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There's one problem with the game ... why would I ever want to make Frank move when his idle animation is so cool!? Well done.

Great idea. Loved all the little touches of the streamer display. The viewer count was especially charming. I wish I could see all the games, but after trying in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox I must be missing something, because I can't clear the gap with the jump and can't type quick enough to pull off a double jump. Always great to see your work!

It's not easy mode, it's more fun powerful mode!

Thanks for playing and streaming. I think your slower computer actually helped a little bit so you could anticipate the attacks. Built-in bullet time!

I think that's an excellent observation about the UI. In my initial plan, you start on foot and when you pick up your first energy cell that UI comes in and Bot tells you what it's for and then a little later Bot tells you he learned about the hyper roll technique and teaches you to do it, then you get that UI added. Then a little after you discover a TrooperBot to hijack into and Bot explains it has armor and can sustain some damage (and also be customized at the terminal) and that UI pops in. But all that got cut for the deadline!

I did notice on most streams it wasn't clear to players when they were taking damage. Thanks for playing.

Hacker!! You've set the bar high my friend. But checkout this score!!

Had a great time with this on stream. And a bit off topic, but golly are your thumbnail always so impressive! Getting into a flow of attacking and parrying properly felt great. I wasn't sure I saw all the game had to offer though, I would hit a certain point with the bosses where they only had a little bit of health left, but then just disappeared. Love this world and this character. I think you're onto something very special. Great work.

Had fun with this on stream. Just replayed it to see if I could get the sprint to work a little better when not streaming and it did seem smoother, but I also noticed I could clip into the boss' nose and take out the boogers from the inside! I felt like a super power gamer!! Great entry, and I love the writing and voice acting in the beginning and end. Well done.

I had fun with this on stream. I think the movement felt fluid and intuitive. I like the dual use of movement also being my method of attacking. I think the game is a little easy for folks who want to camp out at the very top or bottom of the screen, but it's good to make the game beatable for anybody. Great work.

Had a great time with this on stream. Love the varied phases and attack patterns. Sure you know by now, but the W key only gave a little jump and the space bar gave the full jump. Great concept and well executed. Great work.

I'm not the best puzzler! But I eventually learn. Ha! After playing through everything this was absolutely one of my favorite entries. Great work.

I think it came out great!

Enjoyed playing this on stream. I'm really glad I was able to get it to work so I could share feedback there. Art as always is amazing. I think the sfx were all good, but the balance of the audio levels could be improved. The telegraph for the sewer beam was excellent, but once I was out of sight of the green kitty, I was just running based on instinct. Another great entry, spoonsweet.

One-Eyed Pete returns again! I love the misdirection in the beginning. Had a great time playing on stream. It took me a bit to remember the cannonball gave me a double jump, but I think that's a brilliant dual-use of the mechanic. Great work. My only suggestion would be to give a rating at the end. You could base it off of how much health was left and how many coins the player collected, then it gives more incentive to repeat a play.

I like to think I beat it on hard mode because my extra wide monitor meant ads popped up well outside of the in-game monitor boundary. Pro gamer here. I had a blast with this one on stream. I like how much you left for the player to discover. A nice reward for beating the game would be to go through the image library for the ads. I wanted to see and read them all, but I also didn't want to lose! Great entry.

Your art is incredible. I just love it. There were so many great things about the game, but I really liked the attention and care in the dialogue scenes. The character popping up and having a more detailed portrait was so nice. I left feedback throughout my play on stream. I only really have one nitpick, and it's more about preference for controls. I just suck at games when I have to use arrow keys for movement and my left hand for actions. I think adding a WASD for movement and right side of the keyboards for actions would be appreciated by folks like me. Outside of that, such an epic series of fights with unique and interesting bosses along the way. One of the top entries. 

Had fun with this on stream. You killed me with the opening scene. Loved the twist. Great way to start out and the desk explosions were so satisfying and I also appreciated their utility for gameplay. Great stuff.

Z Only One! Thank you for putting it on the page, I'll pronounce it correctly on all future streams. Had fun playing on stream and left feedback during the playthrough. I like the setup and the concept. Good balancing of the shield by taking away movement. Still a fun game if you weren't able to put in everything you'd hoped. Great job.

Thanks for sticking around for the stream! You could have put your game name in chat and I would have jumped to it, but appreciate you watching. I think you got all my feedback, but just wanted to reiterate how cool this entry was and how things could progress and regress depending on health. Such a great concept and well executed! Great work.

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I played on stream and I'm really impressed by what you put together in such a crunch. You nailed the vibe and all the attack patterns felt fair. Maybe a little quick on the vertical attacks, but there was plenty of health for the player. I'm not sure I could have beaten it without remapping inputs to a gamepad though. Great work.

Argh, darn you, Keltfire! I will have to return to try and beat your time!

Had a great time with this on stream Love the concept, styling and overall vibe. You got me with that brick twist at the end!! Love your entries. They are really refreshing when playing through marathon jam games. Great work.

Great time on stream with this one. Left most of my feedback there. It was an action-packed and fluid boss fight. I liked the build up to it and the option to skip straight to the fight for people returning. I would lock the reticle to a set distance from the player character when using a mouse like you do with the gamepad, and maybe reconsider some of the button mapping, but overall, great entry!

Superb booty bounce on the left and right movement. That's all it takes for five stars from me!

Great work, Mitchell! All your planning paid off and this was a really robust entry. I left feedback on stream, but I'm sure it's all things you've thought of before (more boosts/punishments would be nice, another movement option could be cool). Great work.

All around *****.

Love it. Love the mixed mediums for the art style. Love the overarching storyline and juxtaposition of nature and natural textures against machinery. I chuckled at the boss not wanting to be recycled.

I had a great time on stream with this, even if the last puzzle stumped me for a bit. Maybe with more time you could consider including a hint system instead of putting it in the itch page text. But that's a small gripe.

Even in an unfinished state, I had a good time with this on stream. I like the idea and how you've been able to deliver unique experiences throughout GDKO.

Had a blast closing out yesterday's stream with this one. I wanted to go out on a high note and I knew ADOW (what the cool kids call A Duck on Wheels) wouldn't disappoint. I left feedback throughout, but another top notch entry. Love this series.

Love how you brought back some of the previous mechanics, so I felt prepared for the boss. I said this on stream, but I think it was really smart to include another character instead of just giving hell kitten extra abilities. Made for a fun dynamic. Great pixel art and a great entry.


Also ... who hurt you!?!?! Why would you put me through that. I'm kidding. I freaking loved it. All of my stars, all of my breath away. This game is exactly right up my alley. Let me know if anybody else is able to clear it on full difficulty!

Wooo. New boss in town!!

Only 5 deaths is pretty dang good! Thanks for playing and I look forward to streaming your entry. 

Thank you for playing and for the compliments. You flatter me. You know how asset flips are like a dirty word, well a lot of my jam games are flips in a way. Since I’m always trying to learn something new with an entry when I find something I like I often end up reusing/tweaking it for another entry. I think there were only a few new SFX in this entry and the boss theme was new (mostly because of the time crunch and I was stressed and just threw something in). But the transition is the same as the one I made for last round and particle stuff is adjusted code to previous stuff. 

I agree wholeheartedly about the menu working without the mouse, but I wasn’t sure how to code it on deadline. I think that’s a major weak-point I should work on. Menus scare me!!

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I think that’s a spot on recommendation. I could stand to balance the laser and bullet timing better. And I think the lasers are especially hard on the player because the vertical lasers get two telegraphs (the light turns red and then the red line appears) but the horizontal lasers just have the red line, but I wanted the two to be timed the same the the horizontal laser is extra long with the telegraph. I see how that can be odd now. 

And the shield is there for when you need it! No such thing as abusing it. 

Thank you, GameFavorites. And I can’t wait for another swashbuckling adventure this round. 

I did slap it on the box sticker! Glad you liked it, and just to reiterate, Duck on Wheels is probably my favorite thing about this year’s GDKO. So glad you’re continuing it through the rounds. Can’t wait to stream the latest version. 

Thank you, looking forward to streaming your entry. I caught a little bit of Ghostbit’s stream and I loved the art evolution. 

I was torn between letting the dash make you invincible to bullets or lasers or both or none, and I ended up adding in the shield as the solution. But I think I agree that dashing through at least one type of obstacle, if not all, feels more natural. 

Thanks for the feedback and for playing!

Take all the stars I have. I hope you could tell on stream how much I loved this entry. Small critiques, would like variation in the player attacks. Even though the had dropping doesn’t hurt the player, think it would still be cool to telegraph the drop. And would love a health bar or indication of how far I am in the fight (though I suppose the page splitting up does that in a way). Excellent work. 

More characters spinning in the corner please! More! More!!! Really impressive boss rush with varied bosses and a great break room. I think you should put some sort of penalty in place for abusing slow motion in the beginning of the fight. Other than that, I loved it.

Boss art was boss. Super impressed with where you took this from earlier rounds. Nice to see more fully realized card mechanics. 

Love the minigame for attacks, I want it on every action … healing, defense, defending from attacks, using items, summons … a turn based but still action game! SweetLand is the world’s next Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga!

Synergies between the cards would make choices more meaningful and the gameplay more dynamic, but overall, I had a blast with this entry. 

Happy to play it and enjoyed my time with it. 

It took me a few times to learn that more control options is better, so one of the first things I do in a new project is setup the control system to accommodate WASD, Gamepad, and those weirdos who prefer arrow keys, then all the action options on either side. 

It was kind of funny and I wish it happened on stream, but I could only get the analog stick to map properly, so I was moving with the controller, but slowing time and attacking with the keyboard!