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Love From Tom

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thanks for your feedback!:)



thanks! Im glad you enjoyed

haha niceto see whats going on in players heads!

Really enjoyed this game! The style, story and atmosphere were amazing! One thing to mention is that you should check the windows box underneath your build as i couldnt run it from the browser app!

Thanks, glad you liked it:)

Thanks! Thats great to hear:)

Thanks for your feedback!

Really relaxing music, i also love the grey scale art! Couldnt get past the first bit tho:( wasnt sure how to move up

that is one of the kindest comments I have ever gotten for one of my games, that really touched me! You made my day, thank you for spending the time on it!

Game looks super pretty!

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Unfortunately I couldnt get past the rabbit, wasnt too sure what to do! But I really loved the aesthetic of the game looks really nice. I also really liked the guitar soundtrack!:)

Overall great job guys! Its really astounding to me that you could make something so amazing in a game jam! 

Cool game, I really like your design! I loved the menu, informative and interactive. Found moving around tough but other than that great job, especially for a solo jammer!

Reminds me of old GTA, neat idea! Found a couple bugs but i enjoyed it:)


thanks! That's very nice feedback:)

hello! if you like chimps and space this is the game for you:)

hello! if you like chimps and space this is the game for you... :)

Great game!

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Hi Ganondox, sorry the game can be a bit too tricky. I actually released an updated build (0.3) when you download. There is now a campfire a little before the bridge(image below) and I have made the bridge easier to cross. Hopefully you will get on better if you decide to play again!

There is also a checkpoint after the bridge on the firey part, its just on the left after you cross.

Thanks for your kind words, comments like these are really nice to hear!

Hahaha thankyou for playing! Yes its very hard maybe ill work on making it a bit easier in future. I'll check your video out!


I made this game as a university project. It follows the Kübler Ross grief cycle, through emotions and also following it's height graph. 

Taking lots of inspiration from the game journey and exploring the concept of digital sentimentality.

I hope you can find the time to play my game and give feedback.

What are the controls?:)

Thankyou for your feedback! Much appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback! I will look into the animation as it is a bit janky. I make the player press the button everytime so they can't just leave the computer with the key pressed permanently.