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The art and music are beautiful. Clean, well-laid-out, and responsive UI. This reminds me of Disco Elysium in terms of the core gameplay mechanics. Looks to be very rich with features. A very polished submission. Look forward to seeing the final product. Very well done. 

Very simple and well done. Polished. I really like the way you made use of the obstacles to create optical illusions and interesting movement patterns. The controls were responsive and the visual messaging was on point. Definitely a contender for best-in-show. Congrats and good luck. 

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Great text adventure. I felt satisfied and rewarded for having completed it. Good balance of narrative, clue-finding, and decoding. Nice use of images (used sparingly). I came across the sticky note on the community board early on and I was glad to see it come back at the end to decode the combination to open the shutter. Nice use of sound and music to create an ambiance. The narrative was convincingly unsettling.  Very cool (and depressing) twist to the story.  Nice work! 

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A nice little game. Very simple and works well. I think the meteors should gradually start dropping more as you progress. The upgrades also get too expensive too soon. I think those small adjustments would help, but otherwise, the core game itself works nice! A solid submission. Good work! 

I was able to get 172 points

Please if you have a moment, give our game a try and leave a rating and comment. Thanks! 

Cool and kinda creepy! Some minor issues with clipping. I think also some checkpoints would be nice. Dying can be a little too sudden also. When I got to the "moon" I died as soon as I started because I walked into something that was right in front of me. 

I entered the room that said do not enter! Creepy! :( 

Please if you have a moment, give our game a try and leave a rating and comment. Thanks! 

Absolutely fantastic. Very polished and probably best-in-show. The grapple hook and air-control mechanics are incredibly stellar. I can't say a single bad thing about this. Great job and best of luck! 

Solid game and fits the theme really well. You executed everything you set out to do. A simple mechanic, minimal UI, and easy to distinguish visuals. Great work! Maybe the only improvement that can be made are small incremental adjustments to balance it a tiny bit better. I did feel like the moon shooting distance was a bit short. 

Cool. I like that you added voice-overs. Good variety of weapons with different effects.   

Some well-intentioned and constructive criticisms: The voice-overs overlap if the player progresses faster than you intended. The main and in-game menus use a mouse, but the game is played with a gamepad. I skipped all of the enemies and went straight into the reactor and blew it up. I did escape from the moon, but I got blown up anyway when the timer ran out. Also, if you go around the back of the moon (skipping the front entrance), your ship can move behind the moon but you won't see your ship.

Overall, a good attempt for a game jam. I think it still has some loose ends to tie up! Best of luck! 

P.S. We're looking for more feedback on our game submission. Please consider trying out our game. Thanks! 

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How do you start the game? I can't find any .exe

The music and art are nice. It's also cool to see it was made with LÖVE and Lua scripting. Game is simple and I like how you introduce the player to the gameplay elements at the beginning through narrative. Well done! 

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Very appropriate and direct theme interpretation. Super simple and works. I think the cooldown on the shooting can be a bit unforgiving at times. Nice work! 

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It's functional, has a proper game loop, no glitches (except some of the moon rocks vibrating), it's in 3D, made by one person, and I like the meme on the menu screen. Good job and best of luck! 

A competent puzzle-platformer. Cool interpretation of the theme.  I like the moon relic mechanic.  It was fun figuring out the puzzles. I admit it took me a while to figure out the one at the start of the 2nd level. In the same spot actually, I did run into a weird camera transition glitch in that area (see red circle in image below), but it wasn't game-breaking. The art, character design, animation, and music are nicely done. I also think it's pretty cool you guys used ObEngine. Never heard of it until now. Nice work and best of luck! 

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Thanks for the constructive feedback. Definitely our next jam will be smaller in scope and we'll give ourselves enough time to fine tune the user experience. I agree 100% that you have to communicate to the player what they're supposed to do and there's a lot of nuance to that which just never got addressed in our game. 

I really like the gameplay concept. The visuals and art are well done. The UI is polished for sure, but the gameplay does need a bit of work. As others have mentioned already, the game needs to be balanced as it quickly ramps up to the point where you're no longer seeing the enemies anymore and your turrets rapid fire out into the horizon. After long enough, some of the turrets start to glitch out and some of the upgrades stop working properly. I've noticed also that when you use the carpe diem abilities, your turrets stop firing. Was that intentional? 

Anyway, all of our entries need to be polished up, so don't sweat it! I like what I see here. It's a solid base for a fun game that'll be worth following up on for sure! Best of luck! 

Had a lot of fun with this. It's awesome that you have so many features packed into this and it looks and plays great. I do have a few small nitpicks: 

  • Spamming reload and shooting at the same time allows you to rapid fire the guns endlessly without having to wait for reload. 
  • Clicking to craft items conflicts with the click to attack behind the crafting menu.
  • You can press 'I' to go in and out of your inventory, but 'Tab' only goes into your inventory and pressing it again won't bring you back out like pressing 'I' does. Also, pressing Escape opens the in-game menu, but pressing Escape again doesn't bring you back to the game, you have to click the Continue button. Also, if you have the inventory, pressing Escape should let you close the inventory first and then pressing Escape again will open the in-game menu. 

All in all, great work and definitely one of the more polished entries in this game jam! Best of luck! 

I used to play a ton of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing AND The House of the Dead (a zombie rail shooter). You've somehow combined the two and I love it. Oh, and I'm also a fan of The Evil Dead / Army of Darkness, so I'm totally digging all those groovy references (no "boomstick" though?).  Great job on all counts. Super polished. Love the old burnt up paper UI and that rusty old typewriter sound of course fits the horror motif. Bravo. One of my favorite entries. 

Interesting and simple. I really like the old-school visuals and the sound effects. I just wish there was a bit more complexity to the gameplay. I wasn't sure if my choices mattered. Good luck on expanding this project! 

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I managed to get it working perfectly and beat the game. I was constantly casting Level 3 spells without fail. I did cheat and screencapped the different laws of the elements between battles and had a copy of the spellbook open also. I recorded my full playthrough and uploaded it to YouTube to show that it picks up the microphone flawlessly (sorry I should've lowered the music volume, it's difficult to hear my commentary, so I've listed the important points below). Great job. This game pretty much does what it sets out to do but needs a little bit of restructuring and polishing. 

Some constructive suggestions/critiques:

  • Allow player's to skip the 60 second wait if they want to.
  • Have a push-to-talk button so that players can talk without triggering spells unintentionally.
  • Restructure the whole idea of the laws of the elements, since it is cumbersome for players to memorize each one between battles and it's very easy to cheat it. 
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I really like the lo-fi art style and sound. The game plays well for the most part, but I was confused as to how the card system worked and what the general purpose was. I think more description on the game page would've helped, or instructions/controls in the main menu. Nice work nonetheless, especially considering you are only one person on the team and doing what seems to be your first game jam! Congrats and best of luck! 

Probably the best in show. Everything is super polished, especially the tomato (did you use subsurface scattering?). The platforming is challenging, fun, and unique with the rolling around and charging the jump. Good fit on the theme. Amazing work.   

This game perfectly executes what it sets out to do. I had fun balancing all the different actions while keeping track of the timers. Nice work. 

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Nice concept! The game works well when broken down into the 3 objectives you laid out. I like that it has an environmentally positive message and it fits the theme very well! The visuals are great too, very simple and easy for the player to distinguish what they're looking at.

Of course, it still needs a bit more polish to be a complete game. I noticed you can exploit the resources you pick up by spamming 'e', so I had everything I needed to build the wind turbines very quickly. The prompts for picking up the resources are a little unreliable too, you have to position yourself the right way to get the prompt. Also, when you need to move your mouse and click something, I find that it clashes with the UI a bit. Ideally, you want to freeze the player's ability to look around when browsing an inventory screen for example.

All that said, most of us in this game jam have things to fix and polish up post-jam, so don't sweat it. I think for the week that you had, this is pretty impressive and you should continue to add to it and polish it up. It will make a nice portfolio piece. 

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Really clean execution. A very well-polished and complete game. The visuals are consistent and smooth, and the music is just honey to my ears. My only gripe was having difficulty in identifying the shrines of a particular god and trying to remember what kinds of offerings they liked and what kind of effects they have when they are stronger or weaker. I wish there was a better way to convey that rather than having to interact with the text prompts next to each shrine and having to refer to the hints in between days. Great entry nonetheless, one of the better ones for sure! 

This was an interesting take on a narrative-driven experience. It was well-written and convincingly conveyed the catharsis of Rita as she confronted those who've done her wrong in a sort of "theater of the mind" encounter. Coupled with the use of atmospheric audio and subdued music, I also enjoyed the occasional inclusion of the semi-interactive visuals/"games", like the grid that changes colors when you move the mouse and the shooting gallery in the end with the music was entrancing. I would've liked to experience the other two characters as well, but it seems like they are un-selectable for now. Very nice. A beautifully sobering experience. 

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It was okay and competent overall, but I wish it had a little bit more variety to it. That said, it fit the theme, and it was interesting that the shadows are what do the damage. My suggestion would be to have the shadows gradually wither the plant down rather than have it die instantly. All said and done, based on your profiles, this looks like the first game jam entry for most of you and it's awesome that you have a game that works from A to Z. Congrats and keep at it! 

There was a lot of variety to the audio, and I really liked the simple and consistent art and colors. It was fun solving each little puzzle, although I still don't understand how the ghosts on the kitchen sink worked. It got a little glitchy sometimes with the candles and also after peeing I was able to rush back to the front door without having to engage with the mini-games. Regardless, this is one of the more solid entries IMO. Nice work! 

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When I went to the attic, it was super dark, I couldn't see almost anything except vague shapes, but I guess I forgot to get a light source or flashlight maybe? haha

Regarding not being able to experience all the content in your game, I saw that happen in the stream with Joel too. It's kind of a reality of game jams and making games in general. The audience is ultimately going to call the shots, so everything has to be done in a way where they are subconsciously guided to play and enjoy your game with minimal time and effort, having to figure things out themselves, etc. Honestly, our project is suffering from that too. We put too much focus on the features and not so much on the user experience and presentation. But hey, these kinds of lessons and experiences are invaluable. I'd suggest making a video and embedding it on the game page, that way, people can see a full playthrough of all the content in your game!

Any significance to the toy soldiers by the way? I saw them hiding all over the place! 😅

Nice work! I think the quality of the visuals and their style stand out the most! It fits the theme of course, and I also like the humor of the emotionally detached narrator, "Premature death  often negates the possibility of success" haha... That said, as an infinite runner, I didn't find the gameplay too enticing or innovative, but it was a good vessel to experience the great visuals and the humor of the narrator! Nice work and best of luck! 

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Firstly, based on both your profiles, it looks like this is your first game jam on! Congratulations, this is a fantastic first submission in my opinion. A competent 2D platformer with nice old-school art. I enjoyed it overall, although the gameplay was a bit buggy and unpolished at times. At one point, I got stuck in a infinite loop of the attacking animation and wasn't doing any damage to the enemies. I was also a little lost in how I was progressing through the levels, but that was a minor issue. The strong points of this entry I would say are the consistent visuals showcasing a nice variety of scenes and the music in my opinion fit nicely. Good work! I think you should continue to develop and polish this game after the game jam as it's is a good base for a portfolio piece. Best of luck! 

Hey, it looks like it's your first jam and you're a one person team! That's incredible given how much you've accomplished in a week! It's nice to see an RTS entry in this jam! I definitely like the look of it and the concept is simple enough to pick up quickly and play! I just think it needs some polish and refinement. There was weird performance issues where it would hang up sometimes (on a high-end machine), and also the minions didn't seem to want to stick to the same task I give them, I always had to reassign the task to them. I also wasn't too sure what was the purpose of building those resource buildings, since it seems like the minions just gather the resources in-place, they don't need to go back to a building. Anyway, a good attempt and a solid entry, just make sure to continue improving it after the game jam is done. It can make a good portfolio piece! 

Nice work overall. I tried to do a few things like going to the attic, eating, watching TV, riding the bike, etc. While it lacks polish and a complete game loop, the visuals are nice and it looks like there's a lot of features and things to do in the game. Looks like something worth polishing up after the game jam is done to include in your indie game company portfolio! Keep it up! 

Good work for 1 person, 1 week, and your second game jam on! 

I think the player's aim direction should be decoupled from the movement, it would make the controls feel a bit smoother than they are right now. Think of like a tank's turret moving independently. I think also an auto-reload on the gun and also a reload sound would help as an auditory queue. 

Good work, continue to polish it after the game jam! Like the concept and fits well with the theme! 

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Yeah, it seems like the tornado doesn't stop having its effect after the player dies 👀

Going to add that to the list of bugs to fix..

Thanks for playing!

It was tough for me to get used to the controls, casting the fishhook to move around and hook onto the enemies is pretty cool! I like the style and the variety in the sounds too. Nice work! 

The controls were a bit difficult, but the art, mood and music are nice! The transition from day to night is great. 

It's got nice visuals and it's cool that it has an inventory system and visible armor and weapons that can be upgraded on the player. The aiming is a bit glitchy and there's some other issues, but overall, it's nice work and worth continuing to improve it after the jam is done! Good luck! 

Fits the theme well. A simple and competent concept with a decent amount of variety to the characters, the scene and the mini games. A solid entry. Nice work.