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hey are you still looking for a unity game dev to help with your game? dm me on discord if you are: akuna#5184

you're supposed to shoot the boss behind you and the health on the top left of the screen is the boss's health we should have made that more clear. thanks for the feedback

cool game well made i like the graphics as well and the combat system aswell

it is a cool not intended mechanic, i know how to fix it but i ran out of time.

all good

thanks for the feedback ill try doing my own movement logic next time

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if you look at the description you will see that the dash is double press d or a.thanks for the feedback

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yea we were messing with the damage for the player right before submitting and we messed up with the damage and made it to low which made it extremely difficult we will fix that once the jam is over tho. thanks for the feedback

fun game although you cant really shoot the enemy without getting hit because they are always shooting and you have to be under them too shoot might want to fix that but good game well done

really cool game love the way you used the theme and requirement very well thought out and the mechanics and art are really good

cool game i like the art and the way you made the mechanics, also why was one of the frames of the character naked? lmao

It's not a child problem I messed up cause when I rotate I would have a value from the player that goes to 1 if is facing right and -1 one if facing left and I multiplied that by the rotation problem is I accidentally multiplied it on the instance of the spawned object. so after I spawn the object the script multiplies the rotation when it should be before I spawn the object.

it could be just me idk i didnt really see too many others complain about the controls in the comments so

really cool idea love the art well made game well done good job on it

cool game idea all though the controls are a little weird

really fun game love the character he looks like Indiana jones which I'm guessing this game is inspired by that correct?

the really fun game loved the idea of the game very creative are the AI movements random or how are they working cause sometimes they are going away from me and sometimes they are following me so I'm not sure how you did the AI i would love to know?

loved the game I like the mechanics and the game idea very creative well done good game!

really cool game idea i love the art and the animations are awsome and the mechanics are great well done good job!

fun game i like the idea that the office is the enemy well done good job

really like the game love the idea well made game needs work for the jump doesn't feel to good but well done for 10 days of work good job

fun game i like the idea its well made although when i was picking up the paper i was gaining points for some reason don't know if that was on purpose or not but good job on the game

really well-made game love the way you implemented the theme and requirements and the boss AI is well made for the time we had well done good job

fun idea, i like the way you did the attack for the player and i like the way you implemented the theme also you might want to make the scale of the game bigger cause i can see the outsides of the screen

really fun game very well done levels are well designed as well and the mechanics are very well made great job

try clicking on the window and then playing it should be working fine, i cant really upload new files so there currently wont be a downloadable version

the really good game under rated for sure love the mechanics very well made an amazing job for sure well-done bro. although its a bit hard to get on top of the platforms when I'm swinging which made it hard to get to another platform

really fun game impressive what you can do in such a small time alone love the way you did the art good job although it's a bit hard to tell what happening like if the enemy is punching i didn't really notice but for the time you had its impressive

its a fun game kind of short love the art although i wish there was an attack that you actually have to do and not pick up a bow also the enemy attacks are very easy to dodge but for the time limit its really good game good job well done!

cool game idea although I dont see why you made the play look at the cursor if you don't use it also was confused about what I was supposed to do. i like the AI for the boss those good job

fun game i liked the spear mechanic it was well made. although it took too long to get any of the ammo for the weapons. also didn't see the theme or requirement for the game. 

i really liked the way you implemented the theme of having to push the boss of the edge although the game was way too short

really fun game well made well-programmed this game is 100% under-appreciated love the level design as well great job

cool fun game i liked it also i like the splash screen art really cool good job well done!

I'm not really too sure what I just played... the breathing... the kissing... lmao I think imma need therapy after this

fun game although you should fix the blurry UI good work

cool game took me a minute to figure out how to get to the boss lmao but i got it after

fun game but you cant really attack the enemy without getting hurt because when you attack you go forwards. also too much dialog at the start

the fun game I like the idea although I can wall jump how ever much I want don't think that was intended. also, it was really difficult to shoot the flying enemies cause I cant shoot and jump