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Crazy good effort for a first jam! Good luck if your next one :)

Hey! good work! I think doing this with your kids is amazing, good work!

Personally I would have preferred it all the move a little quicker but the premise is cool, it reminds me of those coin machines inside arcades where you're trying to push prizes out by putting coins into the machine.

Thanks for the game! Good luck in your next jam!

The monkey rekt me! rip! thanks for the game :)

Ahh, when you supply a unity exe you also need to provide the data folder, this is why we usually submit in a .zip file.

Sorry! can't play this one! Hope you had fun building it anyway :)

Sorry I can't play it :( hope you had fun building it!

A zip would have been ideal here x] sorry, but it won't play without a load of files that arent uploaded :(

Cool game! really love the dark and mysterious aesthetic, would have loved to have aim where i point my mouse (as a preference) but otherwise I enjoyed it! thanks :)

Ahaha "This is no bueno"
Loved this game, so good, loved the music, loved the script, loved the artstyle and the game itself was loads of fun. Goodwork :D

This is really good work, it took a little getting used to but it was clear how to progress and it was fun to explore the dungeon. There were a lot of cool little things that added to the game too, like the minimap, the gradual camera slide back after you die. All adding up to a fun experience!

Thanks for playing! I hadn't run into the HUD layer bug! I'll make sure we look into it post-jam :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Great game, really tight mechanics, really nice art.

Hard as tacks! But I loved it :)

Thanks for playing! and thank you for the feedback! That's super interesting, i didn't run into layer issues during testing, I'll add that to our bug list! Thanks a lot!

A dialogue system AND gameplay is no joke! Good work!

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, sound effects are definitely on our todo list, unfortunately we ran out of time to hunt them down and add them in, but we'll make sure we get something done in the post-jam release :)

Good work! This is the kind of game i was hoping to see out of the jam, but quickly crossed it off my list as i thought it would be too much work for the jam. Good effort! lots of work went into this one and it shows! 

Yo! The art is fantastic, but also from a technical standpoint i can see some really cool stuff going on here, especially that menu! and I see the 3d sprite rotation there (as opposed to a standard sprite flip)! Really clean and chill game, good job!

Cool game! It was all super clean, I love the low poly style too and the phone model was really nice. I appreciated the script too, good little fun game :) keep it up!

Fun little game! I was actually keen for more levels! good work!

Really fun game! loved this one! It did get a little laggy at points and there was that weird ui bug, but ignoring those i really enjoyed it, good work!

Solid work for a solo! Everything works as expected, no bugs to speak of, the art and sound worked together well and the theme of the game matches the jam superbly. I thought the boss was cool, and loved switching over to play as the golem for all eternity, overall fun game, thanks :)

Fun little game! Love the style of it, all the artwork is consistent with each other, and the audio adds to that. I did get a little sick, but i really appreciate you going out of your way to try a different style of game. Cheers!

Fun little game, appreicated the mixture of 3d and 2d, you stuck to the theme and i didn't encounter any bugs! so good job!

Note: Idk if it was just the web version or just me? But the background was moving at like lightning speed and made me feel a little sick, I persevered though! Thanks for the fun!

Thanks for playing! You're right, the music and art were fantastic, I'm super grateful to the team for the work put in :)

Thank you for the feedback! and for playing!
The web build was a last minute ditch effort and I'll have to work out the quirks of the web build scaling issues, but I'm grateful it was interesting enough to download an executable :)

Thank you for playing! and the feedback!
There were definitely areas we would like to improve, but alass! time limited game jams!

You can also disable compression entirely :) It doesn't make a massive difference performance wise :)

Sure! Note that i think on a technical level, there's a lot on display here and it's definitely looking good! (So don't mind my feedback, it's just observation)

Off the top of my head, there was a bug on the second level whereby i returned all but one civilian and everything despawned, all the enemys and the last civilian which meant i couldn't complete the level.

The instruction menu thing could use some proofreading if you have time :)

and, although it's cool all the civilians have names, the healthbar displaying rolling around the screen alongside all the names took up a lot of screen real estate that could otherwise be used to focus on the task in front of the player.

I think some of the 2D assets (the health bar markers especially) didn't seem to have their alpha transparency colour set, so they had white backgrounds, which would be cool to sort.

The screen resolution selector had multiple instances of each resolution, it may be worth sorting the list to ensure there are only unique entries in that list.

Additionally in that area, you could get the game to come out of fullscreen, but then it would not return to fullscreen when the checkbox was re-ticked.


I liked the concept, it reminded me of like a 3d abes odyssey style mechanic.

I really like the art style too, I couldn't put my finger on the inspiration but it definitely felt familiar and fun.

The player controls were pretty straightforward! I'd kill for a mouse sensitivity option and mouse locking but otherwise it all operated as i expected for the most part.

Personally, i felt the enemies weren't really impactful enough, i was able to collect all the civilians in the first and second levels without actually needing to use the shield/reflect mechanic. This resulted in the gameplay essentially being an explore/collectathon, rather than a combat/protect challenge, but if that's what you're going for that's cool too, but in that case i think there's definitely room for environmental puzzles :)

Also, I appreciated the fact that it was possible to change resolutions and volume of the game in the options, these are often neglected but nice features.

Thanks for playing :)

Great game, really enjoyed these puzzles!

Great game, really enjoyed these puzzles!

Fun game! Wish it was longer!

Really cool game. I can't rate the game but here's my feedback :)


I enjoyed the background music quite a lot and I thought the voiceover stuff was really cool too! The only thing I struggled with was that the music was considerably louder than the voiceover. I could hear both okay on headphones but it may be hard to make out the commentary on speakers~


Mechanically simple, but the whole thing was really smooth, I didn't run into any weird bugs or anything which is a feat in game jams! The only minor hiccup was if you're holding down the right mouse button on respawn in the 4th( I think? ) level, you just die on repeat  :D But this didn't impact the player experience at all.


I thought the style was really cool for 2D and the fact you managed to make the levels and the character animations in the game jam duration was really impressive. You stuck to a theme and you nailed it, good job.

Thanks for the fun!

Good Luck!

Thanks for playing and streaming your thoughts!
I really need to work on my design ideas for these jams I think but I will take your feedback to heart and my next game will be even better :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah, it seems that the game is operating as expected but we weren't very clear on the character swapping mechanic and which abilities each character had!

In the next update we'll make sure we find a way to make it clearer!

As a quick summary the characters abilities are as follows:


Fast Dash - The longest and fastest of the two dash abilities, allows the player to traverse through the blue walls!


Shoulder Barge - The shortest dash mechanic, but it allows you to break the boxes found throughout the levels
Grab/Pickup - This is exclusively a red ability, but we were unable to clearly declare this.

Thanks for your feedback!
Yep! Still lots to do, I think our focus needs to be on player experience now, adjusting the levels to fit the abilities a little better and adding some flexibility to things like wall collisions and lives would definitely help.

Thanks for playing it again :)

Thansk for playin' o/

Thanks for playing! Would you believe we have 2 whole other tracks me never got in? :P
We'll get it fixed up though! :D

This was really good! I loved the perspective switching, the puzzles were great!

Only feedback for me was that the moving platforms required me to move with it, which was okay? just a little weird. (I think you got this feedback already though ;) )

Thanks for playing!