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A jam submission

Tune TrailView game page

Entry to VimJam4 Game Jam
Submitted by nerdur (@sverrirv) — 2 days, 17 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Technical Implementation#323.5493.833
X Factor (overall enjoyment)#892.7773.000

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Did you credit all assets in-game (including your own) as required by the rules?


Team Size

Solo (1)

Will you continue work on the game after the jam?

No - only made for the jam

Which diversifiers did you use, if any? (optional)

In a Song
Two Button

What tools did your team use to construct the game? (optional)
DagonRuby, Asprite

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I really liked the rhythm game idea, but I did have some issues with it:

1) It really could've used a tutorial, I was really lost for most of it.

2) The gameplay didn't feel very fluid. Like I get that the things were moving on the beat, but there was probably a better way to implement it, like for example have them speed up on the beat instead of being completely stopped. I'm not totally sure I just know it felt kinda weird.

Other than that, really cool concept, and I thought it was fun to play.


Thanks for the good feedback. I will add some more information to the title screen 

Appreciate that you took it for a spin! 


No problem!


This was really fun to play through until the end of the game - TY for making such a kool project was such great music!  Keep up the good work Cheers!~


Good interpretation of the themes and challenges, you were able to check a lot of the boxes. Enjoyed the music and the premise of the gameplay. I ended up generally sticking to one corner unless there were  a lot of obstacles ahead, which allowed me to walk past a decent amount of the obstacles with not much effort. Maybe forcing the player into the center during checkpoints would force the player to interact with the obstacles more. 


Hi. Thanks, I came to think of the sides a bit late after I had submitted the game. But centering on the checkpoint would be a way to solve that. Good idea:)


I like how you designed the game around the two button diversifier. I also like the risk-reward aspect with the checkpoints and speed boosters - the checkpoints reset your speed so you could try to get as far as possible by jumping over checkpoints after speeding up or play it safe and set a checkpoint instead.


Interesting idea, and sound implementation. I tried quite a few times to make it to the end but in the end couldn't - but I think this is something a balancing pass would make into a really fun game. A few points:

  • I could see the triangles were somehow flashing with the beat, but I could never quite tell where they were or what sounds they were reacting to. Perhaps these could be better telegraphed in some way.
  • At one point I got stuck at a checkpoint for quite a long time as blue squares had stopped in a complete line in front of me and the checkpoint I was on was a stop movement.  As I couldn't move left or right, I was just stuck.

Good job hitting all the diversifiers though and I think it really fits the themes/limitations. I think you do have something good here overall.


Thanks for playing and taking the time to write such a constructive feedback.

I have realized that I should have had the instructions clear on the menu screen. Now I only put them on the page for the game.  The way you got stuck is possible to solve, but its hard.. I was thinking to perhaps just add a restart possibility for when you get slowed down a lot. 

Really appreciate the feedback ! :)