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To GAME JAM rules:

"On Creation Phase":


- If any player  does not join the creation phase the player in turn started, shall player turn continue to the end normally.  Player can start new creation phase, if turn will not be changed to other for the end of creation phase. On normally end of the turn, the payer on turn may give the card to the player on left, or not. Then the player on left side get's the turn. Player who is in turn, cannot receive a new turn by having highest value creation, but the turn does  either not  end while having highest creation value for creation phase's contest.

Have you tried the game, or about to try the game, and have questions to public share? Ask them here, thanks.

Hey guys, thanks for feedback! There was a limited time for this project, even less than the game jams time. My goal were to fit this work on Nintendo 64- controllers (usb) i ordered. I did something i have did not before, using controllers in the game. I also tried to find some graphic editors for the game, but had any. I'm quite not the coder person, so i should focus on one or two things. I also used Construct 3 for building this; it is not stable game engine as like any game engines for everything. I had a great story for this, i might use it later for other title. Also had some fun on doing this. I still prefer make game jam games with teams, there are usually much more to do for a great playable game (not just a rough prototype like this become)

I tried out the desktop version, and was a simple and nice short game experience with this. Most i like the final boss, which were hiding and should be found in the level by following the "bullet path". There were no health bar, but gladly difficulty were not high level. Character graphics were nice, fun and simple. Wall graphics were not that pretty though, but still nice and playable game.

Interesting mechanics, but this is not nice to play. Everything is so complicated straight from the first level. There are not even any guides. Everything should be figured out by the player, and making the mistakes whole level restart. There are no logic what to do because everything goes so fast; enemies, time, hazards, etc. I start feeling like the suffering game tester during the game play haha. Still nice atmosphere in the game (played desktop version)

The room is just too small to avoid hit randomly spawned obstacles - Unfortunately did not survive 1 minute longer in any match. I would change the shield pointing in mouse pointing direction, or being activated with RMB holding. Dashing is too dangerous to use at any point of game since objects can appear or change positions very fast. Bullets could move slower, and at the same time player should not touching anything, even own bullets. Also thought the melee weapon is useless but maybe it could be throwed and picked up after each throw from the ground (and bouncing off from the enemies when hit).

There are things to try like weapons and characters, and also creatures and other traps and hazards to find out, so game has variety and something interesting coming up from after each corner. Also cursor changing and other setting options are nice additional features. Also graphics, especially characters looking simple but pretty good.

Interesting game and there seems to be a story on background. I got stucked in 4 or 5 level and pressed X button while though it's going to be a restart room- button, but whole process restarted...

I like how room is stuffed with different objects, and there are also trap doors in the game, and player is able to control character by many ways.

"Press E to interact with objest", but suddenly the cola machine did anything lol.

Changing into ghost and moving it in B&W world were in spritual ambience bit spooky and almost gave some chills for me.

Music and audio are pretty good and also feels very unique, so i also liked that in this. Also good and nice neutralic character dialog speaks, although its letters are taking forms quite slow.

What happened in "the end"? I did not feel like i reached anything in the game. Still interesting world though. Controlling characted is quite rough and too simple. I did not either know there are clouds in limbos.

Could you export the browser version to play this game online on 


Look nice and easy to play. While it is all random it is has all my interest during the small game play period. This reminds little children fortune- games, and could be popular and fun for that kind of audience.

Simpe and fun, and also slightly engaging for the game play but also for the game graphics and ambience.

First i got worm, then i got a crow, then worm again, and now I start wondering am i going to eat me and myself as crow in future when i would be the worm... Or am i going to eat myself as worm when i'm the crow...

Not English language? Still look interesting

Dark theme and dark humour in this build since player is order cute victims to the death, but on the other hand there are wide possibilites for an interesting puzzle game.

Character movement bit odd, and sadly there are not much animations like door openings or water drops from the ceilings. Also there are same graphic elements in walls and on the background wall whcih is a slightly confusing to locate collision walls. Also there could be a note when last character is left, so player would be more careful and awared.

Dark theme and dark humour in this build since player is order cute victims to the death, but on the other hand there are wide possibilites for an interesting puzzle game.

Character movement bit odd, and sadly there are not much animations like door openings or water drops from the ceilings. Also there are same graphic elements in walls and on the background wall whcih is a slightly confusing to locate collision walls. Also there could be a note when last character is left, so player would be more careful and awared.

Brilliant! Polish this and create the publish (y)

Brilliant! Keep going with this; don't lost this masterpiece

Wow great, this had the whole story to play - and i played it to end! Very cool, the ending was a surprise. Everything works together, i guess: Icy friend controlled the world and created spiky creatures guard it. There were no aggressive hostility and the there  was something to really do. Some real levels into this too!

The camera angle was a problem, it should be rotating or from a longer distance to the player character. Also the jumping height could be more higher, so the player would have some time to decide where to try land. Some different enemies variations would be great too. I really like how your character can "charge" and move faster and be more effective. Idea in this is like to combine Super Mario + Sonic, but it's fun to see how far you get with this for a Jam game.

There are nothing else in the world than a rolling tower and gates, which is a bit boring. I still like the idea and the game has a fun dialog start, while the dialog process ended too soon. I though this is story based game, but not sure. The vehicle is interesting, and the core and the salt in the game. I just though the player would be able to edit it or change it, or has "real" delivering missions for the boss. Game play itself would be more fun if the platforms would be straight, not sloping.I would also prefer the game map located in the pit or into canyons, not in the ambient space (as the background shows), or on the planet ground - in the space there are no physics.

I could not "Go to your desk and write a letter". Cool game though, it's like a rpg but interesting mission game play. Never knows what come from! This should been hard to implement while you need to create small mini-games to work in short time and then also a working dialog and all graphics. You come to export this 7 minutes before the closing! Tight timing though. Now its here, seems little buggy, but it got the potential you were about it to have.

Well this is interesting. I like the characters. The player attack is like "spooking" the enemies away. This could have some more features, new attack or new enemies and traps.

The attack is based on the timing, so it's weird while the character floats in the air while the other physics are more realistic. The world is weird though the characters are very cool: why are these characters living in the dark "boring" castle hallway full of spikes and other deadly traps? Are they living in there, or the player character try to steal/or reach something there, or running away of something? There would be counting scores or something as well.

Nice game, cool graphics and interesting game play. I like how you have different weapons to have fun with. I was hoping you can actually break enemy ammo with you own ammo. Bosses were fun and kinda epic with the all the bullet storms. You have cool warps here added too. This would be fun while 2 players are able to play at the same time. It's more fun and tactical while players and play as a one team and collaborating with the pickups and weapon use tactics.

I done well until i instantly lose to the black dropping dot. This game should be more balanced for sure. I'd like to see different kind of bosses, so while you beat first the harder one appears. Safe room - upgrades are fine but i though it just drops the game flow. Maybe on the game there would be small screen which appears on the game screen an then you can pick up 1 upgrade same time you play game. Or player would be able to pick one or more upgrades each time the boss has defeated, and other upgrades disappear out from the room as in effect. Game could also have a small setup time while on the start (intro, or "boss appearing" or something like that while the game starts too fast for now)

It's hard to stop to shoot. Then I realize there are other way to defeat boss: first I reach the front of the map, and then I load all bullets at the enemy, and repeated this cycle: It was cool while it combined the moving phase and shooting phase. Otherwise there would be a walk forward and shoot at the same time. Graphics (as well the theme) are pretty dark here, which is very good or very bad. This would be cool to play with someone as in multiplayer mode. The map scrolling speed would be a bit slower i guess.

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Hey man, this is a good game and fun to play. First Jam game is playable more like more than over 10 minutes. Bravo!

The whole atmosphere is like from the Portal series: Each time you complete puzzle, the story opens. Each hidden room is like a treasure and never know what comes with it. Puzzles has a right amount of challenge (I guess - to be the first levels on the game). Music is good but not looping good, so it is good only for a while. Boxes could be more detailed, like - those are hard to fit in the laser-line concept at the same time.

"Putting moon in the box" or "how boxes are treated" are not too "interesting" questions and though's, which is very cool in relaxing games and where the atmosphere is interesting enough - not too deep, not to challenging to think. 

This game on play has lagging, low performance on fps- on something like that. I'm only wondering too how the puzzle mechanics works. I have no idea why some boxes moves and some box not to move, but while I'm able to solve puzzles by guessing, it's fine but not interesting enough. There is an example in below (picture): why this block is not moving up? Why there are carton-like boxes i can't move to anywhere? If the box would be made from steel or seem to have some kind of machine inside it, the thing would be different.

I think you should also add a feature you can pull boxes by left mouse key, and push them by pressing right mouse key, by some other key (like R-key). I would like to see this in the store (mobile device or Steam, etc.) because this game has a really good start and it seems to be already over half way there.

This is fun and works good! I like how your goal is simple and notable straight from the beginning. 

I was hoping there would be more feedback from the bullet hit. I were missing some boxes laying on the ground to hide from the lasers and the bullets. Also missing the gun-wielded robots to shoot visible bullets while the other characters shoots visible projectiles as well. While the characters pistol wont go trough the enemies, it would be do harm to the robots as well.

Hey you all players! Thank you for trying this out. I'm 1/2 developer of this title.

We actually created this less than in 5 last Jam days. For that reason we had no time to have game play testing. This is supposed to be a game about space trading and outlaw pirates commanded by the dark-heart captains. We have almost the all main features we planned for this Jam game- export already, but they are not working as we suppose to. So we would fix them if we could have more time. 10 working days would be enough, but we had so much other things to do on this Jam week so the implementation was impossible.

As I graphic designer, I used Sketchup Pro to push new graphics out most of the hours. I have been on touch with Sketchup software for more than 3 years now. I think this is a fine prototype, and we like to see all of your feedback and hope to find out which makes this so great to play, and where we should focus. We've been adding new features on the board (like the back story things) as we get further with the basic game play of this and while things and tasks becomes on topic. We probably continue developing this title while we have a break here first, and since we have a good team as well. Stay tuned in, and follow & share the project if you would!

The goal of the game is about to find all the treasures: I encourage you to collect and find all the chests to complete the game!

I were not able to play on web-player because the game were too widely stretched. I scale the browser page manually to get access to play.

This game look interesting, is fun and has good graphics and music! All good, except the idea, which i did not get. First i though i had to move ghosts by selecting one and hold the mouse button to order them. I had no idea either how to control the partying ghosts; i though i should avoid them from normal ghosts. Also clicking each build to see those situation (there were like 30 houses too soon to see). Also ghosts appear too soon on the screen while they could "born" first.

This has good elements and also includes the dialog, while i had no time to read it while i had to move ghosts all time faster and faster.

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Interesting game, i like this colorful mushroom theme and the character. You had time to create and implement all these voice acting as well in time. This is more like tower defending than and regular rts-game, because the enemies coming in regular waves and you have to more manage your settlement than to react things very fast. I like how there are many different variations of interesting mushroom buildings to player needs. You have more things added here than i though there would be time enough to get implement to rts type of game.

Edit: moving map with keyboard keys and having a minimap would be great. Also having a standard grid-based building would be fun, maybe with some solid walls too! This is enjoyable and fun game indeed.

While this game is not very unique, it is fun and challenging to play. Just though you could add some nice and unique graphics here at least. Still I like how the Pause-button seems like it belongs to the GTA-series

Hey, this is fun and clever game. Only the theme graphics seem to be taken from the another game...

You would add this playable on mobile devices; played with virtual joystick or AI based click-to-move controls. Maybe you should add some flying objects around the levels and more detailed graphics. Also adding some checkpoints or chaptering would be a needed feature for the enjoyable game play. 

Nice, bit short and bit easy, but enjoyable game. Clever bullet picking concept and nice sounds makes this also a good build. Somehow these characters and the dialog reminds me the South Park. 

You should spend some more time to add more features in to this - the need for more is only just a good thing, right? I also like how you are able to push you bullets toward the enemy - its a kinda fun and unique feature.

Nice, this only could have some more levels to play. At least you should add the different difficulty levels, so this could be played again. Looking trough the player in some points makes playing with main character bit weird. The character also slides on the tiles which is disturbing. I were missing also some more feedback features, i.e. picking up the bow creates a bolt flying at the enemy, or even something moving on the background (clouds, halos, particles, etc.)

On the other hand this implementation looks more like professional build: As overall this reminds to some of the Crash Bandicoot boss battles to me.

This has a good base, but not finished. The map has no guidance or more graphical details, while the characters are detailed and fine work. Also though the bunny character with kicking attack is pretty clever thing. Sounds fits and the game title's name sounds fun. You got something in this for sure. 

I think you shall also fix the view ports size. In platform game it's better if player see more on the left and right: Now the view port layout is like a square, and player needs to move left and right, which is not working right.

The game is too hard while moving the accelerating character-board with two keyboard keys. I would prefer to use mouse or to move. I don't like either the feature when the whole level restarts while you miss the ball - then I have a full room with same pieces to break again! You should balance this game more, and also setup the numbers placed off from other UI elements in correct places (in web build they seems so). It's also odd while you have the blocks having different art style onto them than the other graphics has. 

Brick breakers does work and people have fun with them build after a build, but this genre shall has polished mechanics or it ain't not fun. Though the playing is challenging which might be a good thing, especially in the prison theme.

Yeah, tank game concept works always, nice game! Nice graphics here, and interesting keyboard mechanics implementation. I like the soundtrack on while you move the cannon by arrow keys; the guidance btw on front page is conversed. I like also how tanks have different type of bullets. It's also cool you use Construct 3 as a game engine! Thumbnail promotion picture is not comes with the game play I first though

This is like a kind of "doodle shooter". I like how there is no crosshair and you have to be more skilled shooter to defeat the enemies. This was easy and short to play, the enemy could be shooting instead of having melee attacking. Most shooters are graphical creations, this would have difficulty on differentiating positively among other fps games. There are no any sounds either, which is also weird. You have no thumb nail picture added at this point, so there are no promotional picture on the game selection page. Graphics are fun as they are drawn, but the teal lines not fitting in the game with the other graphics. Maybe you should leave the teal lines on for still-background image

Fun graphics, and then interesting dialog but with a cynical chat reading features. I were missing the other citizens and cars, but you shall have put your all time to the mechanics. It's fun to drive car, but the view could zoom out while driving faster. Some more feedback (cash rewards?) would be also nice when the box is delivered.

"I agree on setting the camera";

You would add a camera further from the player character, and/or add the mini map for locate the nearby enemies, or assign the screen edges with warning arrows to mark up the close enemies. 

If you want to be more fancy, you could make this into a 3rd person game, or able to move/look with joysticks. It's really up to your team suggestions for the which technical implementation is used, while on the game idea itself is enjoyable and also fascinating.

Nice and interesting. You should still change the graphics and the objects more understandable: maybe you should add some "part"- cards to reveal the part actions to player. Also background music would have a longer play on the loop, and more relaxing sounds added with the feed back sounds of the laser and from the mirror collisions/moving.

This could be played on the mobile devices as well. Good concept and interesting. I guess I'll return to play the rest of the levels in some of my future days.