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Jet Simon

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what a moral person!

Nice typo find!

I shall pretend that Moffy is the one who misspoke. 

Thanks for playing :)

Science has finally invented love

aww thanks 



Aw shucks, thanks




purely aesthetic 

Your goal of making a game that looks good is achieved. Visually the only thing I'd want to see if a bit more interesting background besides one colour, some screen shake, and some particles. But those are all small details, not needed.

The timer for the levels felt a bit long. When in doubt for a game jam game - make it shorter. It seems counterproductive because you want players to get more value, but short and sweet is always better for these types of things.

Good job! 


you get it 

It took an embarrassingly long time for me to get to the main menu. Music, graphics, polish, all amazing. Very impressive entry.

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This is the first game jam game I've played where the wall jump feels okay. Nice job!

I went back and played after reading some comments about the twists - really cool! I also liked the main menu secret. I love little touches like that.

I liked the story a lot. It was cool to SPOILER ALERT become the golem.

In the end I was him for 300 years before I killed myself to escape the curse. I kind of almost wish it was hinted at the start, like maybe when you play as the player the golem almost threw himself in lol. 

This was a good submission for a game jam game. I am not quite sure how one could expand on it. 

Good job!

The art is really really amazing for this. Also great polish on the aesthetics.

I would maybe add an indicator for boss health/or when you hit because sometimes I wasn't sure when I hit or not. Also the controls sometimes felt a bit laggy to me but my laptop may also just suck at running this game.

Over all though this was a great jam entry. Great job!

are you able to send a screenshot?

thanks clone! I’ll have to check yours out too

could you post the issue? I have beaten all levels and so have others. Just want to make sure

Thanks. Yeah, I added the warning last minute to try and add a bit more tension. I am glad you liked the difficulty curve and length. Both of those I was somewhat worried about :)

Yeah. If I were to do it again I would not have done that. This was earlier in my puzzle design journey (that is still far from finished lol).

Thank you for playing!

A really nice game jam entry!

I think you scoped perfectly on this. Not too long that people won't play it all and not too short as to seem, well,  too short.

The FTL-style boss battling felt really nice. Though I did prefer playing as the starship (that may be my low attention span talking though). The movement felt pretty fluid. I did use all my missiles at first thinking they were my main attack - before realizing if I pressed up I would shoot out my much weaker actual main attack.

The only glitch I noticed was one that was mentioned on your (AMAZING PLEASE JOIN US) Discord, which is playing one right after the other makes the game really slow for some reason.

Nice job Xander!

oh hey thanks so much for playing! I’ll watch rn!


thanks for playing another one of my games :))

Thanks :))


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Oh no! Wrong version

Thank you for letting me know - I was in a rush and uploaded the wrong version of the game. I am sorry.

EDIT: Uploaded a fixed version.

It really fits the theme of chaos. Not much else though!

Try and download and see if that resolves your issue. As no one else has reported this I am unsure what would have caused it.

I really like the creative ideas here. A funny short experience!

I would say it does need a bit more polish to really sell it though.

But keep thinking of cool ideas like this! This isn't just another platformer game and that's great.

Thanks for including my game :)

Oh hey thanks :) 

I'll check out the stream!

Yay :D

I really appreciate it :)

Oh that would have been a great idea!

I really appreciate the option of a peaceful mode - so many stressful games this jam!

I just want to say I love and am inspired by your generator work. So cool! I'd love to see some videos on the process.