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The concept and game mechanic is cool but I think having one screen 2D UI only (I'm thinking of pixel art UI like Papers, Please) is more suitable for this type of game.

I think the game's UI is a bit hard to interpret at first. It took like a couple of minutes to realize what to do in the game. But the concept is nice and solid.

11/10 best voice acting, would organize a party again!

Just kidding, but I really like the dialogue hahahahahaha.


For anymore who stuck in the first room, you need to move both boxes down 1 time, and then move box number 3 up to the yellow slot then you can move box number 7 down to the slot.

I'm really bad with multitasking, to be honest, so when I tried to move the characters or do something, everything fell apart hahaha. But your prototype has a great concept, it just needs a bit more polishing. Also here is my game:, I would be appreciated if you test and rate it too!

Great visual, but I took a while to figure out what to do for each animal in the game.

The game looks stunning! But somehow I have some difficulties burning the mushrooms hahaha.

Great game! I'm a bit confused at first on how the blocks are swapped based on the symbol sequence at the bottom of the game and it's quite unclear at first that I need to finish the puzzle before it reaches "END". A prompt or small explanation would be a plus!

Hope I have someone to play with. I felt it was too difficult to play with myself.

Cool concept but need a bit more polishing. Some platforms with the same texture can be a bit confusing but I enjoyed playing it.

The game is a bit hard at first but overall, the game is really good. Also a minimap would be a plus!

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The puzzle can be hard but they're all solvable. Once you figured them out, they will become easy. There's a nice ending scene waiting for you. You can do it!

What happened after you went downstairs? Did it teleport you to the next level or you stuck on the staircase?

Thank you for your comment! The reason behind multiple games is we want to go through the history of video games and see them evolved from time to time. 

Here is my entry. As I can't upload the game into, I provide the Google Drive link in the game page instead and system doesn't show games with no upload in unrated page.

Thank you!