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Drop your #latamrpg or creator page here! // Dejá tu juego o página acá!

A topic by Nargosiprenk created Mar 10, 2021 Views: 1,202 Replies: 34
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This is intended as a list to check for anybody who wants to participate but don't know how or where to find #latamrpg projects.


La idea es hacer una lista para que cualquiera pueda chequear si quiere participar pero no sabe cómo o dónde encontrar juegos latinoamericanos.

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I'll list some authors from Brazil that have some cool games:

Also me, if you're into small games.


All of those links are going to




Awesome list of links!

¡Impresionante lista de enlaces!

Excelente lista de links!


That's great, I feel like there is a lot of people in Brazil and Latin America I don't know yet, and most also do not know me!


I didnt knew you too. :-)

I'm very interested in your Blackest Hack. 🤩


Thanks! If you play it tell me how it went!




Thanks, pal!

Submitted(+3) → This is my page


CurseNightGames - this is my page. I have a couple creative commons resources if anybody wants to take a look at Trusted with Its True Name and Victor's GM-less Oracle.
If you bought the Solo But Not Alone bundle, good news, you own my games already.


Hola, estos son nuestros juegos:

Yo soy de México y otros chicos del equipo son de Argentina, estamos contentos de participar aunque sean sencillos nuestros diseños.

Saludos Jammers!


My page of games.

Mi página de juegos.

Minha página de jogos.


I'm raulranma, from Brasil!
I made this one weird game about masculinity and bullying once, and I feel maybe someone could be interested in using its mechanics for something else?


I'm a brazilian TTRPG writer and artist, you can check my games here:

This opportunity is amazing. Gonna definitely write something for the jam!


Ey, mi nombre es Duamn Figueroa Rassol,
Voy a estar haciendo una aventura para Into the Bronze de Guilhaume Gontijo. Si quieren revisar alguno de mis juegos, pueden ir a MRDR HOBO.IO, no tengo mucho publicado... por ahora.
Ah, y si les interesa hacer algo relacionado a Blades in the Dark, también hice un hack llamado World of Blades que se presta a ser elaborado.

Oh, damn, now in English: my name is Duamn Figueroa Rassol.
I'm going to be making an adventure for Into the Bronze by Guilhaume Gontijo. You can check some of my games at MRDR HOBO.IO, and if you're interested in something Blades in the Dark related, I made a hack called World of Blades which lends itself to be built upon.

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Benjamín Aníbal Reyna is an Argentine game designer who makes great minimalist RPGs.


Patricio Gonzalez is another Argentine who creates interesting games, like "Lobo Blanco", a fan-RPG in the world of Elric of Melniboné. The game is available for free in Spanish and English.


He also designed a lot of setting-agnostic games, like Diezlados, Relatos, and Sistema de Resonancias. The last two are specially keen to hacking!
Pato también diseñó un montón de juegos sin setting predeterminado, como Diezlados, Relatos, y el Sistema de Resonancias. Los últimos dos son especialmente hackeables!


I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm very new to itch. Going to follow as much people here as possible to make some cool things for the community. Looking forward to having something to share. 

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I'm Lucas Valensa. I'm a Brazilian-American game designer and I make a lot of scifi and other niche genre games.

Eu sou Lucas Valensa. Sou un game designer Brasileiro e eu crio jogos que tem a ver com ficção cientifica e outros generos de nicho.


Hola! Mi nombre es Julián Vecchione, soy diseñador de juegos de mesa, juegos de rol y videojuegos en Argentina.  Pueden ver algunas de mis producciones en 


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I'm Leonardo Azevedo. I'm a Brazilian game designer and I make a scifi underwater game with light rules.


I just love how pretty your stuff is

Oh, there's also this relatively new publishing house! Primigenia Austral!

Ah, una editorial relativamente nueva! Primigenia Austral!

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Hey folks!

My game is CBR+PNK (, a minimalist Forged in the Dark game in a cyberpunk setting. It was designed for one-shots - the characters are veterans making their LAST run. 

Here are a few ideas for what could be done with the game, other than hacking of course:

  • Runs: think starting situations, fill it with adjacent events, clocks and one or more possible twists!
  • Locations: ideas for places where the Runs might happen
  • Plugins: supplements with modular rules, possibily converting whatever set I left out to the one-shot constranits or even rules for playing it in campaign mode?
  • Lists or tables filled with gear and cyberware
  • Factions: corps, gangs, individuals with their own agenda to cross paths with

I'll do something for it


@emanoelmelo como posso trocar uma ideia com vc? estou interessado em fazer um material para o CBR+PNK mas tenho algumas dúvidas sobre as regras etc.


@paralaxe, pode me chamar no Twitter ou instagram (ambos @emanoelmelo)!

(+2) < i am JVStorck, i made a game called Simulacrum Umbra, a dark fantasy ttrpg with a cool freeform magic system, a fast paced and deadly combat, old school inventory management and some simple tables that create an environment for open world exploration. >

Pra quem fala português eu também escrevo um zine chamado Fundo do Poço, uma parada doida que não tem aqui no mas tu pode baixar no drive (

Além disso eu fiz um cenário pra jam Gygax 75 BR esses tempos. >

Follow me on instagram for shitty photos and drawings. >


Hi guys, just got here. Im a music Composer. If you are looking for one for the game jam just DM me.


Whats up!?
Cripta RPG it's Realeased in Portuguese by Dungeonist but we did a English Version to this Jam!!

CRIPTA RPG by FriggingFrogs, Jopes (

If you wanna read in portuguese

CRIPTA | Dungeonist Marketplace

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Hola! me nombraron más arriba pero ahora estoy oficialmente en la comunidad de Los invito a pasar por mi perfil. Ahí se encuentra mi sistema Resonancias, que es una evolución del sistema que le da vida a Lobo Blanco.

Hi! I was quoted above but now I'm officially part of the community. Please visit my profile. You can find Resonancias, my latest RPG system, an evolution of the one that gives life to Lobo Blanco. Currently only in Spanish (sorry!).