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Not in a hundred years has anyone ventured into the Golem's Lair
Submitted by BlankShade — 20 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#1822.7272.727

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game apply the limitation (and optionally, the theme)?
The game has a boss fight, which you defeat by pushing him off the edge and into the void

Team Size

Solo (1)

What main engine/tool/language did you use to construct the game?

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nice game! simple controls with cool graphics, I like the twist in the story, overall I enjoyed playing! keep it up!


I like the twist in the game and that you didn't spoil it in any of the page description! This was a fun take on the theme. I kept looping through the new warriors again and again thinking something would happen, without realizing I had to end it myself. I wish there was a more clear prompt or direction for how to complete the game, but it was a fun and short experience. Great jam entry.

Some feedback, I think even a two sprite animation would have helped sell the movement even more. The slight rotation you have is nice, but if you check out Slynrd, he has a pixel blog that shows how effective even two sprite animation can be in selling motion:

Good work!


i really liked the way you implemented the theme of having to push the boss of the edge although the game was way too short


Awesome job on the game, the mechanics were simple enough to pick up although i wasnt sure how to defeat the boss until after playing.  thank you for a good time!


I liked the idea of becoming what you fight! What about if sacrifice free you?

Submitted (1 edit)

I enjoy a good looping twist especially when you don't see it coming and I like how the game is short and straight to the point. Might be cool to make it so that if you don't fall into the void but rather get shattered into pieces then that's the bad ending ;) 

First I was stabbing the golem like hundreds of times, but I even not know that the black middle area was a pit... Then I realized the goal when fall into there and has read the text, and then tried again. Kinda cool backstory, but i wonder is there an another way to break the curse than jump in the void, lol.  Maybe it will be revealed in the next part... 

I still like the style and colors, and the simple graphic style and the mysterious atmosphere. Using sword would be more stylish and polished, and the the right feedback from the hits would be nice add (bosses unvulnerable effect or something like that). While the game is story based i would like to see more graphic details. Still nice game though and fine implementation.


Such a nice idea for a story, and the theme implementation! I loved the combat especially when I was the "player". One thing that would take this to the next level is some player feedback, because you don't really know if you hit the boss, if you got hit, etc. Some screen shake, post processing, punchy sound effects would go a long way. Still, a really nice game :)


Interesting game!!!!


Interesting narrative! Becoming a golem was both victorious and sad at the same time.


Well, that game was spot on on the theme! I enjoyed playing as the hero a bit more than with the gollem, the 8 directions was a very interesting fighting mechanic.


Solid work for a solo! Everything works as expected, no bugs to speak of, the art and sound worked together well and the theme of the game matches the jam superbly. I thought the boss was cool, and loved switching over to play as the golem for all eternity, overall fun game, thanks :)


The story idea for this is really neat! It took me a few tries and reading the other comments to realize that there was more to the story after killing the golem, though. For some reason the first couple times I played, the player character fell into "dead" mode and nothing happened, so I thought that was the end. And then later, I didn't realize that the "true" ending of the game after the 2nd stage. Perhaps it would help to have little snippets of story narration in between stages/rounds?

All in all, a solid game jam submission; you used the pre-made assets really well!


I love the theme integration in this game, the boss and on the edge concepts were the integral components of this game. Nice concept, great job!


I liked the story a lot. It was cool to SPOILER ALERT become the golem.

In the end I was him for 300 years before I killed myself to escape the curse. I kind of almost wish it was hinted at the start, like maybe when you play as the player the golem almost threw himself in lol. 

This was a good submission for a game jam game. I am not quite sure how one could expand on it. 

Good job!


A great little game and fits perfectly into the theme - turning into the golem was an unexpected twist! The only thing I would note is that the attack seems to be a little slow, and would loved to have a few different challenges to change up the gameplay.


Cool idea ! didn't expect to turn in a golem ^^

Very simple gameplay, but work with the theme.

good work :)


Pretty cool - neat there was 2 phases - I enjoyed the simplicity of this game. TY ~ :D


Nice idea, well implemented considering it's a Solo Team, it kinda gets boring after 300 years.
I came here to see how you implemented the "immunity during dash" but I really couldn't demonstrate if it's there or not 🤣

Developer (1 edit)

I would like to know if you found the ending, or if you quit the game using Esc? (To see if the ending was maybe too obtuse to find.)