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This is such a lovely and detailed post- thank you so much for taking the time to play and give us all the feedback! A short hike is a lovely game and I defs drew inspiration from it for the overall atmosphere and design. Yeh we're thinking of a way to make the photo giving prompt more obvious and to make the dialogue reading a bit smoother - all your points are rlly valuable as we hope to polish this up post jam :D  We'd love to keep working on a bigger project similar to this, so it's super heartening to hear you enjoyed it

Saw this game on the stream today (i'm on a mac so didn't get a chance to play it myself) - but it looked amazing! Love the humour and the storyline, and the gameplay looked really fun and dynamic :D

This was suuuper cool - really enjoyed one of the most unique takes on a dungeon boss. At no point did i ever feel confused as to what I had to do next, even though there was minimal instruction, all the minigames and the upgrade system were so intuitive - really great implementation! Lovely art too and loved the touch of the apples in the dialogue 

Thank you for playing and for the kind words :D

Thank you for playing and for the feedback :D we're definitely still figuring out movement in first person etc. and we think there might be a bug with the browser vers where the camera sens was way too high.

Thank you so much! We weren't intending to make a super wholesome game but that's how it turned out in the end haha :D

Thank you so much for the high praise, it means a lot :D - super glad you enjoyed the environment and the storyline! This is a really lovely comment and  we're excited to hopefully keep exploring what we could do with this style 

Absolutely adore the monster designs and the humour in the game - everything feels so cohesive and unique right down to the style of the font and speech bubbles! Really great shooter, and amazing work completing this solo!!

Lovely art style and great implementation of the boss theme - I'm a fan of playing the bad guy in this one :D! Enjoyed wiping them out by dive-bombing them- having a more diverse playing field and different environment elements to destroy would be cool too!

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Really really loved this game - one of the best character designs  + movement mechanics in the jam.  The audio and animation complemented perfectly to create a really polished experience. The on the edge theme is so well thought out and unique and I really appreciated being able to experience the full game and different phases as the boss didn't regen! The crying phase caught me off guard (in a good way) and i really liked how all the terrain had to be used to the best of your ability to dodge etc. Overall, amazing work!

Super satisfying game and great implementation of the on the edge theme :D. Overall, really fun+ feeling of the physics is great! something like a history of past throws so I can more accurately adjust my next throw would be a cool addition

Love the feel of the game - the little storytelling at the beginning and the 1-bit palette works great! It's super polished - love the little "crushed by the box" graphic , and really appreciated the 3 difficulty modes. It's simple yet so well executed - congrats!

This game is definitely my favourite spin on the office-environment games in the jam - a perfect balance in difficulty, really simple controls and easy to understand - loved the humour, graphics and the audio was great too.  Overall, really clean execution and gameplay :D

A little difficult to understand but a great concept - I think injecting some more humour and feedback into the tasks would be great and make it more user-friendly and entertaining :D

Thank you for the feedback! These are definitely all points we hope to refine in a post-jam polish, and fleshing out the map to make it more exploratory will be a key aspect (as you mentioned) :)

Really cool game - was fun racing against the AI to get my barrels and timing them properly. Super polished arcade style gameplay - really taps into what makes those games great!

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Super fun gameplay loop - it's addicting destroying everything - kind of like katamari but you're a worm ahahah. the only note is that the controls take a little while to get used to, and adding some interesting elements to the shape of the terrain would be great!

I loved the squishiness of the main character and the soft style of the top down graphics, amazing work pulling this off solo! Controls were intuitive and the design overall was great :D

Thank you! We're still learning the ropes of storytelling through games so we're glad it came across :D

Thank you! both of those games were definitely inspiration, and we really wanted to try get more immersion with the first person POV :) - an FOV slider is a great idea + adding more functionality to the camera would be interesting

Lovely little game and loved the sound effects of boss mode in particular haha - I tried my best but always had one person dying in level 1 - maybe a more gradual difficulty curve would be great! But overall a fun gameplay loop!

Achievements and more integration of the photo system is defs something we'd like to explore a bit further - thank you for the kind words!

thank you for the comment :D and glad it was relaxing haha

Thank you! We really wanted to try something different, and it was a lot of fun to mix the two dimensions :)

Thank you! We're interested in possibly extending this style of gameplay further so it's heartening to hear :)

Thank you! We were definitely inspired by Pokemon Snap and the exploratory feel you get from those games

Thank you so much for the comments! We're glad the atmosphere came through as we were really excited to create a rich world to explore!

A great little game and fits perfectly into the theme - turning into the golem was an unexpected twist! The only thing I would note is that the attack seems to be a little slow, and would loved to have a few different challenges to change up the gameplay.

 📸 😁

super super cool game - i loved it! from the art style to the classical music to the unique twist on a "boss" design - the animation in particular is gorgeous and i could tell a lot of care went into creating a really robust and well-thought out game just from the menu screen. full of that good good game juice and an really cool + unique experience all round

Thank you for the comments! The dialogue implementation was a bit of an experiment tbh so we'll definitely take your issue into account in a post-jam polish :)

Thank you for the feedback - unintentionally turning into open-world exploration game is a high compliment :D

thank you for the review!! wii era games are the best and i definitely thought about wuhu island while making the map 😂 - we'll definitely be polishing the game up and experimenting more with this style! (and agreed, opossums are super cool)

thank you for playing and for all the detailed feedback, we'll definitely be addressing many of the things you brought up in a post-jam polish 👍 we're still working out a few things with gameplay and graphics as it's our first time working in 3D and the first person perspective, so all the things you picked up on are super useful - but we're glad the experience still came through and you enjoyed it! :D 

Thank you for playing, i'm glad the photography experience was fun :D -  if you talk to the rabbit looking at the footprints, he will help you reach the top of the mountain so you can reach the boss! It's not super clear right now, so we're definitely going to address this post-jam :)

Unique concept and love the little ranking system - managed to get the second jump and make it to employee but couldn't figure out the timing for how to do the styles. Overall, great gameplay loop and cute art too!

Platforming was a short but sweet experience with a great reveal - in particular increasing the aberration + vignetting and audio distortion with each level was a nice touch. The clues made me feel like I was actually uncovering something cool!

Amazing little platformer and really loved the implementation of additional mechanics as you go! the world building with audio, art and voice-acting was a really nice touch! Kind of reminded me of fancypants with the level design and theme :D

Amazing visuals and music, love the tilted 2D/3D look + particle effects and the reveal of each of the illustrated cutscenes is so lovely. The platformer style was simple but well executed - the slow animation of the sword was a little frustrating at times but other than that, this entry is one of my favourite jam entries i've played so far!

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The office setting and ideas embedded into each of the moves the bosses have are great - really loved the tongue-in-check and playful style of the game all round! Great work implementing all the assets - it looks super cohesive and the audio fits perfectly too! The UI and controls were well designed too, with the minimap in the corner as well :)