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Sergio Quintero

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send me the link to play it! And thank you so much for using the music. If you have a twitter post let me know to repost it

This game is adictive! trying to surpass my high score XD!! 

Thank you so much for using one of my tracks!!

Awesome!! will check out the game right now!! thank you so much for the shoutout!!

Thanks man! Any fav track so far?

sure! Your team made an awesome jewel. Looking forward for the next project!  How we say it in my country "mucho exito"

looking forward to test this new patch out. I dont see it  on the log, but I would've loved that the general music while playing would be louder or have a mixer to control it. 

Hi guys, just got here. Im a music Composer. If you are looking for one for the game jam just DM me.

thank you! How does one usually look for team members for the jam withouth the discord? 

RPG LATAM JAM community · Created a new topic Discord?

Buenas, hay algun discord para buscar algun equipo? 

thank you Thresh! We are working on it so that people put there can actually play the game ❤️

beautiful tracks!! 

Thank you and thats the Idea. 

Yeah, it was fun and had to think. reminded me of metal gear if one really wanted to go through the lvls unnoticed

damn this one really sucked me in! loved the classic 8bit music!!

really cool concept. had a little bit of problem with the wooden boxes, couldn't get through sometimes. loved the music by the way

now this reminded me of side questing in mmorpg games. getting lot of stuff for the greater ending! and voice acting was hilarious! XDDD

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really loved the concept of getting inside and stealing the documents. a lil hard to remember the buttons of each characters abilities. overall fun and took the time to try to steal the goods XD

thank you, we are working on an update version after the jam. we wanted to implement some puzzle mechanics where their different abilities  would help get through the cave.

Really enjoyed the music. well done overall.

really loved the soundtrack, hope you make an update version after the jam :heart:

Loved the game, Would love to see a final boss in the furute and in the options menu a mixer, wanted more music :heart:

thank you!! 

Plus Ultra!!!!

Can one update a game after it has been submitted? there where a few bugs that could'nt been finished and had to submitt as it is.