and my mousepad was way too sensitive. It would be interesting to see this developed for mobile platforms. Well done in making it in one week!


Simple, fast, enjoyable & has an addictive soundtrack. Hits all the notes I consider important in a game jam title. No elements feel bloated or unfinished in a way that detracts from the active game-play experience, nor do any of the fantastically designed environmental pieces take away from the intended art style.

As with most game jam titles there are a few bugs however none are game breaking in any form and the largest critique I could give the title is that the physics system could be tightened up and feel a little more responsive. While 'Seize the Bidet' may be a little less ambitious than some of the other game jam titles out there, this results in it  feeling significantly more complete rather than missing seemingly obvious features.

All in all 'Seize the Bidet' is a lighthearted and charming title that shows off the developing teams skills fantastically and I would happily follow their journey to releasing more titles in the future.


Needs more pee physics.