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Jet Simon

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me gusta!


Thanks for taking the time to say you enjoyed it :)

Oh thank you, very cool

No they are komnos

Cool easter egg.

A Komno is just a friend of mine.

Try again now

I just need a few more bitcoins to get this thing really popping off!

Thanks for the review :)

Secret ending unlocked!

It is a game where you make wishes and then see other peoples wishes!

Hmm I wonder what happened. Perhaps some weird daylight savings stuff.

I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

Good to know! I think the concept is really interesting too. I just wasn't sure how much other people were into it. Though I think this execution ended up being a bit too easy/simple it was a good prototype for a game jam.

It is. There are just some small changes to make it easier to play and I added highscores and a timer for people to see how fast they can go. Also if you press SPACE you can skip haircuts to go faster if you finish early. Think of it as a version 2.

Thanks for playing

I remember the first one you guys made!

Well I don't think this one is a code at all

well I don’t like games that artificially make it so you can’t finish 

(1 edit)

oh dear I may have to look into that!

edit: uploading the fix now!

All the levels are solvable I have beaten them all. If you are having some troubles there are walkthroughs online or you can try and play the cool math games version of the game.

If you see something bad or inappropriate if lots of people report it then it gets taken out of the possible wishes.


Thank you so much for playing :)

Post it on lol

What a whirlwind 

I've been restarting it because that seems to be working sometimes. Keep trying at different times of  the day.

I am mad at the server hosting site!

Oh, I am happy you came back to play :)

Good to know I'm doing my part

Thank you for playing :)

What does S2 mean?

I'm sorry the backend is having server issues. It says it should work but then it doesn't respond. Not sure how to fix currently. Please try again later!

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That could mean the server is down. I will make sure to check. Thank you for letting me know.

EDIT: It should be fixed now :)

Oh hmm. I tried to stop that from happening in the code. It could also be that the server goes to sleep and then wakes up from someone plays but takes a second to wake up.

I do not know why it is not working :(

It works perfectly in the Unity editor and I see no errors unless itch changed something about letting outside requests be allowed or not.

We will have to see

Hey I remmeber you!

Thanks for playing this game too :) 

Oh hmm. Let me check the server. Thank you.

glad you enjoyed

Hope you have extra pants :)

You can write whatever your heart desires!

That is why I added the report button. I had visions of vandalism. But I hope as well :)