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This was a blast to play! Is the blank screen the final level?

I also stood up and applauded for E in the auditorium. A lovely sendoff for a great character and world it's been a joy to get to experience these last few months. Very well done. I had a smile on my face throughout my playthrough. And the scope of the game is really impressive. Love the little flashbacks to previous rounds. You've done excellent work this inaugural GDKO.

Soooo, so slick. All of your entries have had this art direction and style that stand out so much, but I think you saved the best for last and I love any opportunity to get to jam out to that Leaper remix song again. Really well done.

A beautiful tribute to GDKO. I think you captured what we all felt going through it, and ended with a lovely message. I'm glad to see you in the final round. Your entries have been a blast to play.

Thank you so much for including all levels from the menu. I don't know why, but I just couldn't crack level 9, but I had a blast trying again and again until I finally beat the boss snake.

I've played all the final round entries and loved them all for different reasons, but I have to give my vote for the winner to you. I thought the other remakes were really ambitious. Two were really heartfelt for different reasons, and one was just quite technically impressive with gorgeous art direction.

But you taking another dev's entry and  putting a spin on it, while turning it into a whole new genre that flowed really well and included as much gameplay is it does is what I think deserves the first GDKO crown.


At first I missed the screenwrap, but because of your choice to include one-way platforms, I thought the game ended up flowing really smoothly without it and it added to the tension of hoping for the right opening to come along.

Great sfx and feel. I love the art style and use of color. Really well done.

I love the background art and the music was a really nice choice. The way the enemies spawned in could fell a little unfair sometimes and I miss screenwrap as an option for evading them, but this was a solid entry. Well done.

The fluidity with the game transitioning from death to another round was really slick and made everything feel so polished. Love the style and the music. It all fit together really well and made for an engaging experience. Well done.

Love the sfx and game juice. Still a great entry, even if it's one you're not particularly proud of. Small thing, I wish I could just hold jump and release instead of repeatedly pressing it, but job well done.

The multiplayer addition and optional cheats are an excellent twist to the format. Love your choice of environment and characters. A really cute take on Leaper.

I do miss the screen wrap because it would help with avoiding obstacles, but overall this was a great entry.

10/10 soundtrack! I was playing with my computer speakers on and not my headphones and when the singing started my puppy came running in all excited. She thinks it's the jam of the year!

A really fun take and a great entry. Well done.

I love your art style. Even just in something put together quickly like this, you manage to pull of so much charm. I know you weren't able to spend the time you wanted on this entry, but I've thoroughly enjoyed all of your GDKO games so far and even though this was incomplete, I still had a great time with it.

I don't know if you made this or just uploaded a rom! Crazy how true this feels to the original. Really well done and I loved the twist when I finally lit up my first letter. Great entry, and even though the collisions could be frustrating, I believe that was very much by design and fit the task well.

Loved playing this on stream:

Really well done and creative entry. The powerups are a great addition, but you can make it more clear to the player what effect they have ... I was lucky to have you join the stream so I got more feedback than a normal player.

Love the screen fx, but think you could dial them back just a little bit. Excellent work.

Played on stream if you want live reactions:

I really liked this entry. Awesome and unique art style. I got goosebumps when I lit up the first letter. Love that touch.

Really well made and an enjoyable play.

Played on stream if you want live reactions:

Loved this entry.  The reskin works really well in the context of the gameplay and was an extra motivation in wanted to beat the game. Really well done.

Live comments on stream if you ever need to revisit:

I want this OST now. It took everything in me not to get up out of my seat and just dance the entire time. I loved it.

Played on stream if you wanted live comments:

In a round filled with awesome entries, I think this was by far the most addictive one. I don't know if it was intentional, but you captured something about Leaper that I don't think many of us considered (at least I know I didn't). Back then, the games had to have an arcade, addictive feel and you nailed that. I would still go back to this a week from now and play and have a blast trying to improve my score.

Really well done.

Was great to have you watch the stream. You can revisit it if you ever want to here:

I loved this entry. Multiple boss fights and a fun narrative throughout. Top-notch work and an a great tribute to Leaper. 

Small nitpicks
- The platforming in some sections was really challenging, so I'd have loved gamepad support
- The mixels stuff we covered on stream

Overall though this was a standout entry and I could tell how much effort and care you put into this. Really well done.

I believe you already found it, but you can revisit my live stream thoughts here:

I have to admit I'm a bit jealous. I also took one of my earlier characters and tried to nod to Leaper, but I think my nod was far too subtle. You captured the Leaper essence within Bee Keeper's world much better than I did in Lasso's.

If you do keep working on Bee Keeper as a long-term project (which I hope you do because it seems like it would be an amazing mini-metroidvania with such a unique aesthetic) then I would seriously consider meeting in the middle on the Keeper's movement speed and weight. A good balance of the original and the Leaper version would feel amazing! Great work.

I know you watched already, but if you did need the link here were are live thoughts on stream:

I adored this entry. I think you did an excellent job paying homage to the original, and while I can't pretend to know what the first devs were thinking or intended, I think you perfectly captured the feel and type of game they wanted to make if they'd had the ability back then. It was frantic and fun and fair ... and the addition of thwomp for a vertical threat was an excellent decision.

Small nitpicks:
- I wish each letter of LEAPER lit up as a beat a level so I felt the reward of progression.
- Hide the frog when it reaches the goal/portal/end
- More fanfare after beating it. This game was a challenge! Be great to have a little celebration even if it's just a song change.

But overall, such incredible and polished work. It was all the little things like the animations and sfx when your lives populate was so rewarding.

Great to have you on the stream. You can review the live feedback if you ever need it here:

I think this is my favorite entry. I loved everything about it from the twist on the gameplay, to the narrative, to the laughs along the way. Excellent work.

Thanks! I’ll have to look into it. My buddy said that happened to him once. Then he lost all his lives on three different levels and couldn’t recreate it. 

Maybe the game thought you needed to be in auto-hard mode without continues!

Love a good button mash!

Thanks for playing! Any idea what caused the blackouts? What browser did you use? I tested a few different times in Chrome without trouble, but that’s far from comprehensive testing. Any chance you have footage?

I was a little burned out on ‘80s remakes after redoing Asteroids last round, so I tried to capture the spirit of climbing higher and higher and using screen wrap movement. I knew it was a risky choice, but I missed working on Lasso and decided to go for it. 

Thanks again for the feedback. Let me know if you have any idea what might have triggered the issue. 


Thank you for the poetic bug description! Made it sting less. Was it during a normal lasso throw or an auto-aim throw? I'm guessing auto-aim since that's new and I didn't get to fully test the scenarios you might find yourself in.

Yes ... or A on an Xbox gamepad. Any chance your cursor is outside of the window and it isn't registering your input on the keyboard?

I just tried now and the keyboard and gamepad both work.

Hmm. Which browser? I know it works for my buddy using Chrome. 

Oh, man! I had BF Bullets as an upgrade that doubled their size, but didn’t end up putting all 50 customizations in the menu even though they were in the code. Burned out at the end, but see how that should have been a priority one. 

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Thanks for playing and the helpful feedback  love me some Mark Brown. 

I was keeping track behind the scenes of your play through lifetime points and that affected how many space pirates spawned to affect difficulty some, but I could have also increased their armor or something too. 

I tried to include the unlock options in a way that you could make it as difficult as you wanted. Leave off the ones that make the pirates passive and turn on hard rock and turn off freedom, but I do think I could have made some more behind the scenes adjustments. 

Thanks again for playing and the great feedback. 

I first thought the plus signs would be a health pickup or something ... oh, geez did I make a bullet hell right off the bat. And I love that when you enter the gameplay the sprites updated to a much more charming and polished look.

I kept dying on a level and I was cursing you ... then I remembered I designed it. Really well done with this round's task. I liked this entry a lot.

Being able to move the platforms while I was also moving made for some really fun moments where I'd leap from a platform just to drag it into place for my landing spot.

I like how open-ended you made the level, but also included a clear goal. Well done.

Having a bunch of clones and then using focus fire felt so darn powerful and satisfying. Really well done this round and I like seeing how much the game has progressed from round to round.

Combining the two gameplay modes was an awesome touch. I like tower defense games OK, but when I realized I could just go top down shooter and get into the action blasting enemies away myself I was pleasantly surprised. Good entry and great take on the theme.

I had a hard time understanding how to access the cheat menu until I read your comment on the page, so thank you for including that. Using cheats as a way to add in customizations is a clever way to meet the theme and it's always fun to use cheats in a game. Well done.

That HD resolution! Must have taken you ages to model that!! Love the gag, great addition to the game. 

A lot of fun to revisit this with a goal and while it would have been nice to have more options for alterations than cosmetic changes, what you included was well done. Still laughing at HD mode. Great work.

These are some really nice palettes and even though you only had the three tabs, I liked that there was enough variety between them to have a really custom experience and I wasn't overwhelmed with too many options. Good work and a great entry.

I made a nice chubby little ghost. Really deep entry for the task. Full character customization with all the customizations available in designing my own shop, and having to keep it running smooth and successful. Well done.

I wasn't sure what to expect at all going into this and oh, boy, was I really surprised and happy with the fun little adventure. The narrative being used to drive the customization was really clever and had me engaged from the beginning. I love that you added squash and stretch to my little character (I do wish you flipped the xscale when I turned for that extra touch). 

I was so into the game by the time I got to the castle I was bummed I couldn't continue. But that's how you know you submitted a great entry. Your delivery was spot on and the little paper rustling was a really nice touch. Well done.