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Got stuck on felonious fish  - ill be back l8r to finish this game - This was amazing !!

I started feeling disoriented toward the end of my play time - I like I was trying to escape a burning building or something. It was an unsettling feeling of fear of whatever something might lie in the darkness. I real like the unintentional horror of this game and the sound design was great too. very nice work

!!!!! Broooo~ haha loved it

I had fun & I enjoyed playing it - I'm gonna to find a player 2 & play it again. The crash's and clangs from objects hitting thing sounded great & the music helped keep me in the zone when playing.  Gameplay was well done.  Art was well done.  Audio was done well.  Great job

Fun :)

Fun :)

I enjoyed walking around being a docent at a museum, flipping the lights on and off, looking at the art, I try to swat the fly but it didnt work and I popped the red ballon thing on the ceiling and I tried to take a nap in the chair but couldnt figure out. Audio cues where there and good but I didnt know wut to do with the information. Nice Game TY for sharing.

Solid little game - Avoiding the whale felt good & the audio design was  good. Well done

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lol - Did you find a way to break it??  I think you can still sneak out behind the house from the yard too. I thought about putting an easter egg behind the house too but I didnt think anyone would spend that long to shuffle all the way out there or would anyone even think to look out of bounds.  But very kool TY for lmk someone found it

:D Thank you for playing - I think you're the only person to find the easter egg! Grats TY TY - it makes my day knowing someone found it!

Really good game! The audio was incredibly well designed. The gameplay was quick and addictive. I got good at catching all the sounds and dodging everything accept that damn bull who ran my ass over like every time. Very kool GJ

This was very kool and well done - my wrist hurts from clicking so much so fast.  lol  I enjoyed this way more than expected.  I will be playing this on my phone later forsure.

This was a fun set of mini game with decent audio. GJ

This was a trip :D very kool aesthetic and how u implemented the audio into gameplay was well done. Good Job - Good Game

Q :D TY for playin

Thank you playing 14rry ! :D

I enjoyed the visuals in this game moody and dark - Overall the sound design was just okay. The footsteps where a bit abrasive and sounded the same weather I was running walking or crouched but I like the scary goans and general vibe. I like that there was a stamina timer when running.  I think the words on the screen could have been clearer when they change. I Enjoyed my playthrough of this game. Good Entry 

My play through was a fun experience. You executed sound design & gameplay very well.  I got to admit after the first few mins I turned it into RC racecar game- I was trying to see how fast I could get the rover to go, well trying to steer clear of hazards. - The visuals made it really feel like an old computer Terminal program from the 70's.  Hell of a good entry!

This game provided a relaxing atmosphere. Very clear audio cues & gameplay was easy to pick up and understand after only a short time playing.  I very much enjoyed my time playing this game. Solid entry

very nice fun fun

REALLY GOOD!!    I clipped out of the level - very fun :)

I really like the controls.

Kool - solid entry 

This was really fun to play through until the end of the game - TY for making such a kool project was such great music!  Keep up the good work Cheers!~

This was enjoyable & had a cute story to go along with it! Making projects like this it was it so fun about game development. You made a thing just cuz it was fun & you felt inspired by by ur real life to solve a fun little problem for ur family. Cheers to u family man keep making these fun games :)

this was pretty alright - good work

I enjoyed this - but it was quite difficult

I enjoyed this - but it was quite difficult

She appears in the open field on the far right of the level after knocking on all 8 doors, sorry you didn't find her.  Maybe it was bugged - lol - TY for playing :)

Definitely different - lol - TY for playing


Ran around in the woods in my underwear for 7 1/2 mins - 10/10 would do again!

this was great - GJ TY for making this sweet ass infinite runner 

this was great - GJ TY for making this sweet ass infinite runner 

Yeehee, this game was smacked on the ass and shipped out half heartly - TY for playing!

I wish I would have had more time over the week to squeeze in some more love & juice into it & refine the colors, level design & player movement & many many more things.  I know the color palate is a bit much & yes those trees and the background are faaaar to bright to be with the muted colors on the trailers.    But TYVM for playing and giving it a vote. Cheers~~ :) 

I dont have any plans to continue this game.  It was just fun to try something a little different in a 10 day Jam.  I wish I would have had more time over the week to squeeze in some more love and to juice up a little. But my eye is on the horizon, for a new game jam. See ya there Bud :)

Hey Brain :)  Always a pleasure to see a friendly face!

Gratz on another very well made project!  This was a nice little brain teaser.  ~nice 

The movement was very intuitive, and responsive & the Music was way on point!

It was very rewarding when I finial found the correct steps to finish each level.

Do you have any plan to continued development - seems like it would make a good mobile port.  :)  

Best Game Ever This Should Win The Jam!!!

Really good game TY for making such a wonderful piece of art