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Hey man I don't even know how you were able to make a fully functional pinball machine in 3h. My only critic is that the ball was a bit too bouncy and slow, in fact it felt like playing a pinball on mars or something haha. But well done!

Very impressive for a game made in 3h. I know that was probably due to the time limit but it wasn't always clear where you had to go. That would make a great mobile game btw. Good job!

Wow what a nice concept! It's a shame this game was submitted as part of a 3h gamejam because I would have played so much more of it. I love how soothing the sound of the pings were.

When I saw the title I went okayyy, for sure this won't be just snake. And I was pleasantly surprised. I played multiple times to see what were the possible upgrades. It's a cool concept. I wonder to how many classic games you could apply this twist?

Very nice puzzle game for 3h! This game gets seriously hard once you go beyond 3 rooms. 

Such a nice little game, I love the art style and it's all very well packaged together. Well done!

I am curious as to what was your process to have handrawings as game assets?

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jeez man it’s obviously a typo and in fact your explanation doesn’t make sense grammatically. 

I like how at first I clicked the bad words. Way 2 me irl 4 me irl.

Very hard but I was compelled to try again and again. Nice juice on the animations, the audio and music was very fitting. Nice take on the theme :)

My feedback here would be, I wish horizontal sensitivity would be every so slightly less fast for a better control on the character. Maybe it's a matter of taste and you want a game as hard as Eden Ring ;)

Well done I think this would work really well as a phone game

Gratz on your first game jam!

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A physics-based puzzle game in a few hours is no easy task. I had a lot of fun playing your game. I especially liked that you can have TOO MUCH pressure in your pipes and that that makes you lose.

My only feedback is that the chiptune sound effect didn't really fit the visuals of your game and I think industrial type sounds would work better. Good job you should be proud of the result.

oooh yeah ok that makes sense

At first I found the game too easy... Until I was hit with the first gem that makes a second screen. What a pleasant surprise. It quickly got way out of hand with dozens of screens open.

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the bear during the day and evil bush during the night are really hard to see and don't really pop out of the environment which makes the game very challenging in a good way!

Honestly I just loved the experience and I'm sharing it with friends outside of this jam because I want them to experience it. Very well done.

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I laughed out loud when I went to pick up a bomb and blew myself up lol. It's a well done game and you definitely feel the pressure as you are slowly running out of time. I also felt rewarded for playing multiple times and knowing where to pickup extra clocks when needed.

If you want some feedback I think a copyright free music track would do a lot for the ambiance but it's no big deal. Good stuff :)

Thanks for playing I always play everygame of the jams I attend to :)

I love the idea of a single boss fight for a trijam game. We definitely feel the pressure rising as the boss gets harder. Well done :)

Btw I don't know if it's possible with unity to keep the music running when you reload a scene? I think not hearing the music restart from the beginning when you die would be a small thing that would go a long way, but again I haven't touched unity in a while so I don't know if it's easily doable!

Thanks for playing it, this was my first 2d game and first attempt at making pixel art I am happy with how it turned out! I just find the background very bland and I don't know how to make it more interesting. I'm also quite a noob at 2d game juice but that will come with time I guess. 

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Holy fuck dude the amount of juice here is insane and makes this so much fun. I would love a post mortem on which kind of juice you added and how it was made. The audio is as punchy as the visuals, the game is a lot of fun to play and you feel powerful and impactful yet not OP. Very well put together sir I am impressed.

PS: What game engine did you use?

well done man

I had a fun time with your game that last level was brutally hard XD

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I was doing another game jam so I couldn't partcipate but I would have done a rocket with a booster that's always on and difficult to control. You have to grab  as many coins before you unevitably crash.

I love the gameplay and the minimalistic artstyle :)

This is a very creative entry on all levels, visually, audio, and the way you tell a story from a fixed perspective. Very well done!

This game is without a doubt one of the most amazing game jam game I've ever played. The way you mix the high quality 2d and 3d assets, the soul-lite combat, the two mana bars and excellent execution of the theme. Wow. You deserve to win, is all that I can say.

yeah I think it would do great on mobile the controls are simple enough and the game lengths are short

Just wanted to let you know that I came back to play some more. Are you planning making a full release?

The visuals are absolutely amazing, I don't think I've ever seen a game made like this. The cardboard levels were oddly hyper realistic because that's what a level made in cardboard would look like in real life. I also really like your team interpretation and the cutscenes :)

My only critic would be that the shotgun lacked some kind of feedback when you shoot. Otherwise good job :)

Great game, we also made a color based puzzle game based on color combinations XD.

The puzzles are hard but that's not a bad thing. After the first few level I caught on and got better!

Wow! Really well done graphics and good job on optimizing such a good looking game to play in browser.

oh because you have a limited amount of moves is that right

Another fellow color puzzle :) Your game is really nice and clever, I think it would do great as a mobile game I don't know if you were planning on doing that. I have a question, what does it mean when all the color squares become black?

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Wow! This game is some serious fun. It's surprisingly hard, I can't even get passed the novice difficulty. And what does Historically Accurate even mean in this context? XD

And you made this alone? Great job. I'm really impressed that you implemented a seed based level generator in such a short time. 

This is my favorite game of the jam so far.

Nice take on the card fighting game which is one of my favorite genre

Nice art and concept, hope you'll finish it

The concept is really cool and the theme and dialogues were funny. My only issue was that I wished I didn't have to spam the two letters in order to go forward.

Here's a hint if anyone else is stuck: you need to find the key to the safe. It's in one of the houses.

Amazing well done

Impressive intro, and nice use of public domain classical music. Everything fits in well together. I like how the levels have many layers, I think I saw one of your posts on reddit showing this off.