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Opossum In A Jar

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Thank you so much! 

Ok, that was hands down the best game I've played so far, ot really has everything. Now that I know how it goes, when I get home I'll try to speedrun it just for my own enjoyment and tell you how it went! 

Wooow that was an amazing one, and I love how you combined the theme directly to your gameplay which is 100% speedrun based! Love the aesthetics and that goose is 2 cool 4 skool! 

Cool game, I love the art and music, sfx is a bit too loud and as mentioned before, you could do a few things to make it a bit more speedrun-able 🤔

Very bizarre but in my book bizarre is always good and interesting! Very clean art and well polished 

Very simplistic art and you made it totally work! Nice game, could benefit from some camera improvement but other than that it's very solid! 

With such an excellent game concept, theme implementation and pixel art, no worries you had no time for audio, in fact it makes perfect sense! 

I love this game and art style. The characters especially remind me a game I've made in the past and you style really felt like home! Totally enjoyed it. Of course restarting was hard but it's pretty normal to forget things like that in jams after endless playtesting 

You guys made a very beautiful and fun game! I love the core mechanic which feels pretty smooth and art and audio are amazing 

Lacks a bit of polishing that would make the movement more satisfying but I love the art style and your take on the theme and execution! 

Well done! Really great game. Love the audio and artwork, really adds to the hacking experience! 

The idea, game design and execution were great! It is also very polished but lacks some better visuals and audio 

Really fun game and I love the art style! So many things went right, very fun 😂

I love the overall aesthetic. It took me a while to realize how to play but pretty cool for a jam game

This is amazing, I loved the squirrel animation, especially the eyes when the robots move xD.  Very solid entry ^^

Pixel art is amazing, so is the gameplay. Very well polished game. And the randomly generated music also fits, you just need some audio balancing. 

Cool game! My favourite of this gameplay so far

This one is great, I could see it as a full game, with more cards, trying to predict what your ai and enemy will do would be so fun! I think you should further develop this one! 

Ahahahaha phenomenal art style!. And the opening was amazing as well.  Not a fan of the gameplay, but you obviously did so much to present something unique, it's an art piece for me

Stunning work for the amount of time you had! Well done, you should further develop this, it has so much potential! 

So clean, easy to understand, very well polished, love the art style. Well done! 

This is just brilliant! Everything! Gameplay, art, audio, everything! 

Playing as the AI is a great concept, especially for a puzzle game. Great puzzles and cool music! 

Oh my! That was so solid, my favorite entry so far! Everything is perfect, art, gameplay, idea, impact to your actions, polishing, everything!

You really hit the theme! I loved the rythm and the head movement :D Perfect audio, nice art!

I'm a little biased cause I love games made by couples! Art and audio was phenomenal, I especially fell in love with the sound effects tbh! The gameplay wasn't anything we haven't seen before, but very well executed!

The art style is great, by overexaggerating you gave character to the game same goes for music honestly! The audio settings should be a bit louder by default but nothing you can't fix in settings, well done ^^

Very interesting puzzle design, and the lighting effects had great impact to make you figure out what's going on around you so you won't get lost whenever you switched places

So cuuuute, and the cat works so well! Also, the audio and art is great, I especially enjoyed the footsteps sfx, really captures the feeling of a cat chasing a laser 🤣

This game is brilliant! Your level design skills are phenomenal, I really loved your screen effects, made the simple art look polished!

Aaaaah yes! A perfect representation of my family! This is why (and how) I left home! Pressing the enter felt both like a typewriter and a nuclear launcher button, very satisfying :D 

Very relaxing game, perfect music and sound design! Maybe you should play a bit with the collision layers and mask so the fish won't shake when collide with each other? If that was the case. Minor detail, mentioned it only if you didn't know what was happening. Oh! And perfect pixel art! I also really enjoyed the game over animation. :)

Greetings! This reminded me more of the game "Alchemy" that you have to combine elements than a point and click puzzle. I have no idea what was happening because i liked the skip dialogue sound too much.

The pixel art is so good! The characters have so much... character xD And the shading! If you read the controls it's not hard to figure the game out, pretty fun but takes a while to keep track of everything.

Nice game! I'm more of a shotgun guy personally! My suggestion for the visuals is while importing, check if there's a filtering option and turn it off, so your small assets won't look blurry when increased in size, but pixelated instead.

This game is so polished! Art, platforming, level design, collision, everything was smooth. I especially liked the way the AI's "springs" behave. It gave me Abe's Oddysee vibes for some reason, especially the intro or the falling rocks!

It's a shame that the music bug happens in the web version, I realized that more than 1 songs play so I downloaded the windows version. So cool music and multiple songs! I love games in this jam which make you collaborate with the enemy and make them your partner!

Very good for your 1st game jam! You saw the theme and made a pretty solid entry. And Nice music!

That was so fun! Really great idea, you totally collaborate with AI to manage cubey's imperfections :D

Yes I completely agree! Wish I had sent the game to friends before I submit, I'd give easier clues!