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Very nice game and you managed to implement so many things for such a little time! It was very well polished, I liked how you gain power as you progress, feels very rewarding!

This game works well, but it is one of the rare cases that the sliding movement with acceleration didn't feel necessary! It also lacks some polishing , like for example the non-aligned text bothered me more than it should! A quick tip about implementing pixel art to your games: I'm not familiar with unity, but engines usually have a feature while importing assets called filtering, this tries to to smoothen the edges when changing the size of a sprite, giving the corners this fady effect. This should be set to off for pixel art, so the pixels can look much cleaner! I checked your profile to see what other games you have and I discovered this is the only game you got on Itch, so I wish you a great start my friend! Gamejams are great for learning, and please see my review as a learning process! I wish I knew your engine a bit more so I could give more tips. Looking forward to your next games!

It was a polished game, the movement was perfect. Forgive me, but I cannot see the implementation of the limitation and theme but I think with what you already have you can easily keep adding things until you have a great puzzle game!

Many thanks my friend!

Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words!

Hello thanks for playing and for your kind words! You're talking about Zergslayer, right? The similarities almost creeped me out! :D

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Hahaha thank you so much! Nokia 3310 jam is a great exercise, you should try it it's super fun! And imagine I cheesed the system a little bit here with in-between pixel movement. There it is super strict :p

Just so you know, I tried to check the YouTube channel because I liked your work very much! More people should follow the YouTube link, amazing content! Also thank you for making death on boss so forgiving, makes noobs like me finish the game! Very well polished, loved it, and especially the walking animation or the fact that the eye follows the cursor xD

Great game! You also took the approach of playing as the boss! Your art is absolutely perfect and the game if very polished! It is very addictive and I like how you only get 1 life, makes you wanna try again and again! 

Hahahaha I'm watching the stream as well and I totally missed my game was mentioned :D Thank you so much for playing and for your great comments! I'll totally take your review under consideration!

Pico-8! Niiiice! I loved the gato and the pockerface, especially when you point the gun upwards as the cat stares into the abyss is an epic moment! :D I really liked the 3rd boss mechanic, the one with the boxes. Audio was also very good, both music and sfx.

Fun game, you did sooo much work, very brave move! Frogger was very hard compared to the other games, and you had to wish for a log or for a car not to come on your way. But I really cannot complain or take points off for that! You did a great job!

Cool little game, I loved the way the promotion bar works, makes it feel like real life, you gotta do many things right all the time, otherwise the boss might forget xD

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I mean, throwing kettlebells on baby enemies, nothing more fun than that! :D And the dance in the end was fire!

Very good for a first jam! Hope you learned a lot in the process! I loved your particles, biting the enemies felt very rewarding! Also liked the way you used the sound effects and your pixel art is pretty decent! I think the animation of the T-Rex should change frames a bit slower to match its speed so it doesn't feel like he's sliding on screen (I loved the idea that the legs are on a separate layer, I guess it made your life a lot easier) . And it's always extra points when a dinosaur can shoot fire

Don't be harsh on yourself! It's a gamejam, there are a million things that could go wrong and in the end of the day you made a great game with great art. The controls were very responsive, very good collision detection and hitboxes, awesome level design. The idea is simple but the execution very good, most aspects were very good polished and the unbeatable part I guess is pretty easy to fix post jam!  

Very nice game, loved the art and your take on the theme! It was a hard game but this actually out you... on the edge in my opinion! I wish the collision of the civilians was wider, so you could pick up more easily and I don't think there was a reason to put the pickup and drop on a different button. Great game, very fun!

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Thanks so much for playing! Interactive environment elements sounds cool, wish I though of that!

Yoooo nmew GTA looks liiiit! Seriously though, very fun game and well polished! 

Thank you very much! Glad you liked the characters and the moving eyes :D 

Very challenging game but once you understand what you gotta do it is fun! Had a stupid thought, this would be fun on Wii Fit xD

Thank you very much for playing! This is an absolutely great idea I didn't think of, will totally do that!

Thank you so much! Yes it's true, they are a bit challenging, I guess I got used to them from playtesting too much I neglected the time it would take for people to get used to the movement!

Hahaha thank you so much!

Thank you! :D

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed and figured out the way the combat works efficiently! Makes me happy that I decided right at the end to encourage attack spamming!

Thank you :D

Thank you so much! Hope it wasn't very hard though to ruin you experience, just hard enough to give the poor guys a chance!

Hahaha thank you so much! Too bad you had to kill them in the end of the day! Don't worry though, they get to respawn after the battle, I promise!

Thank you so much! :D

Thank you so much for playing  :D Glad you enjoyed!

Thank you so much! Your comment is spot on! I really spent too much time polishing some aspects of the game neglecting others, for example the ranged enemies mechanics... The hitbox is the whole body but they aim for your head when they shoot. The caster will aim exactly on your head and the ranger will aim on the position of your head when he starts charging but here's the cheesy part I didn't have time to improve because of horrible organization of the animation players... I added a cooldown for the abilities so they wont spam you, but the cooldown will also incur when you first ender their range, so you get a delay before they start attacking you, this was totally unintentional but didn't have time to fix it and the worst part is that it wasn't even a coding issue, it was an animation one xD. Also yeah, the healer is for sure OP! (Don't mind my long text, I also said out loud my thought just to remember what I gotta do post jam) :D Thanks again for playing!

Great game, very polished and movement was perfect, both sliding and the jetpack jump mechanic. Honestly, sound design was my favorite aspect of your game, was very responsive and oooh that check point sound, felt so good! The art was also great and mixed with a music created for sure an otherworldly setting! Well done!

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I played your game after watching the stream. Since I already knew how the game works (but you also did a great job explaining the mechanics in the description so I'm sure nobody is gonna struggle with that anymore), I was just enjoying the smooth gameplay and spectacular art and music. Gamejams need more games like that, a showcase of talent and the coexistence of many different arts, game design and coding! This is like an interactive exhibition!

Astonishing work, I used to play a similar game on my phone and I was thinking of making a clone for Global GameJam 2020, so I've thought of these mechanics before and I can 100% ensure you you did waaay too much work for 10 days! Well done! Art is also very good, audio is great but needs some balancing (especially the explosion during the cutscene in the beginning).

The pallet is extremely beautiful, so it the art, absolutely stunning! The jumping animation must be one of the best jumping animations I've ever seen. Music is also great and sound design is spectacular. I liked how you couldn't move and shoot at the same time. At first it wasn't obvious that I should shoot the boss, and I thought I'd have another encounter later but once I figured out, I enjoyed it very much! 

Very nice game and very well polished! The only thing I'd recommend is, since it is intended to press down the shoot button all the time, to have screen shake only when the bullets hit an an enemy, otherwise the constant minor screen shake can make you a bit dizzy. Other than that pretty solid game!

It's a shame pressing the start button while wrong breaks the game :/ It was a great game and great idea! Loved the assets :D In the beggining I thought I was playing a Jelle Vermandere game!

I really loved the movement, added an extra element to the classic platformer. The graphics and colors are amazing!

Gotta admit, screenshots made me try the game instantly. The art is amazing, with spectacular colors! Music fits the game and gameplay is simple but smooth. I like the difficulty choice, makes noobs like me able to check more of the game!