This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-09-10 17:00:00 to 2021-09-20 17:00:00. View results

8 Bits to Infinity in collaboration with Vimlark presents VimJam 2!

An open challenge to create a game prototype featuring a "boss" - whether that's the traditional video game boss, the person that tells you what to do at work, or any other interpretation.

All skill levels are welcome from beginner to professional. New to this whole thing? Never made a game before? Hop over to Vimlark's YouTube channel for some advice and a taste of what game jams are all about, and play some jam-winning games to see where you can be after several jams of practice.

About Us

Hosted by 8 Bits to Infinity: a game development community improving creative and technical skills through rapid iteration and honest, critical feedback. Join us on Discord, check out our website, and take a look at our past jams and challenges.

The man behind 8 Bits to Infinity is Joshua McLean: writer, musician, and game designer. Check out his game music (free for you to use in jams and commercial projects!) and his other work.

Co-hosting this jam is Vimlark: a YouTuber and game jam enthusiast who posts videos on YouTube to help with game development and showcase the awesomeness of game jams. Check out his games and join his Discord.

Feedback Streams

Vimlark will stream games from the jam Monday - Friday, September 20 - 24, from 12-5pm PT (7-12pm UTC)

Retro Indie Josh (a.k.a. Joshua McLean) will stream games from the jam:

  • Monday September 20 from 3-7pm ET (7-11pm UTC)
  • Tuesday September 21 from 1-5pm ET (5-9pm UTC)
  • Wednesday September 22 from 12-3pm ET (4-7pm UTC)


  • Development (main jam): September 10 to 20 (1pm ET)
  • Community Choice voting: September 20 to 27 (1pm ET)
  • Winners and ratings announced: October 4 (1pm ET)


    • You are allowed to modify your game page, including files, until the deadline.
    • You are allowed to edit answers to your submission questions (through your submission page) until the deadline.
  • Step 1: click the Join Jam button at the top of this page.
  • Step 2: Make your game.
  • Step 3: create a game project page on itch and upload your game files. See this documentation for help.
  • Step 4: submit the game to the jam. After uploading your game, return to this page and click "Submit Your Project" at the top.
    • Be prepared to answer a few questions about your entry when submitting. You must answer all of these questions honestly and completely before the deadline.
    • Submission time is a hard deadline: September 20 at 1pm ET. No late submissions will be accepted.
    • Although you cannot modify files after the deadline has passed, you are still free to edit your game page. But note it is a violation of the rules to link to an updated version created after the deadline, and your entry will be removed.

Limitation (Required)

Create a game featuring a "boss" - however you interpret that. This could mean fighting a traditional video game boss, interacting with a boss you work for, being the boss yourself, or any other interpretation you can imagine.

Ultimately, you are free to interpret this theme as you like, but usage of the limitation must be obvious given your explanation of how you used it.

Theme (Semi-Optional): ON THE EDGE

The theme is meant to be an inspiration to kickstart your game ideas. You are free to interpret it however you like.

The theme is also optional, but Theme/Limitation counts for 20% of your score.

Challenges/Diversifiers (Optional)

Looking for additional challenge in the jam? You can use any number of diversifiers listed here.

Judging and Prizes

When the jam ends, games will be open to rating by anyone who submitted a game. The highest scoring overall game will be crowned Community Choice. Check out the Ratings Guide for how to interpret the categories.

A panel of judges will also rate games based on a rubric to determine a Judges Choice winner.

Community Choice voting will take place in the week after the jam ends. Winners will be announced and ratings released one week after voting ends to allow extra time for judges.

All winners will receive:

  • The jam-winner role on the 8 Bits to Infinity Discord server
  • A place in our list of jam winners
  • An additional secret prize

Rules and FAQ

Jam Rules

Jam Specific Rules

  • No limitations on:
    • Visual style
    • Use of audio
    • Engine/library/framework, programming language, and other tools
  • You may not
    • Directly reference any real-world political or religious people, events, or ideas